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Power Up and Detox with Grapefruit-Infused Water

Jun 08, 2017

I don't know about you, but every time I am in the hot sun, I get THIRSTY. Not you? Well you're probably dead then! But I am not here to talk to the dead, but to talk to the strong and vibrant people who want to supercharge their day!

Drop the soda can, you don't want that – no, really – you don't! Reach for this instead and you will fall in love all over again with your glass cups and pitchers that have dust all over them. It's September, but it's still hot out there, and if you’re like me, yard work has to happen before we get into the colder months.

Before I get dressed I fill up my fancy pitcher with water and ice, slice up some colorful and scentsational grapefruit and beautifully and most graciously drop them in the water. For the finale I unscrew the lid of my citrus paradisii/Grapefruit, Pink essential oil (see, even the name has paradise in it!). I inhale and I think of all the good that could go right today. Down go three paradisal drops into my elixir, and BAM – it's supercharged! I am free to get dressed and start my projects, knowing I have backup in my fridge, for when I just need that power push to help me along.

Do you want to know the benefits? Do you? I assume you do, and if you don't ... here’s why you should!

  • anti-bloat – diffuse your midsection balloon
  • aids in weight loss – beach body, here I come!
  • antidepressant – kick that sadness to the curb
  • rids your body of excess fluids – let's take the trash out, people!
  • feel beautiful with clearer skin
  • strengthens our powerful kidneys, because we really need to show them we appreciate their hard work and show ‘em some love
  • there’s more, but you're feeling empowered and feeling impatient to make your personal power-up, infused grapefruit water, I just know it.

Super, super supercharge your water and add lemon oil and/or a handful of fresh basil.

You may be concerned about negative interactions with prescription drugs but, according to essential oils expert Robert Tisserand, although “Grapefruit juice inhibits the metabolism of many medications … Based on the … concentrations of bergamottin and bergapten in grapefruit oil, it is not at all likely to cause drug interactions.” Between the … are 14 lines of explanation, including references such as (Wangensteen et al 2003), big words such as 6,7-dihydroxybergamottin (DHB), and the interesting combination CYP3A4. If you’re really curious, it came from Tisserand’s book Esssential Oil Safety.

I wouldn’t let those pharmaceutical companies have the last word anyway … because this is MY blog! But I will let YOU have the last word. Please make and try your own pitcher of grapefruit-infused water!


Written by Leainn King.


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