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Minerals and Some Interesting Perspectives. Part 2. When Big Al comes calling.

Dec 29, 2019
In the last installment, we were discussing some aspects of minerals and got into brain function.  Several people asked about the Alzheimer's connection because we touched on Aluminum as we were talking about Yttrium. So with this discussion, I thought, hey let's just deal with big Al and get that aspect out of the way, as this is of huge interest, especially to those of us that are somewhat "Chronologically Challenged". Of course, it should be of interest, but not just to our group but to all age groups. The reason being is that these things just don't "happen" one day and the next day, the full-blown clinical case presenting itself. In the previous discussion, I mentioned how Yttrium is basically the focal point of mineral being deficient as being the base cause. Of course, it isn't the only one but the primary one. Here is why.  The inverse relationship of Yttrium and Aluminum. As noted, when Yttrium goes down, Aluminum goes up. This is because of the Aluminum stepping in the fill the vacuum.  The saying goes that nature abhors a vacuum is, in fact, a base truth. This same concept applies to almost every pretty much every mineral, many vitamines, acids and such. Which leads us to another situation. Many people claim that our soils are devoid of many nutrients. This is only a partial truth. While many soils are low in some, so low in fact that the nutrient levels are almost non-existent. But here is the rub, they aren't totally devoid.  If they were the traditional plants would not grow in that particular plot. But what happens is that many plants will magically appear that will grow in a so-called disturbed soil plot or even in a starved to death plot of soil. Nature has a way of building or developing a plant to grow that will rebuild the dead plot of soil.  Many times this process will take centuries, but it does happen. In the arid west of the US, we see certain plants just magically appear and start to grow, even without man's intervention. Many times man will attempt to mimic nature by purposely scattering the seeds from these types of plants in an effort to help nature along. For the most part, it does help nature, sometimes it doesn't work out too great. We actually obtain essential oils from many of these plants. Let me tell you, they are very effective essential oils too. Some of these plants are used in Herbal form, either as a tea or a powdered herb. Both forms work exceptionally well. But one thing is factual is that the earth's crust contains many trace minerals on a widespread basis and even many macronutrients as well. I honestly believe that in many of these cases man has put limits on the ability of the plant to extract the nutrient. This is either done on purpose or inadvertently or even as a total accident by well-intended action by a lack of understanding of the nature of his activity.  Yes, we do have to supplement for various reasons.  So with this whole deal with big Al leaving his calling card, we have either by hook or crook caused a heinous and cruel disease to play out. So do we have to describe the whole of Alheizermer's disease? I don't think so, so let's move on to how to deal with it.
So as we look at this disease, we see Yttrium as being the focal point. As people end up with a lack of Yttrium in their diet, which is really the only way you can obtain it, from a practical point of view and application anyway. Once we realize it, it serves very little purpose to "feed" the patient Yttrium. It won't do anything for the patient. The damage is already done. But wait, yes we do "feed" them some Yttrium, but only if we do certain other things first. How many of you out there have worked with children? For those that haven't, you can't just "take" something away from a child and not have them throw a fit from hell about it. So what do you do? Simply do an exchange. So for whatever reason, we took Yttrium away from a person. So nature affects an exchange This exchange happened to and involves Aluminum. Don't ask me why, well, scientifically there are some explanations, but in reality, I didn't make up this nature thing, so nature didn't ask my opinion on it. So as we move on we need to affect an exchange. Fortunately, we have several options. But the best option at this time seems to be, based on studies and some long term applications is drum roll... Silica or also known as Silicon. What Silica does is moves out, almost a forced move so to speak of the solidified Aluminum out of the brain. There is a big misconception out there that claims that not many things cross the blood/brain barrier. This is a long way from the truth. If you were to say there are only a few things that do not cross the blood/brain barrier, you would be more truthful than by claiming the other way around.  So in this theory, (legally I have to say that term, theory), as the Silica ushers out the Aluminum, you have to replace it with Yttrium. That is the way the exchange takes place.  For example, when we developed the Organmaster EO The "theory" behind these Liver Cleanses and EO's was to just clean the Liver. I thought that the idea was stupid. You can't just "clean" the liver, you have to "encourage" a state of healing along with the cleansing.  It appears to do just that. When working with Nature, you must always remember the exchange that has to take place. When working with synthetics, well, many times it is beside the point. Maybe we will cover that sometime too.
Just a few fun facts about Silica. Silica is the second most abundant mineral on earth, the most abundant is Oxygen.  It is found in sand, clay, rocks, etc. There are many and I mean many forms and types of Silica. The uses are everywhere from industrial to biological. There is a direct diagonal relationship with Boron. By its nature, it is Oxygen seeking as are several other minerals. Since there is a direct connection to the earth's crust it is found in the oceans, particularly, seawater, there are many life forms there that use Silica to form their skeletons, such as Diatoms and Sponges.  So as we come back to our realities, we find Silica in Diatomaceous Earth for example. So that is a good source for people to obtain it from. Comically, I needed some Diatomaceous Earth a while back, went to an Ag-based store and found some in the pet section. They had it mixed with clay. So I bought it. It was only 20 pounds so I put it in a bucket and sealed up what I didn't use. The bucket is under my desk and as I was preparing for this discussion, I go thinking, hey, I have the best of both worlds here. I have clay and D.E. In the area where I live we have access to prehistoric sea deposits. One of those is a high-quality clay. Which we know clay contains many beneficial qualities. But you people in California are S.O.L. because the clay here has traces of substances that are sort of banned under prop 65. So for you people, we have to look at some of the other alternatives. I don't know the status of  D.E. under 65, so maybe someone else does. But these banned substances are in the perfect bioform and are required in trace amounts, so... I don't know how to deal with that one.  Among other foods are Tumeric, Ginger, and Rosemary. Of course, we have those 3 plants in EO form, so mixing them with the herbs or "dirt", we can affect tremendous change for our health.  Since Silica is so widely distributed in the earth's crust, we can obtain it from many plants, but here are some of the plants that are exceptionally high in useable Silica. Stinging Nettle Leaf is one of the highest.  We also find it in a number of other leaves, but at lower levels, such as Thyme, Dill, Chickweed, Cauliflower, Dulse, just to cover some of the more familiar ones. Then when you move onto the root foods, you have Turnip, Carrot, Ginger, and the list is quite extensive there as well. Then you have the fruits and nuts. So there you have the adage of "Eat your Fruits and Veggies" as being vital, to your health for obvious reasons. I wanted to include a cut and paste that I found in a scientific journal. Now keep in mind that in most settings there is the claim that most of these minerals will say that they have no biological function in animals (humans included), but they sometimes do in plants. You might recognize many of these plants as being also found in the EO form. Horse Tail is a traditional herbal source of Silica.
Here goes;
Silicon is present in plants in amounts equivalent to those of such macronutrient elements as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, and in grasses often at higher levels than any other inorganic constituent. Yet except for certain algae, including prominently the diatoms, and the Equisetaceae (horsetails or scouring rushes), it is not considered an essential element for plants. As a result, it is routinely omitted from formulations of culture solutions and considered a nonentity in much of plant physiological research. But silicon-deprived plants grown in conventional nutrient solutions to which silicon has not been added are in many ways experimental artifacts. They are often structurally weaker than silicon-replete plants, abnormal in growth, development, viability, and reproduction, more susceptible to such abiotic stresses as metal toxicities, and easier prey to disease organisms and to herbivores ranging from phytophagous insects to mammals. Many of these same conditions afflict plants in silicon-poor soils—and there are such. Taken together, the evidence is overwhelming that silicon should be included among the elements having a major bearing on plant life.  (End of Quote).
So there you have it, the importance of Silica or aks; Silicon. The role Silica plays in and with plants also applies to us. Without Silica, we also become easy prey to diseases, and I might add parasites. It has been found that people using diets that are high in Calcium, Magnesium, and Silica tend to not end up with Alzheimer's.  Silica is a natural repeller of Aluminum. Just remember that. So what is the first telltale sign of a Silica deficiency? Look at your fingernails, if they have the little ridges in them, you are in serious danger. Other signs are varicose veins, nerve sensitivity, depression, and even sexual dysfunction. Some of you that read the first part of this series will say, hey wait a minute, those are the same as for Yttrium deficiency. Well, yes they are, as they go walking together, they work as a team, especially when it comes to all things "Brain". All you have to do is to read the description in the previous paragraph/quote and it all falls in line.
So to recap, Yttrium is necessary for the brain, a lack of Yttrium creates a vacuum and that vacuum invites Aluminum to take Yttrium's place and the result is a build-up of Aluminum in the brain. By many accounts, it is believed that this buildup leads to Alzheimer's disease.  We fix the situation by the use of Silica or aka; Silicon.  Of course, these 2 minerals are vital for brain function, along with many other side by side support minerals as well as the mineral support complex of each mineral.
I chose to focus on the Alzheimer's connection because several people asked for it. This discussion is pretty much along that line of thinking as it takes up a lot of discussions and is important for many of us knocking on that older age door.  In the future, we will go back and pick up on everyday things and how to function in the day to day world more. This topic covers a wider time in space but is none the less as important as any other subject. Question is this; Can you solve the issue with a person already presenting with this disease? I don't know. I have heard of people coming back from over the line, but I do know that if you take precautions and use many of the solutions as a preventative, then based on people that have done so, yes, you might very well avoid this disease.  I do hope this offers hope for those that have concerns with this issue.  So until next time, have a good day, hope all is well with you and thank you for your interest and moral support in this effort of learning.
End of Discussion.

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