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Minerals and Some Interesting Perspectives. Part 1

Dec 27, 2019
Many times we hear some reference to minerals. In fact, my kids are getting to the point of being sick and tired of hearing me say, when they say, oh we are sick... I say, oh that is just a yadda yadda mineral deficiency. Take some.... and you will see some improvements. So in this discussion, we will see a few perspectives. I will do several parts to this one as to do it in the one setting would not do it justice.
In this discussion, we will focus on and around Yttrium. I take it that you haven't heard much about this one.  But it does not stand alone, as with all other minerals. They work together and in concert with several others. Another factor is stuff like Amino Acids, Proteins, and vitamins, just to name a few, as they are all just based on formulations of minerals. Well, for the most part, as other factors that are not minerals, factor in as well, such as photosynthesis. We can talk about that some other time. Now, Yttrium; Yttrium is not a mineral that you can directly supplement for. You have to get it indirectly. When I say indirectly, I mean really, indirectly. Here is how it works. You consume a product that contains Yttrium, then...., now you still can't utilize it yet...., as it goes into the gut, it then feeds a certain group of bacteria. From there the gut extracts the waste product from those bacterias, which is what we utilize for our Yttrium needs. Now, do you see why it makes for a difficult situation to supplement directly? We have several other situations like this, but for now, this is just an introduction to the concept and directly related to Yttrium.
One then begins to wonder about the role of essential oils or for that matter, quite a number of other bacteria-killing substances that we ingest. As we move along in this discussion, you will begin to see why this is an important concept to get your head around. It also helps to give a concept to the idea of why we don't advocate the use of internal usage of essential oils on an ongoing basis. Perhaps a medical condition might indicate for the internal use of essential oils, or antibiotic or well, you can think of a long line of products that can potentially kill bacteria ion the gut. It is all the same, a substance that kills bacteria.
So if we end up with a Yttrium deficiency, what is affected? Drum roll... the brain. So what other minerals support or will go along with Yttrium? Boron comes to mind. Yttrium and Boron are like brothers, almost twin-like, but not identical. They both carry the same electrical charge and polarity.  But they serve different roles. Boron works more directly with electrical and even more directly the heart. However, the additional roles for Boron are the utilization of Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus.  The lack of Boron also has a direct connection to sexual drive, as in testosterone within the body system. But it goes beyond there to function in concert with Yttrium in the brain as it helps to control electrical activity in the brain. This is where the relationship comes back into connection with Yttrium. But before a new paragraph, in simple terms, with a Boron deficiency, you have decreased brain activity, the Calcium-Magnesium-Phosphorus relationships go into the gutter and of course, if this isn't enough, your sex life takes a (shitz) aka; crap.
One of the main, shall we say Vectors, for moving these minerals around is bacteria. If you starve certain bacteria, then you induce a genetic sequence mutation in the replication of the cells. Since we likely have a cell generation activity of, by some accounts, around 20 million each and every day, one can only hypothesize on how this can affect change and chain reactions as they replicate and replace every day. But I think it is safe to say, a lot of activity. Yttrium's role is to hang out with Boron and assist in each other's roles. But the more important role for both of these is all things in the brain and all things brain function. Some of the diseases that are directly related to Yttrium deficiency are Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's, Multiple Sclerous and Parkinson's. In the previous paragraph, I mentioned about a person's sex life being associated with Boron deficiency,  it is also associated with Yttrium and since the orgasm is thought to take place in the brain, it supports the idea of the sex life is directly associated with Yttrium and Boron not working or not being in town, so to speak.
Some other associations with Yttrium and Boron are Selenium and Lanthanum. I am sure many of you have heard of Selenium, but the Lanthanum is sort of a new one. The basic role of Lanthanum is to act as myelin insulation and to buffer any electrical event that can damage DNA.  It also works to keep the calcium-magnesium ratios together. Another ole for Lanthanum is to mop up/cleanup unused calcium and phosphorus. This is critical to overall health, simply put, because, without this role, we end up with hardening of the arteries. Selenium is used in this whole relationship as it provides energy and direction. The amount of Selenium used, it a rather large amount when compared to the other minerals that we have mentioned here.  One of the theories behind Yttrium is that since it is by its nature, an oxygen loving substance, it stands to reason that it has a strong connection to oxygenating the brain.
Since we are talking about the brain, we can look at the aluminum connection. Everyone knows that aluminum is to blame for Alzheimer's, right? Well, not so fast to generalize this aspect. Well, I should say that many people feel like that if you drink soda pop from a can, or drink beer from an aluminum can, it will give you Alzheimer's. Well, not really. The aluminum that forms in the brain is of a different form. Although it is not good to use a metallic form of aluminum in things like beverage containers for many other reasons, it is not quite the same thing.  Aluminum in the biological use form is found quite prevalent in the earth's crust. All forms of the bacteria on earth have evolved in using Aluminum, except for the two that are involved with Yttrium use and function. There is an inverse relationship between Aluminum and Yttrium. When one goes up the other goes down. Same as with Calcium and Magnesium, as with Sodium and Potassium. Perhaps you can get the picture here. But what is important here is to understand that each one of these minerals and or combination of minerals feed certain bacteria(s). So when you raise one, you force another down, thus creating a selective starvation situation. The correct balances and ratios between all of these minerals is vitally important, as in beyond extremely important.  So in this aspect, we have Aluminum replacing Yttrium when Yttrium is not present. So when we end up with a lack of or a selective starvation model of a lack of Yttrium, Boron, Magnesium, and Selenium, we end up with these widespread occurring brain-related diseases mentioned above. These 4 minerals are centered around control of several vital body functions. Three of these are easy to supplement, one is very difficult. with Yttrium being the most difficult to obtain, without consciously making sure we get this one.
In our next discussion, we will look at sources for these minerals and how to use them.  I know, I am being cruel here, but I like to mess with people's minds sometimes. I have no idea how many people read these, so those few that I do, I hope we are good enough friends that you will enjoy the suspense. As always I appreciate your interest and appreciate your friendships. Until next time, have a good day and please mull these ideas around so you can get a good handle on these base concepts.
End of discussion.

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