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Our Brain; Support and Maintenance. Chapter Three. Pinion Pine EO and Rosemary EO and the Boron Connection.

Jan 31, 2021

In previous chapters we have looked at the two most basic elements of the Spinal fluid that contains and makes up the liquid portion of what is needed for the Brain to function. Now we will look at the next important thing that is in the liquid solution. However, we will also mention a number of other elements that are intertwined with this specific element as there are not really any stand alone element. All elements are connected much like one would picture a cob web. These elements are also dependent on each other either directly or indirectly and work as a whole. Basically, no one element works as a stand alone and each one of them have a backup or fill in for each particular element if the one in question cannot be provided for. However, many times the fill in is not a very good alternative on a direct one to one substitute. But in nature's wisdom, at times this "not so good alternative" is there for a secondary purpose. As I go through this discussion it will become much more clear as to what I am trying to explain here. So hang in there.

So what is this element that is so important for our brain? The element is actually a mineral and that mineral is called Boron. Boron is largely found in within the earth's crust and are known as Borate minerals. They are mined as evaporates known as Borax and Kernite. For the most part the necessity of having Boron as a necessary micro nutrient in Agricultural production wasn't really recognized on any kind of a scale until in the early 80's, some 40 years ago. This was when i first learned about the role of Boron in the agriculture. Then it wasn't until within the last 10 years that it was recognized as a necessary micro nutrient for humans and animals. In many scientific circles they even claim that the jury is still out as to whether or not it is necessary for humans at all. But the fact is this, it is necessary, without question. So if you go and do research on the subject, you will likely find a lot of inconsistent data. I hope that once you are finished with this article you will be a believer.

In the previous paragraph I mention that Boron is found in Borax. In the area where I live, well, a little way from my domicile, a great deal of it is mined and refined. One of my more favorite laundry soaps is Borax, which is essentially specific formulation of Boron. There is a town in the area where the stuff is mined is actually called Boron, California. The famous "Twenty Mule Team" stuff that is associated with Death Valley in California is all about Boron. Boron is found in many parts of the world so it is not just limited to California. In fact, the largest mining area for Boron is found in Turkey. Boron is one of those minerals that the proper amount is vital, too little or too much is equally bad. I don't know if you can quantify the role of Boron down to one or two main roles. The role of Boron in both the Brain and in the Body are many and I mean many. So we will try to touch on a number of the obvious roles so that we can get an idea of just how important this mineral is.

When it comes to the Brain, we find that Boron is a command and control element for many functions within the body. In a number of recent studies, they studied Boron deficiency within the Brain. They found that Boron deficiency or as some studies refereed to it as "Boron Deprivation", resulted in a condition that is similar to what is observed in nonspecific malnutrition, such as decreased electrical activity, decreased short term memory, and decreased attention to recall. It was also noted that Boron deficiency resulted in poor cognitive and psycho-motor function such as dexterity and decreased motor speed.

In other studies as it relates to Boron, it has been observed that a Boron deficiency is the number one cause of of crop failure in the most widely grown crop in the world and that is in corn. In short, a lack of proper levels of Boron is responsible for corn crop failures worldwide. How Boron functions in the corn plant is it controls the movement of nutrients up and down the Meristem of the corn plant. The Meristem is found running from the very bottom of the roots to the very top of the tassel/leaves of the corn plant. The Meristem is very similar to the Spinal Cord of the human and animal. Both serves the same purpose of moving nutrients and other signals up and down the "Body" or the plant/biological entity. Another element that works with Boron is Silica. Silica gives strength to the Meristem/Spinal Cord and provides for movement of those nutrients. Another element that will step in and fill in the void when Boron is not there as in a deficiency, is Aluminum. I will talk about the Aluminum and Silica in later paragraphs. The picture that will be painted is a fascinating one at the very least. But for fun, lets go over and look at the Boron thing in a different setting.

In scripture we hear a lot of references to the Land of Milk and Honey. Now with this idea, keep in mind that Honey is a Boron story. We can look at this from a number of levels. At he surface level, I prefer to see the references of Honey as referring to actual Honey. However, many high level scripture experts have different views on it. Some of them claim that it isn't Honey, but a substance from Dates known as Date Syrup. Which is highly nutritious in and of its self, which Dates are high in Boron content in their own right. So in either case, it still works for purposes of looking at Boron. All of the alternative views on he Honey thing will all will take you to the same place as they are all high in Boron uptake and content. Of course Honey and these other possible substances all contain a wide array of micro nutrients as well as macro nutrients. When it comes to the reference to Milk, well that is another reference to a highly nutritious food. I listened to a lecturer discuss this and he made reference to some data that he mined from the University of Calgary where they had purchased some extremely expensive and very high tech equipment to analyze various products. They had analyzed milk, both cow milk and human milk. They found that there was 44 minerals, and over 900 different oils and other substances that totaled to a little over 1200 separate and distinct items. Of course the milk being referred to in scripture was likely not cows milk and I seriously doubt it was human milk, but rather it was likely Goat, Sheep, Camel or Horse/Donkey milk. However, it was in all probability Goat or Sheep milk as it applies to most references. But the point is that both Milk and Honey are very nutritious and highly desirable. Both products contain appreciably high amounts of Boron with the Honey containing a vastly higher level. Now when we look at references in the New Testament, we find the Honey associated with John the Baptist as being the most popular one. Here it says that he lived on Wild Honey and Locust. In this story we see Locust being used instead of Milk. Both Locust and Honey contain a high amount of Protein, but we see him living off of Honey and Locust. John the Baptist seemed to be an interesting character, but yet he did function for quite a while on these 2 food items and seemed none the worst off for it. He obviously fared better than many of his counter parts living a more civilized life. As a side note, we do find Jesus doing most of his work, as the narrative seems to indicate, well that pretty much all of his work was done as it relates to the physical, as well as the emotional healing was done among the people living a more civilized life. At least that is what the narrative appears to say to me as I read it in this light of nutritional values.

Most of the food we eat today will contain some levels of Boron. However, most of the Boron that the plants find in the soil is pretty much used up by the plant for its growth and development. In many parts of the world, and as it applies here in the US, pretty much most of the land east of the Mississippi River is considered Boron deficient and in order for the plants to thrive and pass on enough Boron to meet our needs, supplementation of the soil is required. West of the Mississippi River, the situation is not as acute overall, but many places are deficient. If there isn't enough in the soil for the plants to uptake extra Boron beyond their own needs then we as humans and our animals need to have supplemental Boron added to our diets. This whole Boron thing has been an obsession for me for years. I have tried various sources of Boron supplementation and I feel like I have found the best and most effect Boron supplement for our use. But I am not prepared to state just what that is as of right now. I want to work with it for a while longer and test it on my various test subjects before I say it in this setting.

Boron is found in the earth's crust in most places. So unless you are in a place where there is a concentration of it then it doesn't take many years to deplete this micro nutrient to the point that there really isn't enough for the plant to uptake Boron and pass enough on to the consumer of the plant, to do a whole lot of good. This is the situation where we find a lot of the cultivated ground, IE; farmed ground, in today's world. However, nature has provided a way for all of these nutrients to be recharged and recycled. I have addressed that whole deal in the Chapter Three of my series of Photosynthesis, Global Warming, and Plants. But to sum it up in one sentence, Climate Change. This is a phenomena that has repeated it's self many times over the life of this planet. Right now most of the heavy concentration of Boron is found in the arid deserts world wide and generally the soil is a higher than neutral on the pH scale.

Another aspect with Boron in our Brains and really throughout our body is for protection from Radiation, both radioactive and non radioactive. When a radiation molecule enters our body the Boron molecule will grab it and remove it from our body. The Boron molecule is not negatively affected by radiation in any form. In fact they have learned, after the fact, that if they would have known about it at the time, the people that worked on the Nuclear disaster at Chernobyl would still be alive today and not have died from the radioactive radiation poisoning that lead to their early demise. They could have loaded their body systems up on a high dosage of Boron and the radiation would not have affected them. This is the same concept that they use any time there is a radioactive radiation incident with using Iodine to flood the Thyroid with non-radioactive Iodine to prevent the radioactive Iodine from settling in the Thyroid that leads to cancer.Also, Aluminum will deflect the Radiation particles.

Another element that will end up in the Brain when a person is Boron deficient is Aluminum. Many experts and studies have come to the conclusion that presently, 1/2 of the population of his country by the time they reach the age of 80 have Alzheimer's and/or some serious form of Dementia. This condition is directly associated with an accumulation of Aluminum in the Brain. There are many other minerals that must come into play here to properly address these minerals in the Brian. But for now we will only touch on the Aluminum because of it's direct connection to Boron. However, I will mention that Silica is also connected to Boron in that it works directly with Boron to help in the movement of the nutrients up and down the Brain Stem. Boron also plays a key role in keeping the nutrients suspended in the saline solution of the brain. This will keep items like Aluminum and Calcium from pooling and solidifying.

So the question then arises, Where can we obtain Boron that can be used for Brain function? Food is always the first go to for all nutrients. Nature has provided for plants to take in raw minerals and process them, arrange the minerals and other nutrients in the necessary rations and order for use by animals, that also includes humans. Unless the soil where plants are grown have been properly supplemented with Boron, then a person can usually find certain foods that are grown in the wild or in arid deserts to be fairly rich in Boron. Several plants have a tendency to concentrate Boron and those are Plums, (also Prunes and Prune Juice), Pistachio Nuts, Rosemary Herb, Strawberries, Peaches Pears,and Cabbage to name of the most widely available foods to the most people. Other foods that are more locally produced are foods such as Pine Nuts and many Short Leaf Pine Needles. When it comes to Essential Oils, we use Rosemary as the first go to oil because it works very well for many Brain issues. We also use Pinion Pine Essential Oil as it contains a respectable amount of Boron as well as other essential nutrients.

I am sure that most of you are saying, hey the old people eats a lot of prunes so that they can go to the bathroom on a regular basis. That is true Here is why, Boron tends to relax the muscles Plus it help with all things memory, IE; Brain function. They usually have to have a little higher amount of Boron because of having to combat Aluminum that has accumulated in their Brain as well as other parts of the body. Here we need to remember that Aluminum causes cells to contract/tense up. So just like Calcium contracts, Magnesium relaxes. As a side note, Boron also controls the Calcium/Magnesium relationship as it also controls the Testosterone/Estrogen balance. Same concept. Also, both Boron and Aluminum carry a positive charge, they push against each other. So if the one is low on Boron, then Aluminum will push it's way into the cell. Also, keep in mind that since we need a large amount of Sodium in the brain. Aluminum has fingered out a way to piggy back on the Sodium molecule, so it then has an easy passage into the brain, if Boron isn't there to "Security Check" the Sodium molecule, with the Aluminum "hitch hiking" on it before it enters the Brain/Spinal Fluid then Aluminum gets a free ride into the Brain.

Summary: Boron is one of the very most important minerals for all things brain and by extension, the body as a whole. Boron is one of the most important command and control nutrients that is required by the body and especially the Brain. Although a mineral in an up coming chapter, Iodine, is by and far the most widely used and required mineral in the body, Boron is essentially, as I might respectfully say, is a God mineral of sorts of all of the minerals used by the Body and Brain. It is also one of the lesser understood minerals as it applies to Humans. So unless some medical Doctor or for that matter any one that works with nutrition and health in any way, is a recent graduate, they are likely not very well learned in the function and use of Boron. If you are deficient in Boron, you are really up the old creek without a paddle, so you really need to move fast to correct it or you won't even have a boat as you float around in the old crap creek.

Thank you for your interest in these articles. If I can be of any help to you or if you have questions, feel free to get with me. Maybe we can get things figured out.

End of Discussion. KK


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