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More on Vitamin D.

Feb 19, 2021
I asked Kathryn Grace, who happens to be a legitimate, practicing P.A. if
i could post her perspectives here in order to give some reinforcement to an earlier blog post pertaining to Vitamin D. She consented. These comments were originally posted in a social media group of the Applied Aromatics Institute.  
Vitamin D IS A BIG DEAL in the human body. Great article
! A couple of things I have learned over the years. Vitamin D is actually a fat soluble hormone and involved in over 80, (and counting,) metabolic cascades in the Human Body. Vitamin D2 is not as easily metabolized as Vitamin D3 in the human body. D2 is what most western medical providers prescribe for deficiency, in the form of a prescription, of 35-50k IUs, one time a week. It is hard on a lot of people who complain of bone pain, digestive and energy issues. 8k IUs of Viamin D3, over the counter capsules, (not the white, chalky tablets,) is 56K IUs in the same week. F/u blood levels show markedly different, (better,) improvement in the D levels from 50k of Vit D2 in 2-3 month lab draws. Without the side effects. And cost considerably less, unless insurance pays for it. Makes sense to me to give a steady level across the board then by bombarding the body with mega doses 1x a week that is often poorly tolerated and poorly utilized. I don't prescribe Vit D2 at all. Yes, it is a very big thing, that most western medicine providers don't do much about, or even draw the levels.
A decade ago, "normal," Vit D levels were 30-150 ng/ml. It has dropped over that period of time to 30-100, then 30-90 and now, depending on the lab, it's 30-65. One has to wonder why... It is virtually impossible to, "become Vit D toxic." I have octogenarians and above with levels in the 100-120 ng/ml range who look, act and tell me they feel decades younger and are without most of the chronic dis- ease of aging.
A level of 30 as far as I'm concerned is deficient. Oncologists across the board say all their pts are Vit D deficient. A level of 75 and above is predictive of virtually no breast cancer. Remission and recovery of breast cancer in women with levels above 65, is quicker and sustained longer. Similar studies show the same for prostate and colon cancers.
Yep, it's a very big deal.

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