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Man Up A New essential Oil

Apr 01, 2017

Man Up.

I have heard some feedback on this oil blend as most people are thinking it is a sexual enhancement oil. I want everyone to know, IT IS NOT a sexual enhancement oil. It is not a replacement for the little blue pill. So remember, this is not a sexual enhancement oil. Directly anyway, maybe indirectly but not directly. If you are looking for that type of oil, then XY will do the job more thoroughly, on both genders. Man Up is an oil blend that is specifically oriented towards the needs of most men, particularly the mature male.

What has been found is that there are several oil constituents that really work good on male specific issues. One of those is Thymol. It is found is the proper amounts in 2 of the oils, Thyme ct;thymol and the Oregano. This particular Oregano is the same one that will be offered in the culinary oil line. It is not as heavy in the one constituent that makes it as hot as the hot Oregano oils but it is sweet and has a notable level of thymol. In fact when I smell this Oregano I just want to drink it, it is so nice on the rich flavors. The thymol levels in both oils works really good in harmony to unlock the action potential in the both oils on a collective level a lot better than either one alone. Men have been shown to really respond to the thymol if it is able to be assimilated fully. Several years ago YGY carried the Thyme ct; thymol in the oils lineup. It was discontinued. I think 2 things lead to that decision, namely; Thyme ct; thymol works very good on men, but not overly effective on women. Since at the time the vast majority of the oil users were women, they didn't find effective benefit from it, so therefore not much activity in the line of sales. Plus it is a hot oil and there was safety concerns as a single, so it was dropped. So if a person has a need for that particular oil, you will find use this oil blend. So they use Thyme ct; linalool, a generally safer oil for across the board uses (not as hot). It serves most needs for Thyme, except for in the mature male applications areas. Of course several of these other oils focus very heavy on brain function, which is needed. I am sure you women will affirm to that. Lol.

As a side note along these lines, which is a very interesting observation, I refer to Thyme, ct; thymol as being a "male" oil, I have seen the same level of service from another oil for women. That oil is Basil. If there is an oil that is really specifically effective for women it is Basil. On the same level that Thyme, ct; thymol is for men. Also, Basil is good for men, but not as good as it is for women. I can see the general idea and get the general focus on this whole deal but I can't explain in a coherent explanation the whole deal here. I know I am missing some connections, but the end result is so plain that a person can't explain it away. So perhaps someone can shed some light on the Basil for women and Thyme for men thing. Any takers on the challenge?

There are several other oils in this blend and they all stand alone in their contributions and in working together in a blend situation to really make for a good use oil. Back to the Basil oil for women... perhaps down the road we can look at making up an oil that would be a companion oil of sorts to this oil, for women. My first thought would be, how do we, synergy wise, combine Basil and Bergamot? Two oils that are high female use/need oils and I think would be needed in this type of blend. Brain warp coming down here, lol.

So how is it maybe an SE oil, indirectly??? If the man is feeling better, he will be more active in that area. No different than you women. So women... may I suggest that you use this oil on your man, religiously. I am not in the mood to go into a more detailed SLEEP discussion on this aspect. I think the end result is good enough and says it all. So unless it is needed, let’s move on. It's been a long day in the heat and I am ready for a brain recharge, IE; sleep session. Perhaps I ought to use some Good Night, to really "recharge".

Have a good day, hope all is well. Catch you later.


Written by Kent King.


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