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Marjoram & Gifting Your Touch

Jul 11, 2017

Woman truly do get a bad rap for all our unruly emotions and hormones, but the truth is ... men have them too. Did you know that according to science, 5-10 percent of women have PMS and that once a month men go through a cycle of their own?
There are realistic and simple answers that can help you in today's mythical emotional land. Actually there is nothing mythical about emotions and hormones! Emotions are real! If they weren't we'd all be brain-dead zombies beating our head into a wall trying to wake up! Wake up, people!

If you see your husband, brother, wife or sister or any friend, or even yourself, battling through something emotional or hormonally charged – lend a compassionate hand, literally, and drop 3 drops of Marjoram, Sweet essential oil into 1 tablespoon of carrier oil, and massage their hands and feet. This is so beneficial for you and the person you have gifted your touch to. Free your mind and theirs of troubles and find the joy and happiness of elevating a loved one.

If you are uncomfortable touching someone, I totally get it! If there is someone in your life that is hard to be around because they are toxic, before they visit or you see them, rub marjoram oil on your feet, stomach/heart area, and hands to protect yourself from the anxiety and heightened blood pressure you may be up against. So go into that family reunion feeling confident in yourself. Be prepared to have peace of mind and heart. I would love to know how you have used Marjoram oil.

Safety notes: Marjoram, Sweet is not for use during the first trimester of pregnancy; do not confuse with Spanish Marjoram or Oregano (Thymus mastichina or Oregano


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