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DePlague EO Blend for the R&D Program.

Apr 15, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Many of you will receive an oil for the R&D program called DePlague. Leiann asked me to do a writeup concerning this oil. But I am not going to do a complete discussion on it right now. Here is why, as you got it, this formulation is a proven blend. We have used it for years with remarkable results. But I am going to revise the formula to include some locally sourced oils that are of higher quality, potency wise, than some of the oils already being used in it. Plus I feel strongly the need to move away from foreign dependency as much as possible. I have been working on a revision for a while now but I have not been able to finish it up yet. Almost there, just not quite yet. Just keep in mind that the version that you will be getting works just fine.

The origins of this oil blend goes back well over a decade, well actually almost 2 decades. Anyway, the situation had us dealing with a lot of people coming back from the SandBox. These people had some serious and I mean serious problems. I was trying to get to the bottom of it. At the time I was doing the Zyto scanning on a serious level. I kept having some consistent patterns coming up with these SandBox people. They kept showing up with a Parasite issue and more specifically Leishmania. This started me on a quest to understand Parasites and that quest eventually evolved into a love of the study and working with Parasites across the board. I just love those little buggers. What Leishmania is, is a microscopic parasite that people get from being bitten by a female sandfly. This is an issue that is plaguing the people serving over in the sandbox. BTW, the area of the middle east where the wars have been going on, Iraq, etc., is a paradise for these particular sandflies. The Leishmania is classified as a Protozoa type pf parasite. After Malaria, it is the next worst class of parasites. At least in my opinion.

In my studies, I discovered that the typical treatment used to treat people after they have been bitten is Stibnite or AKA; Antimony. Well, I perked up big time because the town I grew up in is called Antimony. It was so named because of the rich Antimony Ore, or AKA; Stibnite was mined at. Anyway, I even sourced some writings from Islamic medicine from over a century old and they used the same treatment back then as they do in present time. Although the Army is experimenting with some new drugs, up until a few years ago, they were still using Antimony to treat the situation. However, years ago it was used as a heavy metal treatment form. They did kill a lot of people from heavy metal poisoning, but without treatment, death would be eventual and one of the more desirable outcomes as compared to living. Based on remains that have been analyzed of people from clear back in and before Biblical times and even in more modern times, the people that study this stuff, with DNA sequencing and the like, they have said that it appears that many cases of Leprosy were actually a bad case of cutaneous Leishmania. Many of the sources that I had to access were from the 3rd. world countries as of 1st. world countries such as ours have a real aversion to admitting that we have a parasite problem. So they come up with all kinds of fancy treatment protocols and names to avoid the parasite admission/connection to disease issues. Moving on...

When it comes to essential oils, I noticed some patterns of disease/parasite issues and solutions. The solutions must be effective because people got better. At least they didn't manifest any signs of the original parasite issue and what is even better is that they didn't say something like, yeah, I am not having those issues anymore, but I now have this or that issue that I am dealing with. Many times a treatment protocol ends up just moving or morphing the present issue into a new future issue. Personally, I am not interested in those kinds of solutions, I am more concerned with actually fixing the problem. Presently we are experiencing this CV-19 issue. This is actually a very good thing to be happening, in my opinion, lol. When you focus on solutions. It is claimed that some of these Malaria drugs are working to solve the problem. This claim, if it works, which it looks like they are, means that we have a good idea of what we can use from the natural products arena to solve the problem. If you treat these viruses and look at them as a parasite, the solution becomes simple. A bacteria is vastly different than a virus and the same solutions do not work for both. So we have to use different products. What is interesting is that the oils used are from donor plants that are high in the Minerals, Amino Acids, and Vitamins that are known to help in the fight against viruses and yes, parasites.

With this EO blend, I want to leave it as it is at this point. I don't want to list the oils that are presently being used as that will just confuse the issue and make a confusing mess when I list the oils used in the new formulation. So use this oil and see what you think. It should be used topically. Please let us know how it works for you. If you like it and it works, I don't have to change the formula. I can just use the new formulation as a new blend and maybe make its use protocol on a more wide spectrum. Because only one thing matters and that is this; Does it work for you in fixing your issue?

Thank you for your time and interest. We will go into these parasite/virus issues more in future discussions, if you want and find it of interest.

End of Discussion.


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