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Pet Care in Extreme Heat Levels.

Aug 19, 2020

At the present time in most of the USA, we are experiencing record high temperatures. Sometimes we as the people responsible for our pet's welfare will overlook their needs, even if it is for a short period of time. We need to be careful to not overlook their basic needs. As many of you know, the most common companion animals don't sweat as we do to help remove the heat from their bodies. They will pant. When they pant for long periods of time, the thurst that sets in is unbearable. So we need to make sure they have available water at all times and have access to it as they feel the need to drink or rather lap up the water. Sometimes, based on a range of factors, they experience a similar thing that we experience and that is no matter how much water we drink, the thurst is still there. So I would like to suggest a few things that you might consider doing. Here goes;
Consider putting a little bit of PDM in their water. This would be maybe at the rate of a drop in one ounce of water. Then in each ounce of water, a tiny pinch of salt and an even tinier pinch of baking soda to the one ounce of water. Then taste the water and if you can distinctly taste any of the 3 in the water then you used too much, cut back Once you have it with an ever so slight taste of any of the 3, then maybe makeup 16 ounces of the solution. This mixture helps them to deal with their electrolyte and digestive balance. It would be a good idea to store the mixture in the refrigerator. These furry friends have their individual preferences, as we do, to the temperature of their "beverage". If they like it cool, then great, but if they like it warmer, then they will wait for the right temperature for their preferences to lap up.
In this heat, they need this stuff as much as we do to maintain decent health. If you have the mists, then consider using a single squirt of the Wellness Mist to each companion animal in the earlier part of the day.
Overall this type of protocol will help your "warm coat-wearing" friends maintain a comfort level in this heat that they can thrive with and be happy. But most of all, quench their thirst.

From a personal point of view, I feel like doing this protocol year around would be best. But please for the sake of your furry friends, consider using this or a similar protocol during excessive heat periods.

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