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CV-19 Related.

Apr 01, 2020

With this new virus that is going around, I am sure you have myriads of ideas as to what is going on. I would like to discuss some ideas that might give some perspective to the makeup of this virus. I am going to discuss the theories behind this and related to it. Everything in this discussion is theory unless I say otherwise or it is obvious.

What appears to be at the very center of this outbreak and its relationship to the actual virus is a particular mineral and it's being centered around a particular Amino Acid. The mineral is Cesium and the AA is Asparagine. OK simple enough, but what's behind these 2 elements?

I really am trying to be as basic and to the point, as I can be and not leave out pertaining material. As a general rule Cesium is considered to have no biological role. Officially, that is. But there are a number of points that appear to be roaming around the virus. The main one is this Cesium mineral. Of course, you will find many other minerals that are part of the support team for this mineral and Amino Acid. But we will bring them in at various points. Cesium is used in alternative treatments more widely than in traditional treatment protocols. One of the main uses is for cancer. The idea behind this mineral is that it actually heats the cancer cell to the point that it kills it. The heating is done on its own. The way it heats is by simply raising the temperature of the cancer cell. Many times a cancer cell behaves much like a virus cell. Both involve the action of having a protein involved. Some people claim that heat will destroy this virus cell. From that point on the cell respiration then moves the dead cancer cell to organs such as the Liver, Gall Bladder, and Spleen for elimination from the body. Any cell that this mineral is involved with and these actions are taken then the same or a similar process takes place.

Cesium is considered to be a regulator. It has been shone to be a support for the immune system. To quote one source, Cesium functions in the body; ion antagonism, cell osmosis, permeability regulation and maintenance of a colloidal state of a living cell. Cesium deficiencies are centered around decreased cell osmosis and a compromised immune system.

Cesium has a close relationship with potassium. Many times Cesium will suppress any of the minerals with a +1 valance. So if a person were to take Cesium, one must also take Potassium, since Potassium is a +1 charged mineral. Another mineral that comes into play here is Rubidium. As to the amount of Cesium needed, as found in nature it is estimated that you would find Cesium at 3 PPM and Potassium is found at 25,000 PPM. So, in reality, you need very little, but it is so important to continually replace this mineral as there is not really means of storage within the body. Anyway, Cesium behaves somewhat similarly to Sodium, Potassium, and Rubidium. Now we bring Rubidium back into the picture. Rubidium tends to concentrate inside of the cells in the intercellular fluid. Of course, everyone knows about the importance of Potassium, so I won't belabor that point and contribution to the whole. The person of average weight within the population will contain roughly about 35 grams within their body system at any given time. There is a storage element Rubidium, for perhaps a few days, so a daily dose isn't totally necessary as it is with Cesium.

Now we can look at the related Amino Acid, Asparagine. In a short sense, this amino acid has an effect on bonding and gene activation. Sources for Asparagine as well as Cesium, Rubidium, and Potassium are many and widely found in many food sources.

So where are we going with this? I have tried to qualify the whole idea and baffle you with a lot of BS. Well, it isn't BS, but for most people it is. But the bottom line is this, it appears that the core of this CV-19 is centered around a simple Cesium deficiency. Even though the Cesium is a small amount, it is clearly not only a simple deficiency but a ratio of all of these elements and their ratios. If you end up with too much of one of these, it is just as bad as not enough, in fact, perhaps a little worse than not enough. So when the people are "quarantined" they would have a tendency to consume the foods that are typical of containing these very elements. Plus the slowing down of daily activities, which is a factor in the downfall of many of these people. As a result of people slowing down, allowing these elements to "reset" and take charge, people will be better off.

So let's leave this issue here and then maybe later we can look at the sources for the elements that are needed to deal, specifically with this issue. Thank you for your time and interest.

End of Discussion.


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