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Intimacy and Fooling Around

Mar 15, 2017

Caution adult material will be discussed.

The other day a discussion came up about ED, ie; Erectile Dysfunction.  This is a simple issue when it comes right down to it. But in order to fully get a handle on it, one must consider the bigger picture. So here goes.
ED will be sourced from two approaches. One is from an organic angle.  That means there is some physical action, event, etc., that is at the base cause of it.  That can come in the form of a tumor, pinched nerve or even a nutritional deficiency.  This aspect is something that we are only going to touch on lightly and in spots throughout this discussion. The other is psycho-genetic, or in simple terms, psychological. The bigger part of this discussion is going to be centered around the latter rather than the former.

One might see this a male only discussion, but it is also a female discussion as well. Why is this? Males have a tool called a Penis.  Females have a corresponding tool called a Clitoris.  Don't confuse this with the Penis/Vaginal aspect. To understand one, a person needs to understand both. However, many times a female won't have a dysfunction in the same respect as males, however, they do generally have a lack of function of that tool.

Both males and females will find that the whole function is very similar in both genders. The Clitoris' proper functioning has a direct relationship to the whole quality of the female orgasm. Keep in mind here that we are not talking about the virginal/pregnancy thing. We are talking about a tool that makes for elation, just like with the males. The causation of making it work is pretty much the same in both genders with the deviation difference, males needing a place and the females needing a reason. Perhaps that is why it appears easier for the female to provide the place than it is for the male to provide the reason. But that gets into a whole different field, a field that we aren't really going to address here.

Another aspect that a person needs to really understand is that the erectile function as well as the clitoris function is mostly and really pretty much a parasympathetic nerve function with origination within the brain. The simple explanation is given this way; Everything up to the point of ejaculation/organism, in both genders, is purely a parasympathetic nerve function and then at the moment of ejaculation/organism the switch is instantly flipped to the function of the sympathetic nerve function. Yes, females do ejaculate as part of the orgasmic experience. It serves a different function than that of males, but it has been documented, despite contrary opinions.  In order for this whole dance to be perfectly carried out, a lot of complex functions need to take place. However, in the males is it pretty simple, in females it is pretty simple, but with a number of complex aspects to the simple functions.

The energy and gusto that makes all of this take place is pretty much Hormones. Those pesky little hormones really carry a whole lot of weight and in essence are very heavy hitters in the politics of Love. Is that simple enough? So up to now we see it being developed that the erectile dysfunction thing is an issue of hormone function and the parasympathetic nervous system. So this is all cool, and there is much more to come but there is one little problem that seems to rain on our little parade.  Guess what that is?  Stress, chronic long term stress. It wrecks havoc all over this whole little party and at times it is devastating to the nervous system, hormones and the hormone function to the whole love system.

So how does stress wreck the hormone system and cause E.D.? And lets not forget C.D. I know we haven't talked much about her, but she is involved and plays a role. We will talk about her in a minute.
Now here is a out in left field deal, but it is at the center of it as well. The other day I was studying about some issue dealing with blood pressure.  It made a note there that sometimes the little blue pill is used to treat people with high blood pressure, to lower blood pressure. I go what??? I couldn't spend much time there so I made a note to go back and study it in more detail.  Guess what? I lost my note, so I don't remember the reference. Now stay with me here, OK? In doing essential oils we look at some different aspects. One aspect is, and I have talked about it and that is the targeting of specific E.O.'s to the specific nervous system that you are working with. Take Organ Master for instance.  In developing that blend we were targeting the organs and getting them to function, balance out, cleanse and where necessary (and yes I will say it) help heal. What we didn't really even think about at the time but found out later, and what we found out makes perfect sense BTW, and that is this. Organ Master does wonders for Asthma.  What?  Normally one would think that asthma is a lung issue right?  Organ Master is a blend targeting the area below the diaphragm and the lungs are above, right???  I mean asthma is a breathing issue, right? Wrong! Asthma is a disease or issue of some sort of the small intestine. Small intestine is run by the parasympathetic nervous system and Organ Master is targeting that nervous system, so... But what about the inhalers and other synesthetic pharma drugs that they use in the lungs for this asthma condition?? Well they are targeting the same nervous system, it is just that the delivery is though the lungs, into the blood stream and then to the small intestine. The essential oils in some applications is just skipping the lungs and going directly to the blood stream, sometimes, as in diffusing they use the same pathway as does the inhalers with the same target with similar results. The process will continue until the core problem, in the gut is fixed. What about the little blue pill? The delivery is through the stomach, into the blood stream and the result is a relaxing of the muscles to allow better blood flow.  Which is the general idea behind a lot of blood pressure meds. So with that we move to the next paragraph and blood flow.

Are you still with me?
Lets leave this for part 1.  In part 3 we will discuss more on the genders. But if you want an Essential oil for Erectile Dysfunction...  for the mechanical aspect, OK, that oil is.. drum roll, no it isn't Man Up, which we will discuss that oil and its relationship to this topic later, but the oil is... Organ Master. If we aren't over loaded with other psycho issues. Organ Master for E.D. Oh and it is also for C.D., BTW.
Until next time. Have a good time.


Written by Leiann King.


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