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Good Night Coming Soon

Feb 21, 2017

Good Night is a new oil that will be coming out right shortly.  The purpose of this blend is to assist with sleep issues. So Good Night, to help you have a good night's sleep.

Over the years I have worked with a number of different formulations to help with the whole sleep deal.  Some have been pretty good; others,were just mediocre. A while back Dave Briskie asked me if I could work on an essential oil blend for sleep, as a number of people that he had talked with had requested this type of blend. Since he requested this blend, I asked him to do the honors in naming it, which he did, so thank you Dave.

I looked at what I had already been done and went to work. When the dust settled, we ended up with this particular blend. You will not find this blend or a blend like it anywhere else, at least for now. Down the road you will be able to find it; but for now, this is an exclusive type of oil. The base oil in this blend is our Earth Scent EO blend that we already have. Then we have several different oils to really move this in a brain specific direction. The main thing I was looking at in this is brain function. It is easy to get an oil to put you to sleep, but keeping you there through the REM cycles is a the challenge. I am aware that are people who don't like the aroma of Earth Scent, but it doesn't always have to be that scent. In this formulation it allows for you to add a favorite type of oil, such as Lavender or Lemon for example and not change the chemistry or the purpose of the oil. This allows you to be able to change the top note aroma and customize the overall aroma for your specific desires.

I have one that is Lavender based that is very good, but you can't play with the customized aroma in that one and some people don't love Lavender in all applications. I went with the hint of Rose, but I didn't use Rose due to cost and the intensity of Rose itself. So I used the Geranium and Palmarosa mix to achieve the faint aroma of Rose. Both of those oils bring their own contribution when used on top of the Earth Scent.  Rose has a tenancy when used very faintly to do a more deep sleep drift than Lavender generally does.  However, you can add Lavender if you want and be just fine if you like that aroma. You can add Ylang Ylang, or any other oil to alter the aroma and yet maintain the integrity of the formulation. Just don't over do it and all will be well.

In this blend we introduce 2 new oils that are essential to this formulation. The first one is Catnip. Catnip is a fairly pricey oil but not a whole lot is needed. What Catnip does in this blend is to actually turn out the lights. It works very good for that. When used alone, it is a little too intense and it would concern me to use it on people taking certain medications.They might not wake up for days! But when used in this formulation and this amount, it works just right.

The next new oil is Calamus Root. This oil is really interesting. It's main ingredient has been used in studies with Alzheimers and has shown remarkable results in restoring brain function. What I have found is that Calamus and Catnip works together in harmony to help in the restoration of proper brain function as it relates to sleep and sleep pattern functions. So with this blend we are looking totally at mechanical brain function to establish and restore proper sleep cycle and patterns.

As before mentioned, you can add other oils to the mix to alter the aroma according to desire.  I actually use Balance of Life as my preferred aroma alteration. Why? Because that works best for my brain pattern function. We can get into some deep psychological discussion as to why, but the simple answer is this, it moves me to a place of when my optimal brain constructs were first formed and my clear patterns of sleep was established. I would love, love, love to go into a discussion about this but I can't really do it properly in this setting.  You will also notice that as we move forward I will be moving more towards the brain function in anything that I have any say over in this aromatherapy stuff. Which brings us to the next paragraph.

In the write up of the other new oil, Man Up, I talked about how some people got the idea about it being a Sexual Enhancement type of oil. Well for that oil blend it really isn't. Actually anything that makes you feel better will naturally move a person in that direction, if, if that is the core of the short coming in that area. Many times the whole intimacy thing is far more complex than just a simple fix. This Good Night oil blend is really an oil that can be used as a base for this issue. Here is why, several of the main brain functions and parts of the brain that deals with sleep also does double duty in serving the sexual experience beyond just the physical act.  For example, sleep takes priority in the double duty status.  So once the sleep needs are taken care of that need is then moved to the spot light. The build up to the orgasmic experience is one of the one nervous systems function then at that specific moment, it then switches over to the other nervous system and then that system runs the show. This is a difficult task sometimes.  It is directly related to the quality of the whole experience. So if any oil was to be considered to be a SE type of oil then this blend would be it.

Again keep in mind that it is a base and depending what other underlying issues you have going on, then you would need to add another oil to complete the picture.  For me my main issue has been for a while is to keep the cycles running as they should. That is why I use the Balance of Life as an addition to this Good Night blend.  I did this blend specifically with this factor in mind. For example if you are having hormone issues, then by bringing in XY, you will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the protocol and the resulting experience (both sleep and sexual, if that is where you need to take things).  If you have no real underlying issue then this oil can be used alone with results that would serve your purpose in using it.  So by using this oil blend as a stand alone oil, you can use it on say your teenagers and not have to really worry about them getting too frisky, shall we say?  It will likely slow them down, get them to sleep longer, which they pretty much need to do anyway.

So you can look forward to this new oil, Jason hasn't told me yet when it goes live, but it should be online before long.  So now you have a good idea of what the Man up oil is, from a previous post, and now Good Night. There is 2 more oils along these lines, Surrender and Wild Flower than will be coming along as soon as I can get to doing the postings.  These 2 are totally designed to serve emotional fields of needs. But in a clinical setting by a person doing clinical work with these oils noticed a very interesting observation. It is an association with Blood Pressure using an emotional oil. I will discuss that in the discussions with those oils. Those 2 oils are sort of companion oils much like the Earth Scent and Heaven Scent are. One to take you down and one to boost you up.  But those 2 in addition to these 2 are total brain function focused.

I am looking forward to your experiences with these oils after you use them.

Thank you for your interest and your time.


Written by Kent King.


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