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Molybdenum: The Key to The Digestion and Reproduction System Functioning.

Jan 31, 2024

Molybdenum has everything to do with digestion and reproduction. This nutrient is totally dependent on pH. Also, this is the only nutrient that gets more active as it moves up the pH scale. Whereas other Nutrients become more active as they move down the pH scale.  Molybdenum is a key element in working with alcoholics and their addiction. .

Also, because of time, I was not able to include the part about being vital to toxin removable. Although Sulfur is an essential part of toxin and heavy metal removal, by natural processes, without Molybdenum, the removable is not effective, IE: ineffective and not anywhere as effective as it could be if Molybdenum were at sufficient levels, level. Ratios with other co-factor/companion minerals should be included in this idea as well. Bottom line here is that Molybdenum is essential for toxin removable.    


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