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Endothelium and Synovial Fluid Overview.

Sep 14, 2023

I wanted to do a discussion about the Synovial Fluid and as I tried to walk down the path of trying to discuss it, I found the article would be much too large. Then as a curve ball it becomes apparent that the Endothelium Cell structure has to be included. So with this discussion I will have to bring these two along, together for it to make sense. So this discussion is an overview and outline of where the next few articles will take us.

The Endothelium is a single layer cell structure, a very thin layer membrane that lines the inside of the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels and basically forms an interface between the circulating blood/lymph and the vessel wall. This cell wall controls the flow of fluid (and other substances), and fluid into and out of a tissue/cell. This thin membrane actually controls the homeostasis balance, the hormone trafficking, if you will, a number of immune responses and the integrity of the blood vessel itself. It lines every single vessel of the circulatory system, no matter the size. Any kind of impairment of this Endothelium can lead to serious health problems. In fact, the current research seems to indicate that this might very well be the core, root cause of Type 2 Diabetes as well as other immune problems.

The Synovial is the fluid found on the outer side of the cells in the joints. This is a substance that provides the fluid and lubricant in the joints. Essentially it consists of ultrafiltrate blood plasma that contains 5 major components. Those are Hyaluronan, Lubricin, Proteinase, Collagenase and Prostaglandin. Each one of these components really needs to be discussed individually in order to do justice to the whole of the Synovial Fluid. The amount of this fluid in the body is only about 15 grams, or around ½ of an ounce and this amount is recycled throughout the whole body system 3 times per day/every 8 hours.So in consideration of what this fluid does and the volume, it amounts to a really important substance. With this fluid, it works outside of the cells, surrounding the joints. Since the knees are the largest joint in the body, it stands to reason that the knees are the first to show a breakdown if anything goes wrong with this fluid.  

In the future discussion when dealing with the specific elements of these major players, we will look at the cause and effect, the solutions and in some cases the preventative actions that we can take to skip over the typical downfalls. We will also look at the parasite connections with each of the aspects of deficiencies and toxicities related to the Endothelial and Synovial roles. 

The full text of these discussions will be posted in the blog section of Leiann’s website. This is free but requires the interested parties to go there and read the material. So until the next discussion, I do hope all is well for you. 



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