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Photosynthesis, Global Warming, and Plants. (Introduction).

Oct 11, 2020

Today we are going to begin a series of discussions centered around Photosynthesis. In my opinion, this whole Photosynthesis thing is perhaps one of the greatest miracles to ever take place on this planet. What is really fun and exciting about it is that it has been taking place from a long time ago and up to the present moment and on to the future. Now if you are religious or spiritually inclined, which I feel I am very heavy on the "spiritual" side and somewhat skeptical on the "religious" side, please rest yourself as we are looking at the physical side of life, you know the side of life that from when I recall a scripture that is often quoted that makes reference to the idea of, "From dust thou comest, to dust thou shalt return" aspect of life.

What is perhaps one of the most important elements that we as animals ie; humans need? The same question can be asked of Plants. The answer for plants is C02, you know that substance that everyone is freaking out about that is going to bring forth the end of the world as we know it. Then what about the needs of animals and humans? For them it is oxygen. Animals and humans can have a deficiency in many things and survive for a while to a long while, but when it comes to oxygen, it doesn't take long for a major lack thereof to cause a major reaction, as within minutes. Now a slowing or decrease of oxygen can and will produce some major freaking weird reactions, but in the end, at some point, it crosses over the line and you have the same end result. Lights out!

In some discussions and articles that I have done centering around plants, I have made mention of 3 types of plants. These are known as C-3, C-4, and CAM plants. These labels of the various plants have everything to do with how Carbon Fixation takes place. Once the Carbon takes place then Oxygen is released. Nature has provided a super cool mechanism to take care of certain activities that somehow it knew would be taking place at some point in time. As a general rule, most scientists agree that about 90% of the plants in the world are of the C-3 type. I have seen the figure for the C-4 plants to be anywhere from 3% of the plants to 7% of the plants in the world and the CAM type plants settling in at about 3% of the plants or put another way about 16,000 plants on the earth would be the CAM type plants. Depending on those figures there might be up to 4% of the plants not being known for sure. So I feel better about 90% for C-3, 7% for the C-4, and 3% for the CAM. Those figures make sense for me as I am old school with math, not the "What do you want it to be" from other lines of thinking. Although some plants do have the ability to adjust from one form to the other on an as-needed basis. But this number of plants with this ability is very limited.

In the early part of the development of this planet, there was very little to almost no oxygen. As the planet developed some plants began to evolve and started producing Oxygen as a by-product, or otherwise known as a waste product of another series of actions. A comical note of this whole "life" thing is that us as animals, aka; humans, are highly dependent on the waste products of other forms of activities on this planet, ie;  our life form is highly dependent on the trash pile, the town dump or cesspool of life. If plants did not generate trash, we might not be as we think we are today. One of those trash activities is what some call "Global Warming". Only with this, it is sort of a reversal of sorts, at least many feel it is, but in reality, us "animals" contribute a small portion, the bulk share is created by nature to feed itself. I will lead you through this aspect in a later discussion. But to put it simply, we need Global Warming, our existence depends on it. Now people on the other side will decry this statement to the Nth. degree. But alas I will show you how that side is out to lunch.

Another aspect of this whole deal is how the earth will naturally fertilize itself and how it keeps changing over time. In this discussion, I will discuss how certain parts of the world will be a desolate desert then how over time it will become a tropical rain-forest later on. Also, how that same tropical rain-forest will become a desert, over time. This is all a natural evolution of actions within and with-on this earth. I have mentioned it in the past, but my one son works in an underground coal mine. This mine is around the 9,000 or so foot elevation above sea level and about 3,000 above the valley floor. just down the road/down the hill from this coal mine is where a lot of humic acid soil additives, along with the Plant Derived Mineral (PDM) are mined. Anyway, in this mine, they see dinosaur tracks in the ceiling all the time. This is where the dinosaur walked through the mud layer and the mud layer is on top of the coal seam. The coal is removed from below and the tracks remain in the ceiling seam of clay. He said one day he saw the tracks of what they thought would be a mother dinosaur and her baby as they walked together through a mud pit. Said it was kind of cool. So at one time, that whole area was a rain forest of a large area. Now it is a desert. I love the area.

I know I am supposed to be talking about Essential Oils. But to really understand them and how they can contribute to your life, you need to understand plants and a lot of their background. That doesn't mean that you can't benefit from the EO's, but for many people, it would be to their benefit to understand this stuff so that they can make selections of EO's and which one of those various selections will benefit them the most, and by the same token, what ones likely won't do much for them. In my honest and humble opinion, trust me there isn't much humility here, but a lot of weight on the honestly part, if you don't understand nature and plants, you are risking not knowing squat.

I am attempting to naturally evolve some extremely technical material into usable data for the normal person to actually get their head around. So over the next little while, we will basically look at each of the above paragraphs and have a neat little discussion about each one and learn how it applies t you as an individual and how the data can be utilized in this crazy world we live in. Until next time, thank you for your time and interest.

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