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Gardening, Nutrition & Oils, Part 3 and Small Farm Production, Part 3

Jan 18, 2017

I am wanting to get these 2 finished up and get moving on. But after some thought I am thinking that we will just close these 2 separate topics out and address specific issues as they relate to the titles.

The oils are directly related to small farm production as many oils come from small farms. The whole deal there is totally fascinating and the quality of those oils are directly related to how the whole process works. What one will find is that the soil is very much like a human body when it comes to nutrition. Both require the work of all of the digestive bugs and enzymes to make it work. Of course this includes a lot of raw materials such as water, minerals, salts, and the list goes on from there. Somewhere along the line, actually all the way along the line, you have this energy factor coming into play. When that magic happens, you have action as in life.

Along the way sometimes some little thing goes wrong and things begin to spiral out of control. This is where we need a little higher concentration of specific items to get that spiraling out of the free fall and under control. That is where we bring in all of these little things, such as the essential oils. While my specialty here is the oils, I will be the first to admit that the oils in and of themselves are not always the solution, they are part of the solution.

Sometimes we get people asking questions about how they have friends that were working with them on a holistic program and then they chose to only do one thing, like the oils, in another company. They have business related questions. So I would like to address those in another "discussion" as well. But in order to get a handle on this we have to go into some hard core aspects. One of the ideas that I like to use is military tactics. One must understand those topics and tactics to really understand how to approach these issues and actually win. Now if you don't know military tactics, then concepts from Game Theory might be more to a person's understanding. The one biggest problem that you run into, which is explained in Game Theory, is why people do things that are not in their best interest. So we will be discussing these topics as well. So lots of material to cover.

To best cover the material it might very well be best to write out the topics and post them on Leiann's web site. Here's the deal.  From the way I see it, email is really an old school method that is outdated and is useful for only a limited type of action. It is still really good for those few actions and it does a good job. This type of social media has almost out run its usefulness. It is still going to be useful for a limited amount of action, but how we have used it will no longer be the rage. We are moving into a different era; one that is comforming to doing business in a different way. People will go to places to get what information they want, on their terms. People are so sick and tired of having opinions and news, most of which is false anyway, pushed on them, that it is about to drive them nuts. Am I right or am I right? We can go into more on that but there isn't enough room here to do that. Again, another topic to discuss.

So as we move forward, I will be posting an overall view of a discussion and a link to Leiann's web site, where the full discussion will be posted. I plan to have an index of sorts of the topics and the control and location of the discussions can be more easily accessed. The posts will continue to be free, even on her web site. So I am not doing a scam of sorts on you. A number of people want me to do pod casts of the discussions, maybe, but that might be on the subscription side, due to the costs involved. We will see on that one. I would like to ask a favor of you all and that is to present some areas you would like to have discussed. This generally produces some very high quality learning, especially when a number of you get involved in the discussion and we can learn from each other.

So until next time, thank you for your support and your time. I appreciate the time we spend together and I do hope you find it worth your time and effort to hang in there. See you next time.


Written by Kent King.


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