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Essential oil use on a dog, clinical level. Man Up EO blend.

Mar 24, 2020

I have had the responsibility of taking care of my mother's little dog since she got moved into an assisted living place. She was not allowed to take her dog, so I took her in. She is a Maltese Shitzo cross. Nice little dog, She is a house dog but does like to go outside and take a tour of the neighborhood on occasion. Sort of "get out of the house" for a short time. lol. Even dogs like to get away for a bit.

Anyway, right before she was to take a trip to the groomer, she got a foxtail caught between her eye and nose. We didn't notice it because of the hair, and the groomer said that she had found the foxtail and got it out. After a month or so, I noticed that she was acting a bit strange, then I noticed that in the place where the foxtail had been there was a sore that had scabbed over, I watched it for a few days and it was growing. So I asked Leiann to take her to the Vet. I honestly thought she had cancer. He said that she had a serious infection in several teeth and nasal cavity. He suggested a treatment protocol. Of course, the bill was going to be much more than I could afford. So he gave us some meds to use on her until we could decide what we wanted to do with the dog. The options were to treat her or put her down. So I thought, hey, why not? So I asked Leiann to apply some EO's on her every few hours. I was at my day job and couldn't do the treatments.

So when the oils treatments started, she was not eating or drinking anything. She was experiencing severe pain. She had not eaten anything for a few days. So the oil that was applied was Man Up, in development it was called He-Man. The dog was heavily dosed. I usually do a double treatment in my clinical stuff. Keep in mind that this is clinical level stuff, not general aromatherapy stuff. Results; She was eating and generally feeling good enough to run around. It made all the difference in the world. It has fixed her up. Of course, we will run the course of the oil with her for several more days. The little sore on her nose is showing signs of healing as well. As to the application of the oil, Leiann just dropped the oil on her back.

The Man Up blend was developed to do such type of work on these types of serious issues. Obviously it is working. BTW, no, the dog does not like EO's, but we aren't dealing with likes and dislikes on this protocol. The dog is well on her way to a full recovery.

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