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Drops Of Oil In A Bottle

Jun 09, 2017

All the time the question is asked, “How many drops of oil are there in a bottle of essential oil?”

Answer: It really is hard to tell just how many drops are in a 10 ml. bottle or in any bottle for that matter. But as a general rule 200 drops is an accurate answer for a 10 ml. bottle of essential oil and 100 drops per 5 ml. bottle. Here is why it is a general rule.

The oils all have a different viscosity, which makes the surface tension come in at varying points on the scale. Higher-viscosity oils have more surface tension than the lower-viscosity oils. So with more surface tension, the more likely the drop will be bigger.


When you turn a bottle upside down, a drop (usually) forms right off the bat. A higher-viscosity oil will try to hold on longer and a bigger drop will form before it detaches itself from the other oil or the orifice of the bottle, based on the weight of the drop. So even though the drop will be a drop, it is a bigger drop. The result? There won't be as many drops of that oil in the bottle compared to a low-viscosity oil.

A low-viscosity oil will detach itself from the other oil or the orifice quicker and with more ease. The drop will still be a drop, but a smaller drop.  That translates into more drops per bottle on a compared to higher-viscosity oil(s).

Color is also a factor. Clear oils have a low viscosity. They are sometimes a little harder to see; therefore, more difficult to count, drop by drop. A miscount could take place at some point in the life of the bottle of the oil, which skews the tally at the end of the bottle.

Another factor is the temperature of the essential oil. Temperature affects the surface tension and, in essence, the viscosity of the oil itself. As the temperature moves up or down it is not on an even scale – instead, temperature changes affect oils exponentially.  For example, as the temperature decreases, higher-viscosity oils will get thicker more quickly than the lower-viscosity oils.

All factors being considered, a 10 ml. bottle contains 200 drops and a 5 ml. bottle contains 100 drops of essential oil. And that’s a FAQ, Jack.

Best Regards!


Written by Kent King.


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