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Gardening, Nutrition & Oils Part 2

Jan 13, 2017

Hi Everyone,.

I hope that by now you are seeing the pattern of the human body is much like a plant or even a animal and much like the soil in which it grown. We all depend on the vary same elements. However, the variety of the application is vast among the different life forms.

When we look at the quality of essential oils they have a direct relationship to the nutrition that we as humans receive. A person that is not very well nourished will not perform to his potential; we see the same thing in a plant from which an essential oil is derived.  Just because a plant is grown in the same area does not mean that it is consistent across year in year out.  Many people will at times convince you that if it is wild crafted then it is the best. This is not always the case. There might be a plant growing there, and it may be deficient or show deficiencies patterns over time. We may not always find the most optimal expression of the plant under those conditions. On the opposite side, we may very well find the most optimal form of a given plant under those conditions. The very same thing applies to any and every plant whether it is as talked about as, wild crafted, farmed, or something in between.

The real question i this: how can we find the most optimal form of the expression of the plant? The consistency of the expression of that plant is a very important aspect of an essential oils program, no matter which company is running the aromatherapy program. I am of the opinion that no where in the world can you find a plant that is not influenced by the toxic effects of some form of pollution, no matter who tells you their oils are pure. Some of these pollution elements are man made and some are naturally occurring. We have many forms of testing to detect any appreciable levels of a given toxin whether it is man made or natural occurring. There are certain types of people that are prone to scamming people. New ways are always found to adulterate an essential oil. Very similar to computers- no matter what computer virus is developed and precautions are made to isolate it, new ones appear and the cycle begins anew. So diligent efforts to guard against alterations and deviations from a standard is an on going process.

I have found over time and with experience that many times a person believes they know the solutions to illness and proceed to work with people based on a limited amount of experience and information. This can cause great harm. The greatest danger to treating an illness is that they have a lack of education and do not keep current on the uses of essential oils; as current as is humanly possible to new developments and perspectives. When we look at ideas of gardening, for example, we tend to do the same thing continuously over time and with less than optimal results.

I have presented some ideas here for your consideration in your gardening efforts. These are proven, all be it out of the normal process of gardening. I am not claiming to be the expert or originator of these ideas, I am just suggesting these for your consideration as some very wise people have proven these ideas with success. The same thing applies to the essential oils.

One area where I find to be very interesting is in the production agriculture field. I have the opportunity to read quite a few magazines on this subject every month. I do not believe there is a magazine that does not have several articles dealing with soil nutrition or its effects on production directly or indirectly. Most of these are looking at the micro nutrients. I like to express it this way, the Macro nutrients are like the hardware on a computer, the Micro nutrients are like the software on the computer. Both are necessary and one can't function without the other.

The problem that we see in production, rather it be a crop for animals or a crop for essential oil production is the number of crop cycles that a given piece of land has supported. The macro nutrients gets used up quickly, then the micro nutrients are used very slowly. In time all soil nutrients have to be replaced or various deficiencies will manifest themselves.

In closing I hope you can see the picture that quality of the oils is directly related to the production methods and the conditions under which the plant is grown. It is a very complex situation. The same rules apply to your garden and your personal nutrition.

Thank you for your time and interest.


Written by Kent King.


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