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New Theme Direction of Future Blog Posts.

Dec 25, 2020

Hi Everyone,
I am excited to discuss with you a little change of direction with some of my discussions. As you know there are several themes that are threaded through them, like minerals, food, essential oils, and sometimes even political commentary. I want to move all of those to the back burner, well, it might seem like it but the reality they won't be, but rather we are going to focus more on one particular area. That area is the brain. Here is why we don't see a whole lot of discussion as it applies to the brain in particular. Oh yes, we see a few people that think they know all about the brain, but then again they think it is just a mass of goo that magically works and that our body is the one that runs the show. I wish it was that simple.

Back when I was in psychology school, we started off with lecture after lecture about all this stuff that was supposed to be going on in the brain and how the brain is made up of all these little different compartments and things like glands, and other weird stuff. Most of us in those classes had heard of things like Pavlov's dogs, All we seemed to care about was walking Pavlov's dogs. The instructors always responded with, "You have to learn this stuff before you can walk his dogs". So after a time we finally got to walk Pavlov's dogs, then we got to cuddle with Harlow's monkeys, then we walked all over the zoo and with people's favorite rodents and then eventually on to Solmviski's baboons in the wild and so on until we come across this old instructor that tried to convince me that he studies sheep and then applies that data to humans. I had it right there, I stood up and told him that he wasn't going to feed me a bunch of crap like that because I was a sheepman from way back, and that I love sheep, but humans and sheep, ah, I don't think so. You might pull the wool over these other student's eyes, but not mine". He just laughed and said, "We shall see". I spent the whole class trying to argue with him and he with me. Needless I got the grade I deserved, a D. It was the only class in either psychology or agriculture that I ever got while attending university. Later on, in my last quarter, I retook the class so I could up my psychology GPA. It became obvious that I would end up failing the class, so I checked out while I could. But later on, as I went out in the real work, I come to realize that the instructor was 100% right and I was 100% wrong. I see it his way now.

Now as we fast forward through the years we find ourselves swimming in this pond of trying to fix ourselves with this or that idea and with this or that product. Then after taking a serious look at the whole gambit that we are living in today's world, I got thinking that we really need to look at things in a different light. Here is the bottom line, everything seems to be focused on immune health. Great, so how do we make that work? Well, first we have to recognize that there are two parts to our immune system. Everyone seems to know about the gut being the basic part of the immune system, right? But in reality, the gut is only 80% of the immune system. What about the other 20% of the immune system then? Well, that is in reality the Spinal Cortex Fluid. The fluid that is contained in the Spinal fluid essentially makes up that other 20%. I realize that I am likely biased, but in all appearances, it appears that everything about life as it applies to us individually is centered around the brain. Everything is about the protection and functioning of the brain. So we are going to be going there. The basic core of the discussions is going to be based around the brain. No, we will not be going into certain areas. For example in a discussion a month or so ago in working with some drug addicts, they told me that since I was a Psychiatrist, that I should know the answer to the direction of where the discussion was going. So I quickly told them that I was not a Psychiatrist. That was way above my pay grade, lol. In reality, I told them that I am at the lowest level of Psychology and that am a cognitive psychologist. Basically, that is only working with NORMAL people that are just trying to do a better job of being normal. I don't do very well with people that can't be helped. Those people need to go upstairs/seek a person with a higher pay grade, for the help those people need.

So the direction of these discussions is going to be focused more on helping normal people get a better handle on their own situation. To do that those people need some help in relearning some of the false ideas that have been presented in the past, so they can make better decisions as they go forward. The most effective way to do that is through nutrition. There are many people out there that are extremely well qualified to instruct all of us, I feel like that since I have education and experience in the two areas that are at the core of this, perhaps I can offer some unique insights. I will draw from a wide range of these experts. One such person that I will use as a verification point is Dr. Daniel Amen. and the discussions will center around his ideas of what he calls the 4 Circles of Your Life. #1- Biological; basically how your body functions. #2- Psychological; basically how your mind functions. #3- Social; basically your connections. #4- Spiritual; basically your spiritual life. We sort of cover the first one quite heavily. At least I try to cover the second one when I can. the third one would be very difficult for me, as I am not over proficient with that area and with the last one. That is a very important one. As to me, I could care less what religion you follow might be. I have friends from various Christian lines of thinking, some that have no claim to organized religion, some people that follow Islam, the Jewish line of thinking as well as some of the Eastern lines of thinking. I have personal respect for each and every one of those people. While I have no desire to convey my personal beliefs, I do think it is important for a person to have some basis for their spiritual life as it connects to the #3 point that was previously mentioned. We all have the same basic human desires and needs, so we need to focus on those. But for the most part, we will focus heavily on parts 1 and 2 and lightly on parts 3 and 4.

So with that stuff in mind, there will be a notable transition from the typical themes of our discussions as we wrap up some ongoing discussion themes to a theme more focused on the brain and its support systems. I hope to see all of you participating in our future discussions as we seek to support our brain and the part of the immune system that directly functions within the brain. All of these will be posted on Leiann's website.

End of Discussion.


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