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Molybdenum; One of the most important elements, Part 1 of 2.

Feb 08, 2024

 Today I would like to discuss this one particular mineral, Molybdenum. Although we looked at this in a video discussion, the written form will be briefer and cover the essentials. So why is Molybdenum so important and why do we need to understand it? For starters it has everything to do with digestion, reproduction and in dealing with toxins. Although a lack of or a deficiency is not necessarily an either-or deal in and of itself, a less than optimum level makes the aforementioned events lack in their overall performance overall for the body. However, yes, the lack of, leads eventually to a disaster. Basically, in everything you might do from a nutritional aspect, if this element is not present and working, will be an exercise in futility. Molybdenum has a direct relationship with Sulfur. You might see this as a counterbalance with Sulfur. As Sulfur goes up, Molybdenum goes down. When Molybdenum goes up, Sulfur goes down. In order for this to take place it is largely driven by pH. In fact, this element is about the only pronounced mineral that gets more potent as the pH rises, as in moving upward numerically speaking, from base. As the pH moves downward, Molybdenum is suppressed and Sulfur will become more active and come into play more dominantly, so a proper balance is vital with these two minerals and that is largely driven by pH.

Although we will be talking about several other elements/minerals here, please keep in mind that I am not trash talking any element/mineral. All of these are vitally important in their own right and a proper balance/ratio is the key here. A part of the Sulfur world is Sulfides. This is a normal process of Sulfur. But they need to be degraded as they run their course through the body. But without Molybdenum, they won’t degrade. You need to think in terms of Sulfur and the Sulfiites as a preservative. Molybdenum moves the Sulfur/preservative aspect to a point of being able to be broken down and used and then discarded. This process of not being able to be broken down leads to a harmful situation of harming healing or any healing cannot take place. This is where it becomes a futile attempt at healing and healing will not take place, without Molybdenum doing the driving process of healing. So, in simple terms, no Molybdenum = no Healing. Low amounts of Molybdenum will lead to limited healing potential.

What is one of the leading examples of this lack of Sulfides being broken down by a lack of Molybdenum? Have you ever heard of Asthma? Do you know people that have to deal with Asthma attacks? Although this Molybdenum deficiency is not the one and only cause of Asthma, it is the driving force, either directly or indirectly of this issue. Another aspect of these low amount or no amount of Molybdenum is that Protein Digestion will deteriorate. As it deteriorates, amino acids like Cysteine and Methionine will no longer be used effectively. This leads to mineral accumulation of a number of minerals, and this becomes a transition of good to bad, which is when high amounts of accumulations lead to toxicity. Keep in mind here, that Sulfur plays a major role in dealing with food allergies/food intolerance along with disposing of toxins and heavy metals but will not be able to or will be severely limited in its ability to do so without the proper ratio of Molybdenum being present

. Other activities of Molybdenum have to do with its reproduction role in both females and males... Although it is a major role with females, it is even more important for males. It is involved in everything from ability to conceive as it pertains to both genders, from drive to, well, all aspects of reproduction and even the recreational aspect to this deal. Need I say more?

Another aspect to this is as follows; Have you ever noticed people that cannot handle their “adult beverages” IE: cannot deal with alcohol, as in a very little amount and they are plastered to the hilt? This is a sure-fire way to determine if that individual has a Molybdenum issue going on. A drink or two and they are crap face drunk? But in reality, most addictions of this type are directly a Molybdenum deficiency of some sort. Although Molybdenum is the driver here. Two other elements are involved, Sulfur and Lithium.. Lithium is used to help with addictions as to the adrenal support for stress. Sulfur is used to make the addictive agent to be objectionable and Molybdenum to drive the overall aspect and to process the whole. However, keeping a person with addictions following the protocol is sometimes the biggest of challenges. Keep them on this type of rehabilitation protocol is the sure-fire way of fixing the addiction issue.

Lastly, the most important aspect to Molybdenum is the relationship to your blood. It plays a direct role with Iron, Copper and Zinc as it relates to your blood system and indirectly, your immune system, overall. The bottom line here is, this: Is there anything more important that your blood system in overall health? Maybe just as important, but not likely more important, Right?

I would like to go into some more stuff as it relates to this single element/mineral, such as sources, etc. But that will come in part 2 on this subject. So, stay tuned for part 2. As always, thank you for your interest and support. KK


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