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Frequency of Essential Oils and the Selection of Them.

Oct 28, 2020

A question on a social media page posed a question related to the whole idea of the frequency of essential oils. So since I was asked for my comment, here is my perspective. I hope it is rational. KK

I have a different perspective on this whole frequency thing within the framework that you are asking for within your needs. I am not sure how much good the level of frequency does if the receptacle receiving the (whatever level) of frequency is not capable of receiving that frequency. In simple words; How can you get a radio station to play over/through your speakers that is broadcasting on 1400 MHz when the dial is set on 900 MHz? So within this concept, you have 2 different perspectives on it. One claims to raise the frequency, all you have to do is charge the entity with that desired frequency. The other line of thinking claims that you have to have the conditions operating that will receive and hold whatever frequency is transmitted to it. That is by bias as that is the way I see it. If the other one works for a person, then great, I just have trouble getting my head around that idea. However, I have seen and heard of accounts from the first-mentioned idea working, but it never really lasts much longer than the time that it is actively being charged. Whereas the other one tends to show a holding of the charged frequency long after the external charge has been discontinued. So a different set of questions could be applied. Question: One would be to ask; What frequency am I running on at the present? What do I have to do to run on a higher or other desired frequency? If I am looking at essential oils to help me, then which oils do I need to select that will balance me out better so that I can ramp up the frequency? The selection may not always be the "Highest" MHz on the charts or it may be the highest. In getting more defined on your question, What oils do I need to use in my home? Well, if you live around on a particular aroma, then that aroma is not likely to raise things much, even if it is higher. For example, in the environment that I live in Orange oil will pretty much work wonders to raise the frequency Mhz in any home. Well, for that matter just about any oil will raise it in this environment. LOL. But my guess is that the Spruce oil would work wonders in almost any home in the area where you live. Basically there are many factors to be factored in when making these frequency types of selections.


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