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Mineral Content and Electrical Charge Blending. Essential Oil Blending Based on Mineral Content and Electricl Polarity of those Minerals.

Jan 21, 2021
I did a FB live class on an alternative way to do essential oil blending. The discussion was centered around some of the current issues. I brought up an alternative method of selecting and blending essential oils based on their basic mineral content and their electrical/polarity charge. In trying to further explain and clarify the whole concept. So the following is done using the +2 and -2 electrical charges.
I know a lot of people are screaming about using Zinc. That is rational, but you would not get good results if used in this formulation. Zinc carries a +2 charge, so a good option would be to pair with with Selenium, which carries a -2 charge. Which is a duhh to use the two together. They are attracted to each other based on their charge. To complete that one would need to pair another +2 charged minerals with another -2 charged mineral. Then make sure things check out from there. So do you see the pattern there? So off the top of my head, I would use Copper as the other positive charged mineral, as Copper is usually a +2 charged mineral. and for the last one, I think I would select Sulfur as the 4th. one. As Sulfur carries a -2 charge. So Zinc, Copper, Selenium and Sulfur. So for Sulfur I would select from Dill, Onion and White Pepper. Orange actually has a low level of Sulfur as well. For Selenium I would look at Lemongrass. Catnip also carries Selenium but is extremely more expensive than Lemongrass. Plus Lemongrass smells very nice. For Copper I would look at Nutmeg or Fennel. For Zinc I would look at Red Cedar, (Juniper virginia), One of several short leaf pines, likely Pinion Pine, to start with. Although Dill comes in high here as well, if I didn't already use it in the Sulfur slot. I don't like to use the same oil for double duty unless I have no choice. So, does that make sense on the +2, -2 charged grouping? It is not always what you use, but how it is used.
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