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Moms On The Go

Jul 13, 2017

As any parent knows, drive time with kids can be less than delightful. With the “She is touching me!”, “I’m hungry!”, or any other request, demand, or even the happy singing, it can get loud and tense in no time at all. On long trips little ones can get woozy. The in-and-out at stops along the road is a sure way to pick up unwanted germs.

Kick that crazy to the curb with these simple car companion oils. 

  • Lavender is known for calming tension. Use it to set a peaceful tone to your driving tunes.
  • Spearmint is known to ease travel sickness, and to lower blood pressure. Spearmint works much like peppermint, but is a safer choice for children, especially to soothe and prevent tummy troubles.
  • Lemon is known to be anti-just-about-anything yucky. It is also stimulating and refreshing. Stay alert while driving, and banish those unwanted germs with this versatile oil.

Suggested Uses:

  • Clothespin car diffuser: Simply drip a few drops on a clothespin, and clip to the air vent. As the air blows out it will carry the aroma throughout your car. Reapply oils as needed.
  • Germ-be-gone mister: Fill a 2 oz. mister bottle half full with water, add 8 drops of lemon and 4 drops of spearmint. Screw on the lid, shake about 100 times, and then fill the bottle the rest of the way up with water. Shake a few more times. Can be used to sanitize hands, car seats, toys, and stroller and shopping cart handles. Shake before each use.

Have fun and include these fantastic oils in all your travel plans.


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