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Memes and memory (Rosemary)

Feb 02, 2016


According to a study, the increase in memory actually ranged from 60 to 75 percent. You can read details here:

The memory-boosting qualities of Rosemary were known even to William Shakespeare. According to the linked article, “Rosemary has been long been linked to memory, with the most famous literary reference found in Hamlet when Ophelia declares: ‘There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance: pray, love, remember.’”

Rosemary essential oil also supports and strengthens natural immunity. However, when those defenses are breached, Rosemary helps relieve coughs, bronchitis, sinusitis and ear aches (but NEVER use an essential oil INSIDE the ear). It even helps relieve pain in joints.

Other areas Rosemary essential oil boosts the body: circulatory system, liver, gallbladder and the endocrine system, especially the adrenals.

Although it is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing, Rosemary essential oil is not for use with high blood pressure and must be used with caution when pregnant. It is not to be used on infants but can be used with caution for children under age 10. For those with asthma, Rosemary essential oil has respiratory benefits; however, in very rare cases, asthma attacks have been triggered.

How do you learn the safest ways to use Rosemary essential oil? Get the book or the free e-book. Foundational Aromatherapy is the book by Leiann King and Brenda Wright and is available here:


Whether you sniff, apply or diffuse, Rosemary essential oil has many uses – maybe too many to remember!


Written by Lori (Roberts) Wilson.


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