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Current State of Affairs, Health Wise, So to Speak. Part 3 of 3 Parts.

Sep 28, 2021

Here we are with the 3rd. and final installment of the Current State of Affairs. The main thrust of this series of articles is primarily focused around the Covid, "Rona", thing. I fully realize that after the last two articles, and especially after the 2nd. one, I am sure I have pretty much lost everyone. All I can say, is oh well. Sorry. But if you are still with me, lets move on the solutions.

In the first two, I try to justify how I feel like this was an "engineered disease". A lot of really mentally solid people, that really knows their stuff in respect to Virology and related diseases and have not been bought out by special interests, that have really studied this thing and with the resources to do so, have, for the most part, gotten their head around the concept and sees it for what it really is. In light of these people's work, I try to go into detail and show how one possible disease has been GMO'ed or Biologically Re-engineered to meet a certain group's desires. I use this one Bacterium as an example, but several other Bacterium could be used that follows the same general course. The one I use as an example is usually the first go to for engineered pathogens.  However, that poor old dog has been kicked enough and it is time to move on with solutions.

One of the main ideas here is that once this disease took on a life of it's own, moving into a pandemic status, vaccinations at that point should have stopped, that translates into a simple language of the vaccinations should have never started because no vaccine was specifically developed for this issue. But it does appear that "Repurposed" meds seem to work remarkably well.  A different treatment protocol should have been started. than what was approved. That means that people should have been treated for Bacterial Infections and Parasites from the get go.  Normally when we look back and really look at pandemics, we see them running their course, then they die a natural death. Yes, many people usually die. along the way.

A disease of this nature is much like the economic idea that we saw a few years ago when we saw banks being rescued because they were to big to fail. As we jump forward, we see that it really did no good to save those banks by intervening. Perhaps the best solutions would have been for each bank to work their way out of it, through it, or around it. Overall that would have produced a correction and a reality check for the banks that did survive, thus making the banking system much more secure and stable.

Another way to look at this is to quote a good friend of mine who just happens to be a very highly credentialed Doctor once told me. He said" I don't mean to sound like a Nazi, but our problem with the medical system is that we focus on keeping people alive, that by the laws of nature, should die. Then we let those who really just needs a little help to live, that by the laws of nature would likely live, well, we let them die".

When it comes to this Covid, "Rona", thing, based on what a lot of a number of rational people have claimed, that once this pandemic started, any vaccination should have stopped. Here is the deal, once you have the "Rona" the disease is in your cells, then you vaccinate, you introduce another version or even the same one to the cell and the one already there, thinks it is being attacked, and will mutate to survive. It goes on like that for as long as the disease thinks it is under attack. You should be treating the person to get rid of any drain on the system so that the immune system can can fight a good fight. Each person's immune system leading the fight is the only solution. Our role is to support that immune system.

One important thing that you need to get your head around is this, everyone, every single person has been exposed to the "Rona". Do you realize that? The interesting thing about a Virus is that it is not always active. For many years the medical establishment followed the line of reasoning of, "If it isn't detectable" then you are free of the Virus, IE; if you had treatment, retest, and then if not detected, then you are declared cured. Of course over time, the data showed and it became obvious that you still had disease, even if it wasn't detected in some kind of a test. So that concept went by the way side, in some circles. What happens is that, as a general rule, the virus will tend to "Rest" for lack of a better word, in various places. Usually the most normal place a virus will rest is in the Spinal Ganglia. Then when the person is triggered in someway, such as stressed, then the Virus will come out from resting and attempt to take over the show.  So in theory, if the test is accurate, then every single person being tested should show a positive reaction.  If the test is accurate, and a negative result returns, then likely the the virus is "Resting". Does that make sense?

People that do not have the Rona or have not had the vaccine will be introduced to the disease in the natural course of life and their immune system will gear up to the deal and fight it off. If it is not successful in the fight, then refer to the previous paragraph. If they were to have been vaccinated before the exposure, then hopefully, their immune system was able to build the immunity, using the introduction of the vaccine before the exposure. This is in theory how a vaccine is suppose to work. The wearing of a mask does no good what so ever for the non-immune compromised person. The masks being used serve no real protective purpose. As I have said, wearing a mask is like spitting through a chain link fence and hoping the fence stops every single droplet of spit. For the person who has been vaccinated, they will be shedding the virus/disease and the best thing is for them is to isolate themselves from the herd for their own protection and the protection of everyone else.  So all of this stuff of vaccinating and then being able to go on as normal is about the most stupidest and selfish thing to do. About all they will accomplish is to pass the disease on to those that may have not had to deal with it within their living conditions or making sure that those not vaccinated or not exposed to the disease, will be exposed. These brilliant politicians and their sheeple are doing it all backwards. Which is typical of how they do everything.

I read an article referring to some studies done in India. The Indian Government kept the study, a blind study, blind by scientific principles.  As you have heard in the media, India was getting hit hard. In one state of 270 million people they ran a study using a secret set of drugs. In another state of comparable size, they did the vaccination route, like here in the US. The rates in the state where they used some secret drugs, they turned around the case load, and drove it down to basically nothing. The drugs they used was Doxycycline and Ivomectrin. They gave the individuals 10 tablets of each one. Totally cleared the "Rona" up. The vaccination group/state.. still a disaster. Cost was $2.65 cents for each person to clean them up and fix the deal using the two above mentioned drugs.

So what are the solutions? First off, if you have the "Rona" then maybe you ought to consider using some good anti-inflammatory drugs. If you haven't used a lot pf pharma drugs, then they might just do you wonders. If you choose to go the natural route, then there are even more options there to work with the situation. I have read reports that even the simple aspirin has helped people overcome the effects of this issue. There are all sorts of pharma drugs that have been repurposed to be used against this thing that works wonders. Same with natural solutions. See the big deal here is that this disease will or tends to attack the weakest link in each individual. So maybe that is why there are a number of vastly different solutions that all work very effectively. Of course eating healthy food and drinking a lot of good clean water goes a long way in helping the situation. But overall, one the most important aspects of all the solutions is to make sure you Vitamin D levels are at least where they should be or even a touch above that level. Make sure that is up to par and then follow that up with good solid physical activity when you are awake and good solid sleep when you are in bed.

If you have gotten the jab, all is not lost. But you do have to be very proactive in cleaning up the stuff. See, once you have the jab, you have foreign DNA inside of your cell. Yes, we might know what it is, but it is a huge unknown as to what it will do as you move forward in time. Because of the stuff that many friends have experienced, I have been working on some natural solutions. By all means I do not have "the corner on the market" on the solution. Many people have stuff that will work as well. I did develop a series of essential oil based blends that works to balance out the chemicals in the brain. My rational is that if you do this series of oils, and by helping the brain, then everything else will follow the natural course and nature will work it's miracles. No, we did not go to some foreign land and find some exotic solution. Now if we just use what nature claims we need and what I believe that God has provided for us. we might just be fine. Nature/God has provided, it is up to us to get off of out rear ends and do something about it by taking what has been taught to us over the years by good solid people and not politicians and other idiots that have in the past, said that their goal is to kill us.

Another way to view this deal is to understand some base stuff. Normally the concept is that if you are up to par with your Selenium, then a virus can't do much to you. Sorry, but this isn't totally true. You have to make sure it's companion nutrient is up to par as well. That would be Iodine. Since by most estimates, in the US, about 90% of the population is Iodine deficient. You can take all of the Selenium that you can take and it won't do you any good if you don't have the proper ratio of Iodine to Selenium. If those are in proper ratio.. yes, good stuff happens. Another group are the Cobalt and Silica ratios. Most people are deficient in those two areas, so they get hit with a double whammy, IE: they are running naked, no protection for what those two protects. Then you have to figure in with all of their first line entourage of supporting nutrients. But the real bad deal is with the Manganese/Copper ratios. These types of Viruses are much like the Herbicides used to kill plants. What those herbicides will usually do is to mess with the Photosynthesis ability of the plant. The one major aspect of this is to mess with the Manganese-Copper ratio. This in turn basically shuts down the Photosynthesis, which in turn destroys the Vitamin D action and as we know the rest is history. When it comes to messing with the Manganese-Copper ratio in people, we end up seeing very similar results there as we see with plants.  Only in biological entities, such as most animals and all humans, is the similar physical results but a more serious problem, mental illness. When I say mental illness, I am talking about full blown psycho stuff if they are lucky and if not lucky, then sponge brain.  Some of you may be familiar with BSE in cows, vCJD in humans, CWD in deer, basically a terminal prion disease.

The nutrient solution to this seems to be centered around the following nutrients; Cobalt, Copper, Iodine, Magnesium, Manganese, and Zinc. While one size does not fit all, as everyone's makeup is different, so different needs. The disease usually attacks the weakest link in the individual. That really isn't surprising, yet is shocking when you consider it in light of the previous and the next two paragraphs. As devastating as the physical side, ( the computer hardware, in computer language), might be, the mental health side, ( the software in computer language), is so much more devastating. It is such an insult to the whole of our consciousness as a human being that I don't know if we can really get our heads around this aspect. 

Along these lines I just read in a Medscape article that in a study that was conducted because of some observations that were made. The observation was that the Covid, "Rona", (common people's nick name for the virus), death rate among those with diagnosed Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder was way off the charts as compared to those who did not/do not have this diagnosed spectrum disorder. I believe that the official death rate due to Covid, that is generally accepted, is at around <1%, (less than 1%), of the general population with actual diagnosed Covid. But the death rate among those with the diagnosis of Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder, coupled with diagnosed Covid, was much higher. With those of Schizophrenia had a death rate of just under 14% and those with Bi-polar had a death rate of just under 9%. So with figures like this.. the mental health aspect is huge. So when I say the mental health issue associated with Covid, it is bad, as in off the charts bad, I am not over stating the issue.

Lastly, before I close I want to make mention of this mental illness thing. No one is really addressing this, particularly from the individual's perspective. You know what that is? Mental Health. I have a particular interest in this are as I am suppose to know something about the Psychological aspect of life. After all I have pieces of paper that say so. That was one of my reasons for doing the blends that focused on the brain. But I have seen a lot of stuff with people that really scares me. A lot of people are already off of the rails. Although some people, like myself, appears to be thriving off of this Rona thing. In a way that could be labeled as scary as well. But I don't think so, as a general rule. If most people make it past the physical trauma, which I think they will, the real challenge they will face is the Psychological trauma that will no doubt come. That is extremely obvious, as obvious as the nose on your face. So going forward, I hope to start looking at this aspect and maybe we can get out in front of it before it becomes overwhelming. I will go into this aspect in future discussions.

Thank you for your interest in these articles. I really hope it does someone some good. Until next time, take care.

End of Discussion. KK


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