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Metal Trace Minerals. Their use in Humans, Essay #4, Diabetes.

Dec 16, 2022

  To begin this discussion we really need to talk about some technical stuff first. So here goes. One of the important aspects to this Obesity/Weight Loss/Diabetes thing is to get our head around the idea of look alike nutrients. Some of these will work somewhat well, but many others don’t work very well and really causes a lot of problems. For example in the Essay #3, we talked about Copper as part of an axis of minerals that have to be in balance. When you have a Copper deficiency, the metabolic system will start to look for anything that resembles Copper if it can’t get the actual Copper itself. When this happens, typically Mercury will show up. It makes sense because it tends to be everywhere, just hanging around waiting for a ride. To the metabolic system, Mercury has a look and feel of Copper. So, the door is opened to Mercury. But even though Mercury has a similar look and feel, much like a sibling in a family might have that resembling look. .We have another that looks much like an identical twin, even of the same gender. That one is Cadmium. Both Mercury and Cadmium can be very toxic because of them being in such abundance in the environment and are will and ready to fill in for Copper. To further the mess with this Zinc/Copper/Iron axis, we have Arsenic just actively sitting there waiting for the opportunity to find a home. Of course Arsenic is an antagonist to those 3 but it is without question needed for the Zinc/Copper/Iron axis to work. Arsenic doesn’t seem to like just sharing, it likes to dominate. 

Then we have the blocking aspect. This will come from several angles with their own unique approach. The first is simply inflammation. This is caused by a low grade infection or oxidative stress as a causation, as a general rule, but it does have other causation. What happens here is that the low grade infection will tend to make it so that the nutrient can’t get to the receptor site. Some nutrients do make it through , but not a whole lot does. While the nutrient is basically stuck out in limbo land and away from the receptor site, it becomes mixed in with the infection and it feeds the infection. Another aspect is that since the nutrient can’t find a home it is tucked away for later use and generally that develops into fat, a type of fat that degrades and isn’t really that effective for later use. Another blocking aspect is that basically the molecule is too large to enter into the cell. When this happens, it just hangs around the cell and contributes, for the most part, to inflammation. Hold on there, we aren’t done with this blocking deal. We then see another one. With this one, it is much more technical in nature. This is the one that covers the Organic and Inorganic aspect.  This involves having a Carbon molecule attached within the chemical formula. Without that Carbon molecule there, it makes most of the nutrients unable to enter the cell. Then lastly we see the Natural occurring and the Synthetic forms. In the Synthetic form we also have the GMO stuff. You might see it in this light; A natural occurring element might be akin to a round peg going into a round hole. You might see the synthetic forms being akin to a square peg going into a square hole in order to work properly. The problem arises when you try to put that synthetic square peg into that  natural round hole. Most of the time it won’t fit, sometimes it is forced through. But it still isn’t what it is supposed to be, so it doesn’t perform like it needs to perform. This is also the same concept in another situation, with a slightly different twist, these are the ones that aren’t supposed to be there and will tend to grab onto the receptor and fight like the devil to stay there. Many of the GMO ones are also somewhat sticky, so in either case, the bad actors have to be removed, sometimes with force, before a recovery can take place. So does any of this paragraph make any sense to any of you? I hope it does. Now that we have covered the general aspects of the whole blocking thing, let's move on to Diabetes in more specific terms.  

  What does a person with a basic knowledge of this whole body function see when they discuss the Zinc/Iron/Copper axis being discussed?  The whole thing screams BLOOD! What we have been discussing is in essence blood. No matter how you see it explained, it focuses down to the circulatory system and blood in particular.All the reputable research appears to have blood at the center when it boils down Diabetes. The reason why we say blood is at the center of Diabetes is that it involves sugars being moved around, moving nutrients around to be absorbed by the cells and the activities of blood goes far and wide. Blood is the center of life within any biological entity. 

 When working in perfect balance we don’t have or see Diabetes. We see Diabetes when this Zinc/Iron/Copper ratio develops into an unbalanced ratio of those 3 elements. Now we can speculate and point fingers as to the cause of this 3 way imbalance until the cows come home and in doing so most everyone would likely be correct. The influences that will lead to an imbalance of those 3 are many. 

 So how do you work with this unbalanced ratio? This basic cause of Diabetes? The bottom line is to fix the imbalance. However, in doing so one must look at many areas of the person’s life. One must consider, among many aspects, such as the individual’s diet, the quality of their consumption of liquids, both clear and no so clear liquids, their basic lifestyle, what are they metabolically predisposed to as to health issues, their emotional state, the air quality that they breathe, and stress levels and the list will continue, well, until the cows come home, figuratively speaking of course. But if you try to place the blame on one of these 3 elements, it would be a futile effort because in doing so one would end up playing a game that is similar to the game kids play, you know the Rock/Paper/Scissors game? Basically, one item pushes another item out, then the next one pushes another one out, and then the next one pushes that one out and so on.Anyway, I am sure you see the picture. 

  I would like to quote what 2 different researchers have said: The first one; As we see these 1st. and 3rd. world countries merging, we are seeing chronic degeneration spreading epidemically in developing countries. Overall, we are seeing an emergence of new, highly complex and challenging pathogenesis in these countries. These new disorders were once associated with the Western World Lifestyle, IE; Obesity, Diabetes, and Immune disorders are now co-existing/overlapping with chronic diseases of traditional societies, IE; Malaria, Schistosomiasis, Viral Hepatitis and many other nutritional related issues. 

  Another author stated; I would argue that in ancient times, inflammatory cell activation and insulin resistance were maintained largely trace mineral Homeostasis through regulation by the metabolic cycles of Iron and Zinc in particular. Modern lifestyles have managed to introduce a number of false triggers characterized by a lack of inflammation suppressing factors, which has led to an imbalance in energy intake that now far exceeds energy output. We have reached a point where a once beneficial adaptive trait has become very detrimental to our health. 

  So what is all of this telling us about Diabetes? Some bullet points here, OK? Diabetes is basically caused by an imbalance of the main 3 elements,Zinc, Iron and Copper, and a low level, long term infection. This low level infection leads to many factors causing Diabetes, of which Obesity and this low level of infection are among the main ones, which are caused by a lack of a balanced ratio of Zinc, Iron and Copper. So fix that Zinc/Iron?Copper deal and you will be on the path of fixing the Diabetes issue. This Isn't just me blowing smoke, this is the bottom line of many reputable researchers are coming to understand.To me it makes perfect sense. 

  I would be amiss if I don’t touch on this aspect. In a few paragraphs back in quoting the one researcher, he mentions energy. We are taking in far more energy than we have going out. This excess energy is normally stored in the form of fat. The plan is to use this energy (fat) at a later time. But with most people that later time never comes. That old fat contributes to the low level infections. A curve ball here, I have noticed the idea of drinking ice water to help reduce fat level. This is really a brilliant tactic of using nature to do a task. So here goes the rationale, What is the normal body temperature? 98.6 F/37C. When the body reaches 103 F/39.4C, it becomes a serious issue. The water temperature in the body would likely be around that 98 degrees F, or even less accounting for heat loss of the exposed body areas. So even if you was looking at an extreme difference of say the water in your body measuring at 90 degrees F.,  So if the “ice water” that you are drinking is down at say 34 degrees F. then that leaves you a difference of a 54 degree drop. This quick drop will trigger a response to equalize the temperature. That takes a lot of energy and where does that energy come from? The fat that is stored. Where is that action potential trigger at? In the Hypothalamus. Did you know that the trigger that regulates the body thermostat, and by extension this water thing, is located? At the same trigger points and regions of the Hypothalamus that regulates the energy regulation of the hormone aspect.The so called psychology behind it is that the body has an immediate demand for energy to raise the temperature, which it gets from fat, but it is a quick burn and largely goes unnoticed by the “refill” triggers to replace the fat. With that factor going unnoticed, is the key to having a net loss of stored energy, which means a fat burn that isn’t replaced. Well, not replaced if you are working to not replace that stored energy with a new unused energy contribution. There are tactics like this that are really brilliant, they work and are very affordable. 

  So there you have it, the basic cause  and some solutions to this Obesity, Weight Loss and Diabetes.  It is all about the blood and balancing of the 3 axis members of Zinc, Iron and Copper and of course that means their entourage of supporting trace minerals as well. In real super simple terms, this axis of 3 elements run the show in this way, Copper runs the White Blood Cells, Iron runs the show with the Red Blood Cells and Zinc runs the protection racket for the the other two. Does that give you an idea of how important this balance is for these3?

  On the 5th. essay I want to go into the stumbling blocks of the causes of the imbalance issue. Here we will focus by using Soybeans as the springboard. This one is really good and it takes us down the multi generational effects of some of these encountered problems. As always, thank you for your interest. I know it takes a lot of energy to read through these, so really, I appreciate you taking the time to study this stuff. KK.



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