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Oils for the future and Blending.

Apr 19, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Well, how goes the big lockdown going for all of you? The way I hear tell most of you are experiencing cabin fever. I am not getting to experience cabin fever since I am one of those that the "Shelter indoors" does not apply to me. So as I work with life, I realized that I am behind on doing my discussions. I am sure some are saying, man, I wish he didn't remember about that". But I do provide entertainment for a few people, so here goes.

This whole virus thing ended up creating a number of questions about how to deal with it. We have some oils that work pretty well. But as always we are refining the formulations. However, we do have some formulas that are suited very adeptly for viruses. In years past we did some work with viruses and I felt they worked pretty good. So I dug out the notes and old recipe book and blended up a few pounds of each. Some people are working with them as a preventative, so I guess we shall see what we shall see. I haven't personally known anyone with the virus, so I can't test directly with this strain. But in theory, these two blends should work. So down the road, you will see some referencing made to the two blends, as of right now they are known as Guardian and Defender. When using as a preventative one would use the one blend in the AM and the other in the PM. Topical application. They will go out for more widespread testing in the R&D program, maybe next month. I was sort of discouraged when the so-called "curve" is beginning to flatten. But they are talking like there will be a second wave later on, so that should give us a nice testbed, both as a preventative and as a fixer. Since we did a lot of work with these blends years ago, the process will move much faster. So from this arena, we are working on it.

I have another blend that I am even more excited about. Been working on it for a while and have it refined enough to begin actually testing and working with it. I call this blend, for now, "New T-2". The drive is centered around Type-2 Diabetes. In working with this blend I followed some different directions with some ideas. I will explain those in an upcoming paragraph. I only made a small batch of it and have a few people working with it. So far the reports are very positive. One of the comments and I have been using it as well and have noticed the same effect, the main comment is that it cuts the desire to drink soda pop, energy drinks, well, all drinks that have sugar in them and there is a drive or desire to drink water instead. When used before meals it cuts down the desire or eliminates the craving for sweets afterward. Of course, it is too soon to tell if drops the numbers and such. But at least that much is a very positive reinforcement of the ideas behind the formulation. Right now I have to refine the formulation, on a couple of the oils, mainly the amounts. Then the other one is with Lemongrass. I used a Lemongrass that has a very distinct and strong aroma. I might change that one to another Lemongrass from another country of origin, as that one has numbers that are pretty much the same, except that the aroma is not as strong. So when it comes to this one, I am excited, as I know it will work on other issues as well, if the pattern with these blends holds with previous discoveries. I did run a survey one time and asked people to test an idea with anyone that they know with Type-2 to use Lemongrass on them. I got "zero" feedback. People, sometimes you have to think outside of the box for solid solutions. Later on, I read in some actual medical writings that they are using Lemongrass for Type-2 studies with remarkable results, so I built this formula around Lemongrass but addressed the pancreas specifically, along with other support areas. As a key to this blend, I might add that I followed the principles of rebuilding the broken down soil in working through this formulation. So we shall see what we shall see.

OK, now for the one way I do things to produce some really good blends. at least in my opinion. What makes a blend good is if it works for the intended purpose(s). When it comes to looking at a GC/MS, you will notice there is usually a few components that are major and then a whole bunch of minors, in some cases, some cases not. But anyway, When doing the numbers, you look at the major numbers the same way as you would macronutrients in either the soil or a food product. You look at the micronutrients as trace minerals. Then you run the numbers, as you have heard me make references to that idea. Then you look at what minerals, and by extension things like amino acids, etc., what makes up each of those items on the list. Along the way, as you are having to put together the formula, you have to make sure that some elements don't combine, well, unless you want them to combine and to prevent that combining you have to put in a blocker. Whereas on the other hand, if you want combining to take place you sometimes have to change the order so that they will combine. This is why that many times it is important to have a specific order of blending take place. Then when you figure you have everything in perfect order, it will work. Sometimes it doesn't, so you have to refine things. I don't like to just pull stuff out of the air and then tell people that it will work. All of you are real people and we are in this together. For those of you in Leiann's school, you are taught about the 50-30-20 rule. You need to really understand this inside and out, then once you get through the school, then you can get your head around what I have tried and I say tried, to explain in this paragraph.

So anyway, there we go, some new information. I hope it gives you hope in a crazy world. Until next time, hang in there. Did I make this discussion short and to the point?

End of Discussion.


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