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Hormone Balancing: Testosterone and Estrogen. The use of Man Up and XY Essential Oil Blends and Rosemary EO.

Nov 14, 2020

Perhaps one of the most observable signs of a Hormone imbalance is along the lines of Testosterone and Estrogen. For the most part, people out on the street will think that if a man is having issues with his "manhood" in the bed, then he just needs to take some testosterone. If the female is having her "womanhood" issues in the bed then all she needs to do is take some estrogen. Then everything will be just fine. For the most part, these same people have no idea that anything else is involved with this issue. What they need to know is there is a whole lot and I mean a whole lot is involved with these two hormones. I have also found that some people are purporting themselves as being all-knowing on this subject and upon further examination, it becomes obvious that they know even less than those before mentioned people out on the street. The associated bed-related stuff is hardly touching the surface. In our discussion, I will discuss some of those related issues and some possible ideas which you can explore. I will also discuss some essential oil material so as it relates to this whole deal of these two hormones. Keep in mind that we will really only be touching the surface with these 2 hormones.

Just a few of those things of what is involved with this issue is this; The whole Testosterone and Estrogen saga is emersed in the core idea in human nature, that being Survival, of which that is further broken down into two parts, namely; Fight or Flight and Reproduction. For example, Testosterone is needed by both genders. It motivates reproduction. It also gives motivation and confidence to the Fight part of the flight or fight. Without an outlet, Testosterone will get a little out of balance and the ratio of balance gets upset. Sometimes this leads to irrational decisions; such as picking a fight that a person can't rationally win and maybe choosing reproduction avenues when all other factors are screaming or should be from a rational perspective, NO! I am sure anyone can fill in the spaces between the lines I am writing here. Then over on the Estrogen side, we have a caring and compassionate factor. When the reproduction side is factored in this, it translates to a situation of when the seed is planted, it has to go into hyper-growth, at least for a while. This is a real race to locate a food source, ( blood supply), and attach it to and make that connection secure. Estrogen serves to facilitate this action. Once this happens then receptors are triggered and the body reduces the Estrogen presence and brings it back in balance with Testosterone, hopefully. Estrogen also serves a role in moderating the Fight or Flight deal. It allows the person to mentally step back and evaluate what might be the best option to pursue. If the person is low in Estrogen, that person is not likely to choose the flight option, even if that is what is best. If Estrogen is up to par, then if the flight path is chosen, then it helps to create potential action to carry that decision out. If the person is low in both, then a cowering action is chosen and the result is likely self-sacrifice to whatever the opposition has in mind. Additionally, Estrogen also creates a desire to care for the results of the reproduction option. In order for people to carry out a rational balance of both sides, a balanced ratio of the two is necessary. I could go into the current political situation and give examples of how this whole idea plays out, but that is outside of the scope of this discussion and would be more properly discussed in a different discussion. However, later in this discussion, you will see how this applies.

About 15 years ago I started to work on an essential oil blend to balance two hormones. In doing the background research I soon discovered that the simple "add the hormone" that you seem to have a problem with just wasn't where the treatment protocols were discovered to go. The first thing that became obvious was that these two have to be within a narrow parameter of balance. For the most part, if you add to one side, it creates an imbalance of the two. One will not move much if the other one isn't moving. Basically, if you want to move one, then you have to move the other with it, maybe not exactly on a one to one ratio, but pretty close to it. Once you get these two hormones up to par with where they need to be to facilitate a good old romp in the sack, then all is well. So we went about developing this particular essential oil blend for this purpose. I caught some flack because these psychopaths that knew everything about balancing these hormones said that Clary Sage was all that was needed for the female side, but none of them really knew for sure what was needed for the male side other than "just add some testosterone".  Then long after this blend had been introduced to the market, my wife and I were at a conference in California. The lady doing the lecture is a doctor that deals with female concerns primarily and male concerns as a secondary area of treatment. In her lecture, she brought up the concept that you have to balance these two hormones together and not as single stand-alone protocols. So I elbowed my wife and said, "See, I told you that is how this comes down".

Now, going back to the development of that blend. In doing the "math" on this stuff. When I use the term, "the Math", I am referring to all the background research that has to take place. Then making the selections of the oils to use, then doing the ratios based on the values of each component in each oil, and then making final determinations of just how the blend will need to come together for the desired outcome. Then take it to the next step of field testing it on subjects. Then assessing the data, adjusting as needed, if needed, and then on to finalizing the blend. In doing this EO blend for balancing the two hormones, I was aware of some aspects to it that I figured that would just take care of its self. Which to my surprise, it did just that. But what I didn't understand was the full extent of this idea that I was counting on taking care of its self. At the center of this was within the control so to speak. The idea that I am referencing was one particular mineral. This mineral is at the very center of the balancing of these two hormones. I was figuring that the two main oils would contain enough of this particular mineral to facilitate the action potential that I was hoping for. It kind of did, well, it did, except that there wasn't enough of the mineral to make the jump over one issue. We will get to the mineral in just a little bit, so hang in there. What I didn't realize was just how serious of a deficiency that is out there with this mineral. I mean it is huge, even though this mineral is a trace mineral, it makes a major difference in a lot of things. It makes a difference because it is a "control" mineral.

Once this EO blend went out to the public and was used by people that I knew nothing about or their status, we started getting mixed reviews. It either worked really well or it did nothing for the users. So I kicked the possible aspects that made it work for some people and not for others. So after a while, I decided that it had to be related to chronic issues such as low-level pathogens, bacterias, and so on. So I developed another blend. This one worked to clean people up from these issues so that the man and women's stuff would work. That worked with some people. Over time I discovered that something else was at play here. I knew I got it right on these blends, no question there. Want to know what those two blends are? The main hormone balance one is XY Blend. The other one to clean up issues is the Man Up Blend. The mineral? Boron. Now I will explain the details.

At the center of the Boron, the connection is the EO called Rosemary. When I looked back on the test subjects that I was using at the time for the background testing on the XY Blend were all using Rosemary Essential Oil at the time for a different reason. I didn't think the Rosemary would be any influence on the Boron connection. What I didn't know at the time was that Rosemary is a source/facilitator for Boron. That part would take up a whole discussion in and of its self. So, for now, we won't be going there, but please, just work with me here. Also what I didn't understand at the time was that maybe in the 90% range of people in the US are Boron deficient. Then another aspect was that of Iodine, remember that Iodine is bigger than a huge part of the Thyroid and this is where the center of balance for these two hormones is facilitated from. I was getting the Iodine connection covered from the Citrus oils in the XY Blend, and then since the test subjects were using Rosemary, I had a built-in support factor that I hadn't recognized. Now over there with the Man Up Blend, that was approached from a different direction, the idea there was to clean up and rebuild. Which that one does really good doing that. It has the Boron connection with the use of the Rosemary oil as well as the Thyme oil on both Boron and Iodine, but very weak with the Iodine connection.

So in doing an assessment of these oils and just what was going on, this is the bottom line. If the people using the XY blend are severely deficient in Boron, then it has a very difficult time doing the job it can do. My test subjects were using Rosemary EO at the time, so enough Boron was being facilitated for it to work, plus the Iodine was there from the citrus oils being used to facilitate an Iodine potential as well. If a person out on the street has a severe Boron or Iodine deficiency then XY has a hard time doing its desired job. Rather or not the test subjects have either a Boron or Iodine or both, deficiencies. The test subjects had built-in support from Rosemary oil and from the Citrus oils. So it worked remarkably well for them. Then with people out on the street, which we have no way of knowing if they have these deficiencies, which they likely do. Then it is a matter of just how severe it is, they will have varying results from the use of this oil blend. So if people have only a small deficiency of Boron and/or an Iodine deficiency, then the blend might work well for them. But if they were to add Rosemary to their daily protocol, then it will work fantastic. If the blend will not work for a person then it is very likely that the person has an acute deficiency of Boron and/or Iodine. If that is the case, then remedial action would be indicated, sooner than later and not just for this issue, but for many other issues as well. As a side note, Boron is thought to be one of the first basic elements that made life possible on this planet. It is a major control mineral. You might say that it is a boss element. Maybe not the main big boss as Carbon is that one, but right next to the big boss. Iodine is a sidekick helper to this boss element. Of course, Selenium will play into this as well, but we haven't discussed that potential here, as it would make the discussion too long. Selenium and Iodine are two drinking buddies, so to speak. IE; work very closely with each other and are dependent on each other. They do OK when alone, but they work exponentially better when working together.

When it comes to the Man Up blend, even though it is approaching the situation from a completely different angle, the Boron connection is taken care of with the Rosemary oil, but this blend comes sup short with the Iodine connection. While there are some Iodine factors there in that blend, it is not enough. So with this blend, one would simply need to add some Orange essential oil to the individual's daily protocol. If this blend isn't working as desired, even if you add the Orange oil or not, then it would indicate an acute deficiency with Boron and/or Iodine. A small deficiency of either should be taken care of enough for this blend to work, but f a severe deficiency is presented, then it is unlikely that this protocol or blend would not have enough of either to overcome the shortage. So no action would be observed in using this blend for the purpose of hormone balance or in making related stuff happen. It would help in other areas, but not in these discussed areas. No just any Rosemary or Orange Essential oil will work, they have to be a certain variety and gown in certain areas. The areas where they grow contributes to their unique component arrangements.

Now in this paragraph, I would like to make an addition that is related but from a different angle. This paragraph is more in the adult section, so just be aware of that aspect.  ****  Now this is where we take the discussion from the physical aspect of the results of certain activities of the two main hormones that we are looking at balancing and making the connection to the emotional side of the formula. we have focused on the physical aspect and that involves half of it. The emotional side is equally important. In order to make the whole thing work, There is another mineral that comes into play here and that is Lithium. I haven't discussed it but trust me until I do. This mineral is necessary to make the experience more rewarding. Lithium functions in the brain. The material that we have discussed previously has everything to do with the "other than brain" side. Most treatment protocols dealing with ED and CD usually revolve around getting the physical tools working. Most of them do a good job. But when it comes to the orgasm, fulfillment is not complete without the emotional aspect working as well. All of the pre-climax stuff is dealing with one of the nervous systems. But when the orgasm takes place, a shift from one nervous system to the other takes place, at one precise moment. This is believed to be where the sensation of the orgasm takes place. This activity takes place in the brain, but the sensation is rippled throughout the body. If the Lithium level is not up to par then that sensation isn't very intense, if at all, even though the transfer from one nervous system to the other took place. It is believed that Lithium is involved in the control of this aspect. So we see the standard two main hormones and the supporting minerals on the physical side interacting with Lithium, and in cooperation with Antimony, Zinc, Nitrogen, Copper, Chromium, and finally Cobalt to make this happen. So if one of these is missing then a diminished event takes place. We do see many of these minerals sharing a role in both the physical and the emotional side, so that is the common ground in the whole. But in all of this if Cobalt isn't there, very little to nothing happens. Which we will focus on Cobalt in our next discussion.

So when we look at this whole deal it isn't just a simple, "take some Testosterone or Estrogen to fix the problem.  The real, actual, bottom line of the whole Testosterone and Estrogen balancing act at the very core is a Boron driven balancing act. Boron determines how much the testosterone will move, either up or down, and how much the estrogen will move, either up or down to make a rational balancing act. Everything else will fork out from this Boron-driven balancing act.  As far as solutions when it comes to using essential oils that will correct a large portion of the Hormone balancing and Lithium support? The first line of oils is Juniperberry and Clary Sage. The second level is Orange and Grapefruit with an alternative of using s short leaf Pine and a Juniper Leaf oil. As far as herbal support, use Alfalfa Leaf Tea.  How simple is that? Makes all the difference in the world. If those items don't do the job then it is likely a misdiagnosis has taken place. The blends that we are talking about goes much further than just a simple fix.

I wanted to share this with all of you as it is something that came to the surface and it wouldn't hurt for you to know it and have some concept of this aspect. I have no question that we got it right on these two blends, but outside factors can have a heavy influence on the whole. In some of these discussions, one might think that we don't recognize the role of other factors such as acids, enzymes, etc., but we do, it is just that if you don't have the base elements, then the acids, enzymes, etc., don't happen. Think of it this way, in the English Language we have 26 letters, A to Z, and 10 numbers, 0 to 9. So 36 figures/images that communicate so much. Think of all the ways that those 36 images are used and the vast libraries of knowledge those 36 images convey and it is all about how they are arranged and used. But when it comes to this planet, there are 92 (known) of these elements; minerals, enzymes, acids, etc.  There are even more, many more, but not much beyond their existence is known about them or their role. Some are solids, some are liquid and some are gas. Some of these can make their appearance as all three or as two or as a single. So this is why we focus on these base elements and then skip over to the end-use of them and their long-range effects. So there are some interesting perspectives. I wish you well.

End of Discussion.


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