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Our Brain; Support and Maintenance. Chapter One. The Requirement of High Quality Clear Drinking Water.

Dec 31, 2020

Today we are looking at the main individual components that make up the Spinal Fluid. With this, we will be looking at those ingredients in descending order from the largest ingredient to the smaller amounts of individual components. The Spinal Fluid amounts to about 500 ml. in the average person. This fluid gets changed on a regular basis at about an 8-hour interval, every single day. Of this fluid, about 99% of it consists of one component. The other 1% consists of about 44 minerals, around 300 oils, as in fixed type oils, and numerous other elements. Of course we won't be covering those, as in a post for each single one. Perhaps the most important thing that we must recognize about every aspect of our body is that the brain is the most important organ and the body will go to great lengths to do anything and everything it can do to protect the brain. The body will even deprive other organs of needed elements to support and protect the brain. If a person has an issue with the brain that is caused by some nutritional deficiency, you can be assured that other parts of the body are in acute crisis status. Because everything that is in shortage in the brain has already been robbed from other parts of the body, so when you find your brain suffering from a nutritional deficiency you can be assured as well that it does not indicate for a simple remedial protocol, you need to see it as a severe crisis rehabilitation effort at the very least.

So what is this component that makes up 99% of the spinal fluid? Good old water. Yes, water. Our bodies are about 75% water and about 25% of other elements. The component quantity of the various elements in the body has a different ratio to each other than the ratio of those many other elements have within the spinal fluid. This spinal fluid, when found at the correct ratios appears to be the perfect saline solution that allows for the optimal transference of the electrical impulses that our brain uses to function. Our brain uses this saline solution for its nutrition. Our brain weighs roughly about 2 to 3% of our body weight but consumes at least 25% and by some accounts up to 50% of the energy consumed by our body. Essentially the brain is a huge consumer of energy. If, for no other reason this is why we have to understand what our brain really needs and the need for us to be aware of this need and cater to it. A major mistake that most people make in the brain support is that they treat this part of the immune system in the same light as the other part of the immune system, found in the gut. The 2 systems do not require the same protocol. A case in point is the 99% water ratio of the spinal fluid as compared to the other 75% water ratio for the other parts of the body as a whole. In the proceeding chapters, we will talk about the different ratios of the same elements used in both systems. But for now, we are looking at the water. So from here on out we will be talking about water, for the most part.

We have water everywhere. In fact, if someone from another planet or even a solar system were to do a study of this planet, the 3rd. rock from our sun, so to speak, They would likely identify this planet as the water planet. At the surface level, this planet is covered by 2/3rds. by water and the other 1/3rd by land at the very least. So yes, this could easily be called the water planet. There is a belief that life arose from the water and the next 2 elements, quantity-wise, as found in the brain, allowed life to actually start. Those elements will be covered in chapter 2 and 3. Now don't turn to me off here as I am a firm believer in the religious aspect of creation and all that goes with it, but that really is covered in the energy/electrical aspect of our brain. A completely different and fascinating discussion. What I am talking about here is the idea that is presented in scripture, " From dust, we came, to dust we will return".

There is water, a combination of 2 molecules of Hydrogen combining with 1 Oxygen molecule to make up the most important thing to life on this planet, water. But the water comes in many forms, namely solid, vapor, and liquid. Let us focus on the liquid for the time being as this is how we as humans utilize this element, for the most part. There are various makeups of water. Most water is used as it comes out of the ground or from the sky. Depending on where you collect the water that comes from the sky it can contain some bad stuff, from pollution, which is not good or it can be very clean and good for direct use. The same can be said of the water that comes out of the ground. But one thing that is vital for the brain and in the making of the saline solution for the spinal fluid is that the water needs to be clean and free of bad stuff for the best spinal fluid makeup. Our bodies can tolerate a small degree of "bad" water but not for a sustained period of time without it causing serious undesirable issues. One type of water that is somewhat controversial is distilled water. There is a great deal of misinformation out there concerning distilled water. In reality, distilled water is decent water to use if you are reasonably healthy. If you are sickly then it may or may not be a good water source for you on a personal level. Me personally, I love distilled water and it works very well for me. So, yes, I am biased toward the use of distilled water. But then again, I presently live in an area where the drinking water is piped from a mountain spring. So for most of the year, the water is excellent, but in the summer season, they have to pump additional water. One of the wells produces excellent water and the other 2 wells produce "not so good water". Also, I grew up spending a lot of time in the high mountains and it was common to drink from brooks and creeks as an animal does, right along the side of my horse. I never got sick. But oh how good that water tasted. Then, on the other hand, people in cities tend to drink recycled water from sewer effluent. Many of these systems will simply filter out the turds and toilet paper, then load the water up with Chlorine and/or Aluminum, and some Florine, then send it back around through the drinking water. system This type of system does not filter out the medicines that pass through the people, the Hormones passed on through the waste management systems of people, and all of the other chemicals that are flushed down the toilets. The list goes on and on, so in the end, it can't be all that good for the brain, let alone for the body in general.

In some areas we find the drinking water being contaminated by all kinds of chemicals. If in a rural area, usually by agricultural chemicals and if in cities then by industrial waste. In the areas between rural and urban, then we see a mix of both industrial and agricultural contamination. But one area that does show promise is the oceans. Recently I read an article that was carping about how they found nuclear waste from bombs in a very deep ocean trench in an atoll area of the Pacific Ocean where a lot of nuclear testing had taken place in the past. The author's contention was that this stuff is everywhere and it is killing us. Well, it is everywhere. But the author obviously did not have the memo (Facts) that what the saltwater/oceans will do is push anything it can't use at the present time to make a perfectly balanced saltwater solution to the bottom, like in these trenches and leave it there until it can be used. Translation to this aspect is that it will lush that radioactive stuff to the bottom and let it cook off through its half-lives until it becomes inert. Freshwater does not have the ability to do this "stashing away of bad stuff" as does saltwater. However, it does take a little bit of time to have nature do it's job, so in the short term, maybe in some places  the ocean water may not be a good source. Although I am not an advocate of polluting the ocean water in any way, I am just saying that Nature has a backup plan to deal with the issues of man-made "marvels", so to speak. So in theory, if you were to obtain seawater from an area where the surface water isn't contaminated, then you could get decent water from either a form of distillation or from something like reverse osmosis. If in certain areas of the world, then you can have decent water coming up out of the ground in one form or another. One source of getting decent water to work with is at the outflow of a swamp. The swamp plants tend to clean up bad water. I am thinking that I could stand some traces of Alligator pee over chemically contaminated water any day of the week.

Another source of working with contaminated water is to do as the people in many parts of the world and in history have done and that is to use water via "strong drink". Refined sugary drinks do not qualify under this provision. Seriously though if a person cannot obtain decent drinking water then maybe you should consider getting a countertop distiller, one or more of several types of water cleansing systems, and so forth. We have one of these and use it all the time. Why would you do that? Mainly because most people cannot get decent drinking water. You need decent drinking water or your body won't be able to provide the brain via the spinal fluid with uncontaminated clear water so that the proper saline solution can be made for proper brain nutrition and electrical impulse transmissions. In reality, you must do everything possible to provide yourself with really high-quality drinking water.

The spinal fluid contains about 16 ounces of water. This spinal fluid gets replaced every 8 hours. So the simple math claims that you would need to drink at least 48 ounces ( 16 ounces changed 3 times per day = 48 ounces), of really good water for proper spinal fluid development every single day. It does not matter if the body uses the water once it is recycled out of the spinal fluid for other purposes, which it does, but you need at least 48 ounces of fresh clean water every day just for the spinal fluid development. Anything less than this will amount to a lower quality spinal fluid and that leads to less than good brain function. Lastly, I have left the last part of the key to the immune system of the spinal fluid. Why? The proper saline solution is necessary for proper nerve function. The nerves are what tells and directs the body to do what it has to do, to protect the brain and even every other part of the body.

Now for some water trivia. The average human body contains about 120 pounds of water, that is like carrying a little under three, 5-gallon buckets of water around with you all the time. One researcher comically claims that we are essentially a skin bladder full of water and a few odds and ends of other elements mixed in. In other gee whizz stuff, the earth's water consists of around 96% ocean water, and 2.5% freshwater. Of that 2.5%, 98% of that freshwater is found in ice and groundwater and about 1% is found in rivers. The rest is found in various forms of vapors and in containers of industry.

This chapter is getting to be longer than I had intended, so we need to bring it to a close. I hope you have gotten the idea that good water is needed for the brain. Down the road, I will do more discussions on water, as the material is fascinating and worth studying. Next chapter; The 2nd most abundant element in the brain.

End of Discussion. KK.


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