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Inside/ Outside: Application Of Oils

Feb 21, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to do a follow-up of sorts related to the internal/external application of the oils. This is a big deal to a lot of people. I want to be short and to the point, so I will share an actual personal experience. Even though we are all adults, sometimes certain types of discussions can be uncomfortable and this will be one of those types. So if you can handle it, read on, if you can't then move on I guess. I will present this in simple speak.

Quite a few years ago I was messing around with the base of the Sweet Soothe EO blend. That is a 3 way, equal mix, of Coriander, Fennel and Dill. Many people over the years have used this base for a number of purposes. One is for upset stomachs, one is for a basic parasite cleanse and for help for diabetics. I had used it a few times for an upset stomach after I ate one of those cheap hotdogs on an empty stomach. Yeah, lots of fun. Yuck. Anyway, that was done, heaven for bid, orally. It helped, made all the difference in helping to keep the hotdog going in the right direction, but not cured, lol. But later, I got thinking one day, umm, I wonder... see I always test things on myself before testing on humans or animals. So I went a week without using any oils, then one night I put that basic oil blend on my feet. Total external application. Went to bed. Didn't notice much at the time. Next morning, get up, go to that special room to sit and ponder. When I stood up, turned to flush.. what the he--, guess what I noticed? A bunch of pin worms.

OK, now how do I make sense of this? I take the oil blend internally, helps with the upset stomach. But there was never any "interesting" stuff in the "fish bowl" afterwards. I take it externally and stuff from my gut shows up, externally, the next day.

Anyone want to explain???

What? Me explain? I thought you would never ask. lol. Here is the deal. Taking it internally/orally, you basically help to settle the unstable action on the top of the stomach. That is all that is done. Doesn't get much past that point before it mixes and integrates with the whole stomach flora. Dilutes to essentially nothing real fast. Now by external application it goes into the blood and guess who is feeding off the the blood system? (They aren't feeding off of what they are swimming in). The pin worms. Guess who gets zapped?

Next step in this process is that see, the oils are really not an oil per say. They are an acid. They don't need to go though the digestion process of being converted to a simple acid, so that they can then be carried through the blood stream. From this point you get into the whole First Liver By Pass deal. IE: this is if you go internal/oral, then you basically slam the liver with the whole dose at one shot in a short period of time. With external application you disperse it through out the whole blood stream and thus stretch out the amount that is processed by the liver over a given period of time. Translation; a whole lot easier on your liver. So since most people have some degree of a liver issue in this day and age...connect the dots. What I have presented here is not me blowing hot air. This info can be found in a book called, Aromatherapy for the Health Care Professional by Price and Price. A book that I would suggest if you are serious about heavy duty aromatherapy. Lots of clinical stuff there.

So does this give you some perspective on the big internal/external use application?


Written by Kent King.


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