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Our Brain; Support and Maintenance. Introduction. Overall view of Nutritional Effects on the Brain and the Use of Specific Essential Oil for that End Purpose. s

Dec 31, 2020

This new series of discussions about the brain will focus on mostly what an individual can do to support their brain and help to keep it sharp and functioning within normal parameters. I hope to keep each section or in this case, we will call them chapters short and to the point. In an effort to do so, we will cover some of the common points within this introduction so that we don't have to go over them again and again and discuss them in each chapter. However, we will refine the focus of this series to the spinal fluid as much as possible and will discuss each element in descending order by the quantity of each element among the major components of elements. It would be impossible to go through each one as many of these are identified as being there, but not much to nothing is known about them other than it is known that they are there. New discoveries are made almost on a daily basis. So for that reason alone we will have a cut-off point and have chosen to just deal with the major parts and what we as laypeople can do about it on a daily basis.

Proper nutrition is the key to brain support. From nutrition, we get the best versions of each nutrient. We say best because the belief is that nature will provide for a good quality nutrient with its built-in support of various other nutrients that provide for support for each of the other nutrients. A good, solid balance of these is vital to supporting the brain and its normal functioning. While nutrition can go a long way in supporting and repairing damaged aspects of the brain, we are trying to focus on keeping, as much as possible, damage from being done as the individual moves forward in their daily life. Although that direction is where we are attempting to go with these discussions, at times we do discuss some of those issues that result from actual damage to the brain. For the most part, this is done for perspective and at times to reinforce the need to take care of your brain while you have the ability to make those decisions and carry them out of your own accord.

In other discussions, I have pointed out that the contrary line of thinking about essential oils carrying no nutrition is wrong. While I seriously doubt that a given amount of essential oil, when used in a rational and responsible manner, would provide for the RDA for many nutrients. However, they may very well provide for the RDA for many of the extremely small amount of some micro-nutrients required on a daily basis. At the very least they will provide for the ability of cells to become accustomed to or familiar with the nutrient makeup of the host plant of the oil(s) so that when the heavy load of nutrients from that particular plant comes along, as in when food is eaten or herbs used, then acceptance is much more likely. In my opinion, the essential oils work to help the person overall, much better if used as part of a whole program in meeting the individual person's needs. Basically, the essential oils make other things work much better. Along this line of thinking I do find it interesting that these essential oil quality freak people will use the claim that their oils are of such great quality that they don't have any bad things in them. These bad things are like various "..cides", synthetics, and yadda yadda will also claim that the oils have no nutritional values. I wonder if they really understand what the so-called good things actually are? They don't seem to understand that if is possible to have the "bad things" it is also possible to have the "good things" as well. You can't have one side without having the other side as well. The only real challenge in essential oil quality and for that matter in any nutritional quality aspect is to have as much of the good natural stuff as possible and as little of the bad stuff, many times being man-made, stuff as possible. The definition of what is good and what is bad is many times a matter of where you draw the line between good and bad.

Our immune system consists of 2 parts. The one part consists of about 80% of the immune system and that is found in the stomach or as defined by most people as the gut. But more specifically we should call it the soil in our stomach and all of the little creepy crawly bugs that live there. Those little creepy crawling bugs are really the immune system. We feed those bugs by the nutrition that we consume. The other 20% of the immune system is found within the Spinal Fluid. We don't really find any creepy crawling bugs in this fluid. At least we don't like to find them there. This fluid consists mostly of elements. These elements permit the flow of electrical impulses. Anything that hinders the flow of the electrical impulses is generally not a good thing. Since our nutritional intake directly affects the flow of electrical impulses within the brain, we find that this is really, quite an important aspect of our life. Quite often we hear very little on this aspect. So hopefully we can make all of ourselves more aware of this aspect of our life.

The most important thing to remember in this series of discussions is that everything about our existence is centered around the brain. Everything is focused on the brain. Our body goes to great lengths to protect the brain and many times, no cost is never too high to affect brain protection. Everything in life is about the protection of the brain. So with that in mind, we will move on to the main component of the protection and maintenance of the brain and that is what chapter one will cover. I look forward to being on this journey so stay tuned and I will post them as soon as I can finish each discussion and polish them off.

End of Discussion. KK.


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