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Overall Discussion Centering Around Parasites.

Nov 03, 2021

The other day I asked a question in a social media group about the idea of supporting a product that would help with the parasite issue. I received overwhelming support in the idea of providing a product along these lines.

One of the most profound thing when it comes to parasites is that in this country and pretty much most First World Countries do not like to even talk about this issue. After all, those of us in the First World Countries are above this strange stuff, right? So we don't even go there, as a general rule. In fact many GP practitioners don't even have it in their protocols to diagnose parasites. Many labs don't even screen or test samples for parasites, at least for humans. But for animals, it is a different story, well sort of, other than the typical pin worms, or such. It really is shocking. One of the interesting things is based on the descriptions of diseases, most are caused directly and at times indirectly by parasites. When I say directly, it is done by opportunistic parasites. When I say indirectly, I am referencing the ones that occur naturally, because of the law of nature reacting to a diseased situation.

The number one rule that we must always keep at the forefront is this, most of these parasites are there for a purpose and that purpose is to invade, break down and return to natural element, diseased, biological tissue. In trying to get around this fact, those people are essentially trying to violate the laws of nature. I don't think that is possible, in the long term, at least. In fact my personal, number one ism is this; You can't violate the laws of nature and get away with it. We have thought for the longest time that the Dinasoar was brought down because of well, asteroids or global warming, and the stories go on. But the recent ability to really analyze those remains have brought about evidence of the presence of parasites. Parasites are in reality the culprit. What actually caused those parasites to invade and find victory is the 2nd. part of the story.

We talk about the lack of nutrition and how it is destroying our health. Well, that is partially true, but the bigger factor here is what we do with the nutrition that we do have or rather don't do with it. We try to eat, breathe and generally expose our selves to a vast array of "stuff" and think that if we do just this one little thing, here or there, we will be just fine, as in A-OK. It doesn't seem to work very well. We attempt to deal with these issues by ignoring the actual source and call it something else and then come up with illogical solutions to deal with the newly invented story line of the disease that we have personalized. How do you know that the so called "Solution" isn't working? When you have mutations of the so called disease. When this happens, we have just stopped the "Disease" progression and allowed it to figure out a way to get around the obstruction.

When it comes to parasites, you will see them coming from many directions. Each of these directions have their own, unique class of parasites. Most of the general parasites that we deal with on a day in and day out basis are of the Insect and Mite sources. These causes all sorts of not so "savory" issues. These are usually producing lice and skin issues. The most wide spread source are Worm type of infestations. All of a sudden this category/list gets huge. Just about every part of the body is affected, adversely, I might add by these worms. Some worms are extremely small, so small in fact that a super powerful magnification is required to even see them in a specimen sample. But they are there and wrecking our live. The base cause of inflammation... the body's reaction to parasites.

A number of years ago, maybe like 12 to 15 years ago I was attending a workshop/class and the Doctor that was lecturing hit on a part of his lecture that really interested me. So after the lecture, I was able to talk with him. I actually asked if I could talk with him for a little bit. He said sure, let me get a cup of coffee and then you can have all the time you need. In the lecture he mentioned that he practices in a rural area of California. I didn't think it was all that rural, at least by my standards. He said that about 20 years before this lecture, if a person came in to his practice and it was discovered that they had a parasite issue, he would ask were on earth did you pick up this parasite. Then fast forwarding to the current time when we were talking, he said that now, he has to run every one on a parasite protocol before he can even begin to treat them. Then a couple of years later, I was on a ride along to see a person in the hospital in a city a few hours away. When I was walking past the nurse's station, I noticed a good friend of mine setting there. He asked what I was up to. I told him and he said, as soon as he was done, he wanted to get with me to just visit. BTW, he is a Dr. of Internal Medicine there and is among the most brilliant of minds, at least in my book, that I know of. In the visiting I told him that I have been working with people with parasite issues, that I have this Protozoa thing kind of figured out, but the Malaria thing keeps coming up. I asked,"So what can you say to help me get my head around it"? He said that Malaria is basically a parasite and that if I worked with it in that light, that I would figure it out and be just fine in doing so. When i asked both of these Doctors the question of why this is beginning to be such a big issue, they both told me the same thing, almost word for word. It is because of people moving all over the world within a short period of time and eating food from all over the world. Basically people can be in one part of the world and within a day be as far away as possible from that point in another part of the world. Then it takes a week or more for the parasite to begin to really cause issues. Of course this happens long after they are home, IE; after they get back home. This friend of mine also mentioned that even though he is living and practicing in the Mohave Desert, by and far the biggest part of his practice is dealing with Tropical Diseases, IE; Parasites. I am left to assume that our lifestyle of travel comes with a cost. Thank God for Google Earth. I can travel anywhere and lessen the risk of not getting these types of parasites. LOL>

One of the greatest blessing in my life has been to work in Agriculture my whole life. As a side note, I have to include this, lol. One day I was assigned to baby set a Dr. at one of these super Saturday events that Leiann was involved with. This Dr. was the first on the list to speak in the morning and like the 2nd to the last to speak in the afternoon. So I was assigned to baby set him for the day. So we traveled all over the valley, saw the sites and generally became friends. But during the day he was talking about these weird kids in high school that wore blue coats and painted their hands green. I guess my silence spoke loudly. He turned to me and said, ah, was you one of these ones with green hands??? I relied with yes, in fact both hands were green and I wore that blue coat, (FFA), all the time. But that is OK because us blue coats locked the city boys in the gym lockers during gym time, and told him that we peed on them through the cracks. We really didn't, we just used a water bottle and dumped water on them, but they thought we peed on them.  Anyway, nothing more was said on that topic of weird kids wearing blue jackets with green hands. The turf was staked and we understood each other, plain and simple.

Anyway, in working in this arena I have observed first hand a whole lot of these parasites and their actions. Although most of my experience has been with mammals, others species/forms are included. Anyway, not only in the animals, but in the soil as well, we find these parasites. The soil is one area that is very seldom even considered, but yet they are there and we are affected both directly and indirectly by them. Also, many parasites are found in your drinking water. Didn't you know that most sources of water now days contain a protein source? 

Years ago, maybe 15 or so years ago I met a couple that ran a clinic back east and their focus was on parasites. In talking with them a number of times over the next few years, well, I got all excited about parasites. They helped me to make the connection of humans, animals and the soil with regards to parasites. As a side note, they were active in their church and the church they were members do not believe in blood transfusions. See this is of interest to me because of the parasites in the blood system of people. This is no laughing matter. Anyway, they mentioned that their people was working on a product that would work as a blood transfusion product. Then a few years later I asked them about it and they said it was pretty much done. Why I say this is not a laughing matter is because of the diseases and especially parasites that are not screened from the blood used in transfusions. In fact a few years after the whole AIDS thing came around, I had a friend that received a blood transfusion during a simple medical procedure and it was contaminated. AIDS took him within a very short time period. He was not in any risk group for AIDS. So anyway, when these people come knocking on your door, maybe it might be wise to treat them with some respect. The parasites in our blood stream is an extremely serious matter. They might have the answer you need in non-spiritual matters.

Anyway, I got off track. So we tend to talk about nutrition and this is good. The decent nutrition is what keeps these parasites at bay. But what happens when they come knocking on our door? I know a lot of people tells me that I am suppose to do this or that to lose weight. I am doing it my way and it is working, thank you. But most of these people that go on these selective starvation diets that tells me I am going about losing weight the wrong way... are setting themselves up for a parasite invasion from hell. When you selective starve, you are shorting yourself of certain nutritional elements. Yes, you will lose weight, you will look good as all get out, like you are 20 years younger, enjoy it, the grim reaper is being notified, if you know what I am saying. Another part of this is the excessive amount of certain, usually a singular element of nutrition is what you need. This creates a different form of selective starvation, with the same result. So just what is the solution? Next paragraph please...

One of the best solutions, and really the only solution that works both long and short term, is to bring Balance into your life. This is hard, much harder than getting sick and kicking the bucket. Nutrition isn't the only thing to concentrate on. Cutting down on sustained levels of stress is another key point. We need stress, in fact we thrive on stress, to a point. We do not thrive on sustained stress. Doing things that bring you happiness is another key factor. I think you should be getting the picture by now. This type of stress brings about it's own set of physical parasites as well.

So what can you do when you find yourself in a situation of needing some assistance? When it comes to some areas, I like to think we can help here. For example, I was thinking one day and thought that I really should apply the Psychological stuff that I am suppose to know something about. So the Bio-Balance resulted from that. I have applied a number of factors and the use of EO's and other materials to help balance out the Brain, for the most part. "If the Brain ain't a working, nothing else is gonna be working right". People have reported positive results from working with this program. That is one side of the coin. The other side is the Parasite removal aspect. We have several solutions in that regard. Most of which do not require a long term, on going interaction with each other. Many of these types of parasites can actually control your thinking and actions. I am not crapping you. Once the brain is invaded, well... it scares the day lights out of me. Getting them out of the brain is a very difficult task. It can be done, but it takes time and work.

The most common question that is asked when we discuss Parasites is this: "How do I know I have a parasite problem or not have one"? The question asked in return is this; "Are you alive"? If you answer yes, then you have a parasite issue to some degree. Do you have pets? Do you worm them at lest once a year? Why? Do you consume a perfect diet? Is everything else in your life perfect? Do you have any eye issues? Eyes are the first thing to be invaded and if they are invaded, you have a serious problem brewing. Do you get the picture? Get yourself cleaned up in this area and life will be much more rewarding. All of the nutritional supplementation is doing nothing but feeding the parasites. The "lack thereof" caused the invasion and an off balance approach will only feed certain ones. If you approach it in a "Balanced approach", and doing it over time, you will over come the invasion and thrive once again.

In future discussions we will look more specifically at the issues and solutions. Hang in there and lets look forward to a rewarding journey in learning about our creepy crawling friends.

End of Discussion. KK.


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