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Metal Trace Minerals: Their Use in Humans. Overview of Essays # 1-5.

Jan 01, 2023

I would like to take a bit of time and make an overall review of the last 5 discussions that we have had on the Metal Trace Minerals. So here goes. 

In Essay #1- We have it titled Introduction and Discussion about Metal Trace Minerals. We talked about a number of trace minerals that used to be considered, in any amount, period. Now as we move forward with better research and better educated people doing the research with an open mind, we find that the old ideas are not really that accurate. We need these many so called toxic trace minerals. But we need them in a minute amount and with corresponding ratios to other trace minerals. But here in this discussion we focus on a number of the metal types. 

Basically the trust of this discussion is we learn about some of these as examples and see that each one has its own unique mechanism of action and that they interact with various proteins, metabolites and bio-molecules in an effort to make some action potential and allow that action potential to produce certain reactions. 


In Essay #2- We look at the background of these various minerals. We learn about the In-organic and Organic types and forms of these substances and explore their proper roles. We also learn how the Inorganic types can become Organic within the gut/digestive system, if certain conditions are met. That is an interesting action. In this discussion we move on from these ideas to the electrical charges and polarity aspect. This is such an important aspect that it really baffles me that the so-called experts out there never really go there. They should, it is like the difference of having the lights on or the lights off, so to speak. We also touch on the subject of Nano-emulsion of these various trace minerals. In Today's research this is phenomenal. We also discuss how many of these new methods of application are producing results that were never even given much thought to only just a few years ago. We also introduce the idea of the importance of various so-called toxic minerals, such as: Uranium, Mercury, Arsenic and their vital role in working in concert with common ones such as Selenium, Zinc and Nitrogen. Did you know that without Mercury, Selenium tends to go rogue? I am talking about the natural/nutritional form of Mercury. With regards to Uranium, the natural.nutritional form, the researchers are turning the lights back on for Dementia patients. They are having remarkable results.There is a reason why I like to use Calamus Root with essential oil formulations when used with brain issues. It makes a world of difference when used correctly with certain Brain related issues. 

In Essay #3- In this discussion we begin the discussion of these various minerals and how they work with Obesity and Weight Loss. Here we introduce what is called the 3 mineral axis of minerals that are  likely one of the most important groupings of trace minerals as it pertains to Weight Loss and Obesity. Although many other factors come into play when we talk about weight loss, obesity has it’s own unique factors that have some overlap with weight loss but both weight loss and obesity have their own factors that have to be addressed.

In Essay #4- We basically roll over the previous discussion and bring in the Diabetes aspect to the Obesity-Weight Loss-Diabetes axis. Then from there we introduce and become a little bit acquainted with Arsenic and its role. Yes, Arsenic is vitally important to a healthy lifestyle. From here we go into Inflammation and its role with/behind Diabetes. Where does this lead us to? As we dance around this floor we come back to Zinc. Standing next to Zinc is both Copper and Iron. Oh yes, we can’t forget that pesky little bit of Arsenic within  his foursome. So when we catch out breath we see the whole idea of Iron running the show with regards to the Red Blood Cells, the Copper running the show in regards to the White Blood Cells and Zinc running the protection racket, and with Arsenic playing the enforcer that is working in the shadows.Does that give a good visual? Basically Diabetes is a condition of having dirty blood and the axis of Zinc, Copper and Iron being off balance. In simple terms, clean up the blood and balance out these 3 trace minerals and things like Diabetes, Inflammation and general bacterial based illnesses go by the wayside. You don’t have to worry much about the Arsenic factor as it will take care of itself with a good diet of a low amount of processed foods. 


In Essay #5- We move into another class of metal minerals, the Lanthancides. With this one we look at Phosphorus. I use the idea of Soybeans as an example and a reference point. I know many people really trash talk Soybeans. The big danger with this product is that Soy beans are not that bad. It is what humans do to the plant that makes it bad. In this discussion I talk about the various ..cides that are used on this plant, then the GMO aspect and what it does to the nutrient uptake of Phosphorus. But the key aspect here is the GMO aspect and the use of the various …cides. 


Summary; I feel like this set of discussions are getting more definable as to the actual cause of many of our health issues. In many of the essential oil and herbal formulations that I work on, I like to use certain herbs or oils to deal with certain issues along these lines. I have remarkable and really fantastic results. A really fun aspect to all of this is to research the old school herbal stuff. You look at the herbs used, then overlay them with the issues they were working with. Then fast forward to present time and see what research we have on it. Then do an overlay with that information. It isn’t long until you realize and appreciate the old school stuff. Those people back then, did really good work with what they had to work with. Now as of today, we can use that learning and work it into the learning that we have today. This is good. 


So there you have a brief overview and a summary of the 5 Metal Trace Mineral Essays. You can go to Leiann’s website, in the blog section and read them. Whether or not you agree with the information, you do have to admit that at times they are entertaining. After all, the entertainment is all that matters, right?   



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