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Metal Trace Minerals. Their use in Humans, Essay #3. Obesity and Weight Loss.

Dec 15, 2022

Today we are going to look at the trace mineral aspect to weight loss. This essay will be looking at the direct roll of these types of trace minerals in Obesity and Weight loss. One must realize that Obesity and Weight Loss are not just about something simple, as simple as eating too much or being a couch potato. In reality those two areas are about the least concern about these two topics that can exist. 

Of course the ideas of physical inactivity and eating the wrong foods or even following a diet that does not fit the individual needs of the person will contribute to either an Obesity issue or even with an extreme weight loss situation. Both can be unhealthy. The ideal situation is to maintain a balanced weight profile that contributes to the person being and functioning in an optimal manner. When you consider that the English Language consists of 36 symbols of which 10 are referred to as numbers and the other 26 are referred to as letters. Think of all of the books in libraries, and the many other forms of communications are derived from those 36 symbols.  But before you do that, take into account that there are 110 known, proven minerals. Some are not known to be used by the biological entity, but the known number of minerals that are used by the biological entity are many more than the 36 number and letter numbers previously mentioned. Do I hear a multiplication effect here making the number of possible combinations many more than the 36 letter and number combination?  Then apply that to the factors involved with our basic nutrition and the factors involved in maintaining our weight and at least reasonable wellness. That should provide a comparative perspective to the magnitude of what we try to simplify to a level as a simple beginning reader book. So any discussion with Obesity and Weight Loss really should not be simplified but rather broken down into segments. Once that happens then we can gain at least some understanding, albeit, a simplified version, that then helps us to gain perspective. Then from that point on we can see what area applies to our own unique situation and then make efforts to work in that area. In simple terms, it is not simple, drive by, one liner, one size fits all, solution.

I have written on this subject a number of times. One of the heaviest influences of Obesity and Weight loss is centered around Hormones. When we look at this aspect we need to focus on the Hypothalamus, a major part of the brain. When you look at this part of the brain, it contains several levels of areas, functions, etc. If you try to picture this part of the brain, think in terms of a 4 generational family genealogy chart. Think of each generation as being a part of the brain, IE: Region, Area, Nucleus and Function. Each area has its own area of function and then you see in many cases more than one area is involved, so it really isn’t a simple perspective. A simple way to get your head around the whole Hormonal aspect of Obesity and Weight Loss is akin to trying to move a herd of cats from one place to another, much like you would see with these cattle drives in old western movies.  Equate an individual cat with an individual hormone and then picturing trying to drive a herd of cats from one place to another. That should give you some perspective as to this whole hormone deal in regard to the subject at hand. Hormones are not a simple matter but a huge influence on Obesity and Weight Loss, without question. 

On the other hand, we have the Micro-Nutrients and Macro-Nutrients of the whole thing and that is an area of influence than runs the course of everything. How we obtain those and in what form and in what order is of major concern. This is really the more core aspect to the whole deal. These Micro and Macro Nutrients are much like our form of communication in English. A few symbols which we will call the Macro Nutrients are like the symbols that represent the numbers. Not many of them, but they speak a specific language. Then we have the Micro Nutrients that would be much like the symbols that are represented by the letters that we use to communicate with. Does that bring into the light of comparatives for understanding? I hope it is a step in that direction. Everything else, the enzymes, proteins, acids and the list goes on from there, are all just combinations and varied ratios of these symbols. Of course we also have the influence of stuff like that Photosynthesis and Electrical function that gets thrown into the recipe as well. 

Now we move into the meat of the discussion. Here we are looking at the Micro Nutrients, specifically the metal related ones. In the recent research the people doing the research have started to take a serious look at these elements and the role they play. In the past, and even up into the  recent past, 20 years or so, a different view has been taken on these types of elements. The basic idea is that these elements, many times, have a very narrow margin between the deficiency and the toxicity amounts. That narrow range between the too little and too much is vital to the normal functioning of the biological entity. In this discussion we are focusing on the human form of that entity. 

So to cut to the bottom line, What is the current research discovering about Obesity and Weight Loss? As we also know, we have to mention that these micro nutrients do not work as lone wolves. They work in combination with others. I usually call this combination the “Entourage” or the “Matrix” of nutrients. One researcher called them the “Axis” of nutrients. I feel like this researcher best identifies this combination best by calling them an axis. This work has a connotation of being less than harmonious. I say this because these micros and especially the metal types, will many times have an antagonist involved. This is really a critical aspect to balancing in an effort to make the overall ratios work out correctly. . 

So let’s move on directly Obesity and Weight Loss. 

The research that I have read papers on has concluded due to our Western Lifestyle, has led to many of us having a low grade, systemic inflammation that causes an oxidative stress situation which in turn leads to what is termed the Western Disease Model. This is a loose term that is centered around Metabolic Syndrome issues. In addition these features are centered around trace mineral deficiencies, toxicities and infections. 

One of the key micro issues here is that when it comes to Obesity, it has been shown that a Zinc Toxicity is at the root of accumulation of body fat. The key here is toxicity and toxicity with trace minerals is too much. The pathway here is that this toxicity causes hyper/hypo Leptinemia. Leptin is a hormone and is thought to be the gateway for a reaction to Oxidative stress. This is where the influence of the Pathogenic of Obesity enters the picture. Other minerals can cause this but Zinc is the leader here. The explanation of the is based on the idea that our modern lifestyles have fundamentally changed the types, amounts and forms (think- Natural forms vr. Industrial forms, synthetic, etc.), that people are exposed to on an almost daily basis.This will and does change this picture. By contrast the old, 3rd. World models of lifestyles and the diseases related to that lifestyle was centered around Parasites and basic sanitation. Basically just the opposite of our modern lifestyle. IE: the 3rd. World lifestyle usually dosen;t have enough Zinc and out modern lifestyle has too much Zinc. But our modern world in reality has too much industrial Zinc and not enough natural Zinc. 

When it comes to the Obesity and Weight Loss deal, it has it’s “Axis” of nutrients centered around Zinc, Iron and Copper. Arsenic playing the antagonist role for this axis The causation is based on an imbalance of these key nutrients.

When one looks closely at the Zinc-Iron-Copper axis, we see issues surrounding the improper balanced rations giving rise to multi generational issues. This is where we see all kinds of issues being manifested where it isn’t the person at the focus being at fault inmost cases. Some pretty reputable studies have shown that children that have low Iron intake are at risk for being overweight. With many of them already being overweight based on age and other body features. An interesting observation comes through with these studies is that Iron is easier to absorb if it is from animal sources than from plant sources, especially with children. Further studies have shown that obese people tend to have serious deficiency of Zinc and toxic levels of Copper. Women tend to be hit harder than males with this issue as they age. This Zinc/Copper issue is usually over ridden with Iron in either a deficiency level or a toxicity level. It is not easy to figure out which it might be as both too little or too much presents similar issues. However, the whole Iron thing is complicated by the fact that inflammation tends to block the absorption and sequestration of Iron intake. Which in simple terms is bad news. Other micro nutrients that come into direct play here on a secondary role are; Iodine, Mercury, Magnesium, and Lead, just to name a few of them.  

The simple aspect here is that Inflammation, altered immune response and oxidative stress is directly related to Obesity and Weight loss. The way to work with this, based on current understanding, is that with a proper balanced ratio of Zinc, Iron and Copper, the issue of Obesity and Weight Loss becomes much more manageable and movement to a healthy weight profile can be achieved.

In future discussions/essays we will look at related material to this Obesity and Weight Loss subject. I would like you to keep in mind that obesity and weight loss work off of the same premise, that being an improper balance of Zinc, Copper and Iron. So the imbalance does not only lead to being overweight, but it also leads to being and having underweight issues. It is just that being overweight is the default and being underweight is the exception, but the same deal for both. The wild card here is likely how the individual reacts to the western lifestyle influences. That is the joker card for sure. 

Another wild card to weight loss is the fact that you have to have Iodine as part of the weight loss situation. One of the easiest ways to cover this aspect is to use Orange essential oil. Not all Orange EO will work. It has to be a certain type. People doing the Keto weight loss program will get exponentially better results if they use this Orange EO. But overall, no Iodine-no or very little weight loss, no matter the weight loss program. 

I wanted to include the Diabetes aspect here, but the discussion is already too long. So maybe that would be best to address in the #4 and beyond essays. As a closing commentary here, and this is my opinion, shaming overweight or even underweight people for not being the ideal body weight is sick and wrong. It is akin to being among the most racist of people in existence. There are factors that are multi generational in nature and they have no control over these issues. Working with these issues can be a life long ordeal for many people. They don’t need your ridicule, they need your support. 

In future discussions I will discuss these multi generational issues. I will also discuss some other interesting and directly related situations that are just out of this world , as far as understanding the shortcomings/myths to these subjects.Thank you for your time and interest. KK



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