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Manganese, Copper and their Leadership. Part 1.

May 23, 2021

Today we will be looking at the relationship of Manganese and Copper. Of course we have a lot of other elements that come into contact with these two elements. We have to mention these because of them being intertwined in the whole scheme of things. In this article I will be referencing salt as a.. well, for lack of a better description, a Vector of sorts, of these and other related elements.

When things are pretty much normal with the average human being and no real issues here, the average human will be carrying around 50 to 120 MG of Copper in their body system at any given time. These same people will be carrying around 10 to 20 MG of Manganese within their body system at any given time. By the way, I referenced to verify most of the technical aspects of this article. Several other reliable sources were also referenced to verify the technical information for this article. So basically it is rational to figure that the Copper to Manganese ratio is 5 of Copper to 1 of Manganese. Both of these elements are classified as Micro-Nutrients. As with all Micro-Nutrients, even though the amounts are small, they all play a vital role to biological life as we know it. This subject is of a serious nature due to the different ideas related to the "Pandemic" of current status and some of the solutions or preventatives. To confirm my bias, I am of the present understanding that no one can give me a serious, scientific and rational reason for me personally, to take the "poke" with a needle. I have a lot of politically and irrational reasons given, but not of the nature that I need. Anyway, on with the program.

First lets look at Copper. A human being will need to take in 1.4 to 2.1 Micro-grams of Copper per Kilogram of body weight per day to maintain a level of not moving into a deficiency condition. But if working under the Pharmacological dosing situation the daily amount is doubled. One of the big issues with Copper is that if a person is using high amounts of Calcium or taking Calcium, then the Calcium will inhibit Copper absorption. Perhaps a test would show that a person has sufficient levels of Copper, yet be suffering from Copper deficiency. Our soils have to have about 80% Calcium to 20% Magnesium to have the plants to be healthy. Then a human being has to have about 50% Calcium to 50% Magnesium to be healthy. So the rationale is that we get plenty of Calcium in the normal diet, and it is even more likely to see way too much Calcium to the Magnesium levels in people eating a healthy plant based diet. So many so called healthy people will likely be in a deficient Copper situation in their body. Copper has everything to do with Nerve Function within the Human body. So a person suffering with any kind of nerve issues will likely be deficient in Copper and contributing to the issue by taking Calcium. However, when people take Copper they forget to take Zinc with the Copper. If you are taking a Copper mineral supplement then you have to take from 8 to 15 MG of Zinc to 1 MG of Copper. An imbalance of Zinc and Copper causes a long list of other health issues.

Now let us turn to Manganese. Comically, a deficiency of Manganese also has everything to do with Nerve Function. Moral of this idea is that an imbalance of the Manganese-Copper deal is responsible for many Nerve related diseases. You have to have a proper balance of Copper and Manganese or you stand a great chance of acquiring a nerve related disease. It appears that women have a more likely chance of suffering from this imbalance than men do. When I used to do the Zyto scanning, I was always running into a problem with women, largely post memo women, of having an issue with the Basil Ganglia. Women here were having high, IE: toxic levels of too much Manganese operating within their Brain. Many of these people that had Basil Ganglia issues were also displaying early signs of Parkinson's disease. These also had typical issues that many women suffer with and that is Osteoporosis and Arthritis. So what do most people do when dealing with these issues? They take more Calcium, which contributes the very issue they are trying to avoid and blame the problem on Hormones and Estrogen deficiency. Perhaps they do have those issues, but those are not the cause of the issues.

Now over on the other side of the path of ill health, we see people with issues such as Fibromyalgia. In tests that have been run, it has been shown that these people, in these hair tests run on women, have found that they have low levels of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Manganese. Now having low levels of these previously mentioned elements can be either from a deficiency or those elements are being absorbed and eliminated through other path ways. Also, issues of deficiencies with these elements are directly linked to PMS, Epilepsy and Diabetes. In more simple terms, PMS has a direct connection to Calcium through the Manganese-Copper balance. Epilepsy has a direct connection to Manganese. Diabetes has a direct connection to Manganese. With Diabetes, the role it plays with people with this condition, is with Carbohydrate and Fat metabolism. Perhaps one of the contributing factors with Diabetes is that in most of the so called "not so-civilized world" the grains, nuts and seed are not as processed or not processed at all. Where as in the so called "civilized world" that eats the American diet of processed everything, contain about 1/2 of the nutrient level of the "Uncivilized world's", foods. Processing of food is really hard on the nutrient content retention.

Now on to the next part. This is where the rubber starts to hit the pavement. How many of you have heard about the fictional "Zombie" type people? Notice I say fictional. But in reality the fictional part is just that fictional. A double negative makes for a positive, right? Correct. The whole basic idea of the Manganese-Copper Imbalance is considered to be the root cause of a brain disorder that is associated with what us common people call, "Sponge Brain". It is called different things in different species. In humans it is called Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. IN cows it is called Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or better known as Mad Cow Disease. In Deer it is called Chronic Wasting Disease. Basically it is a Prion disease. I know I will be taken to task over this, but even though it has a lot of fancy terms and routes that are generally accepted as the cause, but at the very core, it amounts to an extreme Manganese-Copper Imbalance.

In an area where I spent a large portion of my early years and even some considerable time as an adult, I have seen this first hand. Mostly in wildlife, such as deer. On the other side of the mountain where I grew up, our cows would many times wander off the east side of the mountain rather than wander off the west side of the mountain, as they should have done when it started getting cold. So we would have to go "over there" and get our cows and the ranchers "over there" would came to "come over here" to get their cows that wandered the in wrong direction. The summer ranges were intertwined. But "over there" I observed a lot of deer that was just plain bonkers. At the time I had no understanding of the issue. Anyway, they have an extreme Copper Deficiency in that area. As a result, a lot of wildlife comes down with this problem. In fact the other day I was at a local animal feed store. I was looking at the bags of salt. They have one special mix there just for that particular area. The "special mix" for that area contains a high amount of Copper. Normal salt that is just straight run salt from the mine contains 3 PPM of Copper, 5 PPM of Manganese, no Selenium, 10 PPM of Iodine and 1 PPM of Zinc. The special salt mix contains 20,000 PPM of Copper and yet only 5 PPM of Manganese. Zinc at 3 PPM, Iodine at 10 PPM, Selenium at 90 PPM.This is a special salt mix for Beef cows. The Copper deficiency is unreal over there. Remember this is about "Balancing" the needs and relationships/ratios among various nutrients. Salt is an effective way of delivery and regulation of many trace minerals. As a side note, they have a special Selenium mix for use in the area where I live. We have a horrible Selenium Deficiency issue. In this mix we see, Selenium at 90 PPM, Zinc at 3,500 PPM, Copper at 300 PPM, Manganese at 2,000 PPM with an addition not found in the other salt mixes of Cobalt at 50 PPM. As a side note here, the typical salt mixes that they feed to the animals like Sheep, Goats and even Deer has a Manganese content of 2000 PPM and the same salt has a Copper content of 1000 PPM.  In the area that I make mention of, the primary animals being raised there are Cattle and Sheep.

What the before mentioned PPM's of the various nutrients as found in special/custom salt mixes is very revealing, it tells a fact story of the ratios needed for the various nutrients. As long as the animals are fed this special custom mixes of salt for the specific areas, they really do pretty good. You will find almost very little if any at all, with the corresponding "diseases". We really are no different that these animals as to needs of particular nutrients.

So where am I going with this? Many of the various Herbicides use this very same mechanism to kill the plant. The process basically, at it's core, throws off the Manganese/Copper balance. This goes to show just how critical the balance of the two are and how fast things can go south when this process of of basically, Redoxing takes place. Redox is essentially the oxidization process that is caused by the "..cides" in this process of death to the plant. Another related process which I am going to throw in here is one of Reduction Rainfast. This is where the chemical applied will "set" or "set up" (IE; glued to the pant), quickly on to the plant, so that it can't really be washed off. These chemicals that are used on food crops, such as Diacambia, Paraquat and Round Up, just to name a few of them ends up getting into the food system and sticks to the food. The most common result is either neurological disorders, cancer or immune suppression. So when it comes to certain politically motivated health solutions to a biological warfare operation currently in operation, one can see some direct connections to herbicide. With the information at hand, even though limited, there appears to be enough information to make one concerned about the direction of this whole thing. Where is the possibility of this thing going? Four words, Sponge Brain and Blood Clotting.

However, if the "Sponge Brain" effect doesn't get you then the connection to the blood that is clearly a Copper sourced issue, will get you with blood clotting. Although the so called disease that is being called a pandemic is not the real issue. The solution is the real issue. Yes, by all means many people will not be affected one way or the other with the solution. But many people will be. It is basically like the odds at the betting tables in Vegas. Can you live with the odds that are laid on you?

There are essential oils that will go a long way to dealing with this issue. There are a number of herbs as well. But one must be proactive to deal with it to have the most positive effects.We do have several oil blends that appear to help people operating within this arena. Also, years ago, I worked on an herbal blend that was for a related purpose. It really worked good for the intended purpose. However, I observed an area where it excelled and that was for cleansing the blood. When used as part of an overall program it actually showed remarkable observations of improving a person's situation. But I haven't done much with it because I don't have the ability to encapsulate the powdered herb mix on a massive level. Sure I can encapsulate the herbs by a hand filling deal, which I do for testing of the product purposes, but for any large scale deal.. maybe some day. There are solutions and they are available to anyone that cares enough to learn of them. There are a lot of very well educated and experienced people with the knowledge to make good things happen, that for me personally, I find it hard to pray for solutions. I am embarrassed to do so as the solutions are already there. All we have to do is pray for guidance to find those solutions on a personal level.

Since this discussion is way to long, we are going to address this solutions in another discussion. You need to digest this information and also verify through your own research how this might apply to you. So watch for the part 2 of this discussion as to the solutions to deal with this issue that might just work for you. Until next time, hope all is well for you.

End of Discussion. KK.


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