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Organic Vegetable Production. Market Related.

Jan 23, 2023
In an article in this month's edition, Jan. 2023, of American Vegetable Grower, page 12 it mentions some statistics. The title of this article is, "How Organic is the Vegetable Industry". Bullet points;
30% of all vegetable growers produce organic crops. Another 8% plan to do so within three years. 43% of organic  vegetable growers are planning to expand acreage within the next year.
For those who grow organic crops, we asked how much of their overall farm is dedicated to organic production. Almost half are all in, giving their entire farm over to organic methods. The percent of those farms that are using organic methods are as follows; less than 10% of their farm, 18%. 10% to 25% of their farm is at 7%. 25% to 50% of their farm is at 8%. 50% to 99% of the farms are at 22% and the farms out there that are doing organics are totally organic is at 45%.
To those farmers growing organics, they asked the question of, "Why Grow Organic?' the number 1 reason at 73% of the farms is; Sustainability is a high priority is for me. The 2nd. at 58% of the farms said that it is the best production method. The #3 reason is Market demand at 57%. the #4 reason at 42% was to diversify my offerings. and the #5 reason at 41% for them was Organic crop prices. Keep in mind that these figures are based on the average ranked responses. For me personally I would fit in at the first two, sustainability and best production methods with the #3 one coming in very close.
Overall, the whole organic push is showing that more and more growers are doing it for the right reasons. The thing that I look at is that many, a high percentage of the consumers don't really understand the reasons behind the organic methods of production. Most of them just want organic, but don't understand what is driving it so in a round about way doesn't understand the whys.
Many people decry the produce that is not labeled "Organic". This can muddy the waters as many growers just won't be held up at gun point to pay the high prices demanded by the Organic certificates required by some agencies. They just go ahead and grow according to these practices. This is perhaps why you should cultivate relationships with those who grow your food, when ever you can. That way you can, "Trust, but verify".
Just some trivia for your entertainment purposes.

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