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Kent's Personal Opinion related to the Vaccine.

Jan 12, 2021
I was tagged in a Social Media group to weigh in on the cv-19 vaccine. I thought maybe the response would be appropriate to post here as well. However, I have edited it from the original social media post and I feel this is the better version.
In my opinion, people are missing the point with this virus thing. First off a virus like this is driven by nature or if by man, then it would be a GMO'ed virus of sorts, but still a virus in any case. The so called GMO'ed types are when they use a virus, as a vector, to carry a pathogen, for what ever the desired use is intended.  Usually these GMO'ed ones  are not understood very well, due to their newness and lack of researched data. Since there is a lot of emotionally charged material coming from the political side, by people that haven't a clue about it, parading as experts, over riding the actual experts, it is questionable if we will ever be able to figure out the truth.
For the most part these things are here by law of nature. Their purpose is to breakdown and return the diseased biological entity into base elements to essentially be recycled in some form. So the bottom line is that since most people are deficient in a long list of minerals, as minerals are the base building parts of everything else, it opens up the biological entity to a log list of possible sites to attack, depending on the deficiency, to give rise to a given disease.  So with a vaccine what you are essentially doing is preventing nature from following it's own protocols. When this event happens the virus appears to mutate or hide until the opportunity to attack allows it to do so.  Sometimes it will simply appear to come back as something different, but as long as the person is diseased, something along these lines of some disease will manifest it's self.
So to actually fix the problem, you have to fix the cause of the problem and not just put lipstick on it. There are many purported solutions. What is interesting is that most of them will work, for some people. Everyone is different and working with a different set of deficiencies/issues and various things may or may not work for them. People are very complex and complicated. No one size fits all, so the challenge is to figure out what is needed in each situation. However, the main minerals that are involved in the deficiency and solutions are  as follows; Boron, Iodine, Selenium, Magnesium, Cobalt, Zinc, and Silica, just to name a few of the primary obvious ones. Of course, many other Vitamins, Hormones and a long list of Acids and Proteins are involved as well.   But as mentioned, we are focusing on the minerals as they are the primary building blocks of the others.
The vaccine appears to work much like some of these Herbicides do. It messes with or blocks, well, photosynthesis and ratios of various elements. Yes, we as humans need this Photosynthesis thing,  in this case, vitamin D for example. 
In my articles about the Brain, I mention how important a good supply of drinking water is, about the need for Sodium Chloride, (a salt of high quality that also contains Chloride). The next ones will deal with various minerals, their role, and their entourage of supporting minerals, acids, and such. No single mineral acts on it's own, they always have their entourage of supporting elements and their specific electrical charge and polarity.
As to the essential oils that I think would help a great deal and help to facilitate mineral uptake are as follows, Rosemary, Orange, Man up and a must is Organ Master. Man Up contains a number of oils that covers the main areas good and Organ Master will help clean up the mess. If you try to clean up the mess, such as with the vaccines, after the fact, it becomes much more problematic. * To be fair here, not everyone will have negative reactions to a vaccine, but many sometimes do. No one knows what the long term effect of the vaccines will be on a long term basis for these new vaccines for anyone. It is essentially a game of "Gambler's Fallacy" at best, IE; how lucky do you feel at the tables today?
It is much better to do all you can do or do the best you can to be proactive with it. If a person has these deficiencies and gets hit with the so called prevention, these classes of vaccines, and end up with a negative reaction, then it eventually can cause a condition of what we call Sponge Brain at the farm level with farm animals. It all depends on various factors of course, but in theory it appears that this set of vaccines have a high potential to cause this condition.   I am trying to be politically correct here, OK? 
Anyway, in nature I have seen it many times with Deer, and it is called Chronic Wasting Disease. In Bovines, it is called Mad Cow disease. In humans it is called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Anyway, as mentioned, at the farm level when dealing with animals we call it sponge brain, no matter the species. That should tell you what the brain looks like in these animals with this condition. People really are just animals... just a different species. Different species will have different names for it. You can call me dirty names, racist, or plain out to lunch if you want, but it is what it is, based on my education, experience, and non-politically correct, beholden to financial concerns
As for me, I am a senior citizen, so I am not going to be worrying about reproduction and all that stuff, but the old noggin is a concern. The way I see it, if your brain is screwed up in this way, then what else really matters? Just remember this isn't about about DNA, it is about the RNA, a real serious issue and far reaching.
As for me, I don't see the need to get the vaccine. I respectfully would like to see the advocates explain the cost/payoff of me getting the vaccine. I really don't buy the idea that they actually care about me, yeah, right, it does sound nice though. I have yet to hear a rational scientific explanation of the issue from anyone pushing the vaccines. Sure I have heard the old by lines that are irrational and with some of them being down right stupid. But nothing rational. CDC and others change their opinions on a daily basis and are all over the board. But at least the politicians are pretty consistent, they are mostly out to lunch on a day in and day out basis. 
What are we suppose to believe?
So there you have my opinion, and I am sticking to it, (I hope, lol).
**** Note; The Sponge Brain condition I talked about is labeled as a Prion Disease. I need to mention that it is believed by those in the Mineral/Natural side of things see it as an extreme mineral imbalance primarily driven by an imbalance of Manganese and Copper. With ths condition, it tends to "wake up and activate" those particular prions that leads to the before mentioned conditions. Of course you can have 10 people witness a car accident and when questioned, the authorities can sometimes end up with 12 different accounts of the accident. I will leave it at that. KK

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