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Defender Essential Oil Blend. R&D Program Oil.

Jun 08, 2020

In May's R & D program with Essential Oils Unleashed, a new oil blend was introduced, referred to as Defender. The basic idea of this oil blend is centered around a heavy hitter when it comes to the weird type of off the wall bacteria and pathogens. It is designed to be used as a companion oil with the yet to be presented Guardian. Guardian is planned to be offered in June's offering. Although it can be used as a stand-alone single oil if the user knows or has a pretty good idea of the targeted pathogen, as general use, it would be better to use it with Guardian. One might use them alternatively for better coverage.  In a previous month's offering, a blend called Deplague was offered. That oil is in the same neighborhood as the Defender and Guardian but is designed more for parasites and to be used as a stand-alone oil blend. Although it may be indicated for use with any blend and even singles.  Comically, we sent it out with tooth powder and a few people didn't read closely enough the literature we put out and thought it was to be used with the tooth powder to remove plaque.  It was an oversight on our part. Needless to say, they reported that it wasn't the most pleasing "event". The moral of the story here is that we need to watch more closely and people need to make sure they understand before using any product. Surprisingly this blend/formulation does not have a wide range of oils or a long list of oils to learn about. So here we go with the oils used in the blend.

Basil; One of the more interesting things to do with aromatherapy that I have found is the lack of use of Basil essential oil. There are a lot of cultivars of Basil and even a number of hybrids. But the one we use here is called Sweet Basil. The origin of the Basil we use is usually India. Although a good Sweet Basil that meets our needs can, on occasion, be found from various European countries and we do use those as well. It seems like Basil overall tends to like a little bit more humidity than is typically found in western countries where various cultivars of Basil are grown. One can find some very good Basil essential oils of these other cultivars almost anywhere in the world. In the past, I have observed that when Sweet Basil is indicated for women it is dealing with some core issues. It seems like when women talk about their "brain fog" and issues like that one will usually find that if they use it, their issues are addressed. Many times women will have their Basal Ganglia sort of not functioning as it should. In simple terms, this Basal Ganglia is found in the base of the brain and serves as a switchboard for nerve impulses. When this is observed, Sweet Basil oil applied and used, the switchboard appears to start functioning in a more normal fashion. Basil oil will tend to blend with most other oils without much effort. For the most part, Basil is considered to be an annual type of plant, but several varieties function as a perennially. So a very interesting plant. Basil is also widely used as a food flavoring. Perhaps one reason why it works great for women is that it is a powerhouse of nutrients that women typically lack in. Such as Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, and Iron in the proper ratios with each other. Also, Basil typically contains very high levels of Vitamin K. As we know Vitamin K is required to bind Calcium to bones and tissues as well as protein synthesis as well as blood-related needs. Then on the other hand, on the deficiency side, with a lack of Vitamin K, you end up with osteoporosis and weak bones. Also, it can lead to calcification of arteries, ie; hardening of the arteries, as well as calcification of other soft tissues and in particular the brain. So on that point alone, one can see the wisdom in using Sweet Basil essential oil on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong here, it isn't just for women, men can benefit just as much from this oil. A fair amount of Basil is used in this formulation.

Cinnamon Bark; Originally we used Cinnamon Leaf oil in this blend, but we changed it to Cinnamon Bark. We were a little heavy with some of the components that the Leaf oil offered, and a touch weak in another area, so in reformulating it with the bark oil, we were able to balance those concerns better. Don't get me wrong, the Leaf oil is excellent for some purposes. Cinnamon Bark oil has been used in many nutritionally related applications. Basically, Cinnamon Bark oil will help with the sugar within the digestive system to make the digestion process work better. In the summary of this discussion, I will touch on this more.

Clove Bud; Clove is used in this blend for only a few simple purposes. Mainly to tie several oils together. Another purpose is to help with mouth-related issues. when used within the scope of this formulation, one will many times, find a wide range of really bad bugs hanging out in the mouth. Even if you tell people to not use it internally, they still will. So whether one uses it orally or topically, the bad bugs in the mouth will eventually get a "taste" of what does not agree with them and then their party is over with.

Fir Needle; Fir Needle is used for a number of purposes, but really it is another nutritionally related purpose. When I read stories from the old west and the pioneers, I see many references to illnesses and the primary one being Vitamine C deficiency. As most people know what this is and what happens when it comes and throws down it's calling card, well, we will not belabor that point. But simply Vitamin C is basically water-soluble carbon bound together in a long string. People were always having an issue with a lack of Vitamin C. What makes a person almost want to cry for them is that they had all the Vitamin C right there. All they had to do was pick the needles and boil them into a tea and then drink it. A complete powerhouse of nutrition, particularly Vitamin C, the one item they were most in need of.

Lemon; The Lemon essential oil is a cold-pressed sourced oil. So with this type of harvesting of the oil from a plant, you usually don't get a lot of high heat. It is almost a poor man's CO2 type of oil in the end result. With CO2 extraction, you basically get everything that is there, nutritionally speaking. Lemon oil is used for a wide range of purposes but within this blend, it is used to bind the Vitamin C properties and for psychological purposes. Who can smell a Lemon or even Lemon essential oil and not, within a second or two, have a smile on their face and feel a relaxing feeling coming on strongly? Even for most people, just thinking about the aroma of a Lemon will give them a smile on their face and help to relax on the spot. Nutritionally, the largest portion of Lemon oil is Limonene, which is largely Vitamin C. It does contain a number of shall we say, micronutrients? Essentially that is their role, as the other components are all in single-digit amounts, percentage-wise. They influence the role of the major components.

Palmarosa; In another discussion on the Purr essential oil blend, which contains Palmarosa, one can look that up and read about the one side of the Palmarosa oil, as that material is way too much to add it in here, so I will deal with just the one side of Palmarosa and why it is used in this blend. The basic, bottom-line reason why Palmarosa is used in this blend is to repel the bad bugs and to serve as an antifungal role. It really is one of the best natural fungicides out there. It is ruthless when it comes to doing a number of fungi type pathogens. Yet at the same time, one of the safest oils to use. It is an amazing oil, I don't know what else to say, except that as a team player in this blend, it is a real star. Does that description work?

Rosemary; The type of Rosemary we use is the 1,8 cineole type. Most of the time this oil is sourced from Tunesia or Morrorrco. Although in much of the literate out there will claim that Rosemary does not contain any nutritional value, it does and is a powerhouse for certain activities as well as nutrients. The primary reason Rosemary is used in this blend is for its ability to neutralize free radicals. Other activities of Rosemary is that it carries Boron. I am big on Boron as an essential nutrient. Several other foods/supplements contain Born as well those are Turmeric and Ginger Root. But some of the characteristics and the reason to use Rosemary is that is it helps to retain calcium in the bones, it also makes for a better sex life on the parts of both genders. So for men, if "he" isn't rising to the occasion, try going on a Rosemary protocol for a while. At the very least he will feel like getting up and looking around. For women, if "she" is as dry as the Mojave desert, then consider a protocol of Rosemary. Rosemary will help turn that desert into a tropical rainforest. Plus if you both are using Rosemary, the "mood" will come much easier. Here is why. You are feeling better, with no or lower levels of inflammation and systemic infections, which Rosemary goes a long way in addressing, the other aspects would be in better working order, is a strong indication that the whole of the body is in pretty good shape. Do I need to talk more about the merits of Rosemary? And no, you do not use Rosemary on location. It does not produce the best results by using on location. I hope that gets the point across.

Thyme; The Thyme we use here is the Thyme Thymol or otherwise known as Red Thyme. This is a very strong type of Thyme. This type of Thyme is best used for adults. For the elderly and children, you would want to use the Thyme Linalool. The Linalool is much milder and not as harsh on topical applications. Thyme is an excellent anti agent in several areas. Now think about this, Thyme oil, and specifically the Thymol contained in Thyme oil wich in most cases is around one half of the total of the oil, is an excellent natural pesticide. It totally degrades when in water in about 2 weeks and about 1 week when used on the soil with zero residues. So when used on a human, it wipes out all kinds of pathogens, both positive and negative charged ones. Wipes out E.coli and many other antibiotic-resistant bacterias. It is sometimes a touch weak on the fungal side, but ruthlessly strong with the bacterias. It actually works better on bovine mastitis than the drugs specifically developed for that purpose. Thyme is also a strong carrier of nutrients that are desperately needed by men. Zinc is one that is there in good quantity others are Thiamin and Copper. Also, a key one here is Vitamin E. Most of the time Vitamin E comes from Soybeans. Many people don't like to use anything associated with Soy because of not knowing if the Soy where the Vitamin E is sourced from is GMO'ed or not. Thyme is not a GMO product. It would take a long discussion to even do justice to vitamin E, but in simple terms, it makes things much more absorbable. Sort of a natural surfactant of sorts. Also, yes, Thyme does actually kill off viruses and not just bacteria. Thyme is also a great sleep aid. It helps to promote a healthy sleep cycle.

Summary; Once you have read down through the individual oils used in this blend, I hope you see a pattern here. The overall pattern and theme of this blend are not to "kill" but to "heal". Yes, it does in some cases serve to sort of kill certain pathogens. But only because they won't get out of the way. But overall this oil blend seeks to build up, to promote a healthy overall constitution. So when I say that you need to use this along with Guardian and alternate the Guardian with Defender, I hope you can see what I mean here. I also say that you can use Defender as a stand-alone oil. The Guardian will run off or kill the bad pathogens and the Defender will come in and rebuild. You cannot just go in and remove in any of these processes. You not only remove, but you also have to replace or better yet rebuild. That is why these two blends are likely some of the best blends yet. The original version of this blend was first developed about 8 years ago. It has been revised 2 times since then because of new information is discovered and the needs having been changed. This final blend as presented here is likely about the best of any possible formulation of the basis of this blend. Also, this blend could be used as they use the so call thieves types blends when it comes to purpose. I didn't formulate to compensate for taste. So the taste isn't going to be as good as one would like if you were to use it orally. But that could be worked in without a lot of problems if the need came around to that. This oil blend has never been used in any company or ever been retailed. I hope you enjoy this blend.

End of Discussion.


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