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Crickets and Essential Oil Quality.

Sep 14, 2020

Many times, well most of the time anytime that essential oils are mentioned the next thing that comes out of people's mouth is a fierce defense of the oil company where they purchase their essential oils from. We will learn of all kinds of methods of proving that their oil is purer than pure its self could ever be.  While some of these ideas sound really, really good, there is one sound on this issue that sounds really good, especially when people are at the initial steps of the Dunning-Kruger effect. In the next paragraph, you will see where the Crickets come in here.

One idea that I never hear from all of the people out there that carps about the quality issue and that they have a corner on the market to that end. One thing that all of you need to keep in mind is that the quality of essential oil is based on one thing, that is the health of the donor plant(s). Toy with that concept for a while. The health of the donor plant is the pinnacle of essential oil quality. A lot of stuff adds up to that point and a lot comes into play after that point. But at the pinnacle is the donor plant's health. The typical testing methods to assess essential oil quality does not directly assess the donor plant's health. But those reports can contribute to that assessment if you understand the language the reports are speaking. Many people do, many do not.

Then when someone attacks you about this stuff, just ask them if they have assessed the health of the plant where the oil was obtained. Almost without question the only sounds you will hear is the sounds of Crickets chirping.

Have you ever heard Crickets chirp? Years ago I saw a Far Side cartoon that showed a couple of guys sitting on a cloud reminiscing about earth life. One says to the other, "You know what I miss most"? The other guy asks "What"? The response was Crickets. I miss the chirps of the crickets.

So many times when getting into these discussions that one may really know very little about, with someone that knows everything, refer to the Dunning-Kruger effect, keep in mind that it is pointless, you can't win when in that arena. If you want to know stuff in that arena, then ask people that might actually know. Ask a number of people, study it out, learn from people that have a history of being reliable. Much like you would in any area of your life. Welcome the sounds of crickets, that is usually when the "Ah, Ah's" come together and you will smile. Enjoy your Cricket sounds in your life.


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