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Covid, Type 2 Diabetes and Adiponectin.

Oct 07, 2021

This should be an interesting discussion. In this one we will look at the joys of what Covid has brought to the table and how it relates to Type 2 Diabetes. I am not being sarcastic either, I am sincerely saying that the deal has brought a lot of stuff out. We can see a lot of research into repurposing of known effective pharma drugs, for those who prefer to go that route. On the natural side, we have better insight into some of these diseases and the research side of the road is becoming more pronounced as to the sincere researchers and those that are bought and sponsored by some special interest. So yes, some very good stuff. In the past I haven't been too proficient in citing sources. I have been hesitant in doing so as I don't want to sound like I am just trying to show everyone how "proficient" I am in citing others and performing a contest in how long my source list can be. So with this one, at the end I will cite some of the major sources that I used to verify the information I am presenting. I generally try to present in a lecture type format. I actually like to write in APA (American Psychological Association) style. I have gone in that direction in the past and it tends to create a lot of confusion for those not schooled in that style or format. So I drifted over to the Lecture type format and it seems to go OK. So with that in mind I will try to cite and add references at the end.

Simple, bottom line:

Anyway, the basic idea with Type 2 Diabetes over the past umpteen years has been centered around sugar and carbohydrates. Years ago when I was faced with having to learn about it and in working with essential oils in dealing with Type 2, I kept thinking that this does not make sense. It doesn't add up. Then when you try to discuss it most people will discredit you and your information if you aren't singing the typical politically correct version of Type 2. Maybe I am the only one that sees the same thing happening with the whole Covid Vaccination deal. Have any of you seen the similar type line of thinking as myself in regards to that idea? Same thing with Type 2. Sugar really hasn't anything to do with a causation effect in causing Type 2. Yes it is an indicator of a trauma or an issue and treating the issue directly as a sugar issue is much like putting a band-aid on a skin cancer sore, then when you can't see the sore anymore because of the band-aid covering, you declare all is well. The bottom line here is that Type 2 Diabetes is a Hormone issue. Yes, basic nutrients are involved, those are what makes up the Hormones, well for the most part. If you include photosynthesis as a base nutrient, then yes, all nutrients.

Background and Discussion of the Issues:

When one studies nutrition and its effects on health, the one and likely one of the most important points to keep in mind is that no one simple nutrient is responsible for the issue and is not responsible for the solution. No one, single nutrient works as a single stand alone solution. When you look at any one particular nutrient, IE: Minerals for example, you will find that each mineral does not work alone, it has to be paired with another mineral and Amino Acids, Enzymes and so on to work proficient. Sometimes one particular mineral will serve as a companion to several core minerals. Then they have their entourage of support minerals. It doesn't matter if you believe that God created all this stuff, or if it was created by a big bang, in either case or whatever in between, that thing that organized it all, made sure of a lot of Murphy switches were installed. (A Murphy switch is a fail safe shut down switch used in industrial settings when something goes wrong along the way. The concept of Murphy's Law is part of this idea).

However, there is one nutrient that might provide an exception to that rule and that is water. But then again water is not made up of a single nutrient either. But it really does appear to act as a single nutrient. I very seldom ever hear of water being the solution to many issues. As a general rule, in simplistic terms, our body is made up of about 75% water. IE; water is everywhere, but not a whole lot in a single place. So in simplistic terms, it could be stated that water would likely solve 75% of our problems. Usually it is a given that people are getting enough water and good water at that. Both of those assumptions are for the most part, out to lunch when it comes to reality. Even though we get water in many of the products that we consume, we really need a good amount of clean, clear drinking water everyday for things to work in our favor. So for the Type 2 deal, good clean drinking water is the first part of the solution.

The second place we have to look at is what are the base nutrients that we need to work with or prevent this Type 2 Diabetes thing? I know, I know, time and time again, I have heard people that are suppose to be experts in human health claim that Chromium is at the center of the Type 2 cause. They claim that a Chromium deficiency is at the center of the cause of Type 2. Well, Chromium is a part of the sugar regulation and is involved with sugar metabolism, but refer to the "Simple Bottom Line", paragraph for this point. We don't need to repeat it here again. A person might very well have a Chromium deficiency type issue, but many so called deficiencies are not really deficiencies of a particular nutrient directly, but a deficiency of another nutrient somewhere else that is showing up with a different face. So what might that one mineral/nutrient might be? Zinc. I am going somewhere with this, so stay with me.

The researchers are finding that the pathways for this Covid thing keeps crossing similar pathways with Type 2 Diabetes. When they are looking at the Covid Proteins, their mechanisms, etc., they keep seeing this stuff show up that is known to be associated with Type 2. One side note issue is that people with Covid and high blood sugar issues is that these patients are 9 times more likely to develop ARDS,, (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). They are 15 times more likely to be given mechanical ventilation, and 3 times more likely to die when compared to people without high blood sugar issues.

As part of this study done by Weill Cornell Medicines, (Found in a study titled, Metabolic Signals and Theory Triggering High Blood Sugar). Anyway, they conducted a study of people got hit with Covid within the first few months of the Pandemic, the study covered 3, 854 people that came down with Covid issues. during this time frame. They discovered that of these with people WITHOUT a history of Type 2 Diabetes, 49.7% of them presented with Type 2 during their hospital stay. Now that is a drastic action within a short period of time. What the Doctors are discovering is that Covid induces HYPERGLYCEMIA, notice I mention hyper, not hypo. What happens here is that this Hyperglycemia disrupts Fat Cell's production of Adiponectin, a hormone that helps/drives to regulate Blood Sugar Levels. (My personal note; hormones work on a higher level than does the base nutrients, IE; hormones work at a higher pay grade than base minerals). A deficiency of this hormone is also associated with Inflammation and Weakened Immunity. Are you starting to see the picture forming here? The way Adiponectin works is that it normalizes the sugar levels by having a protective effect against Type 2 by enhancing insulin sensitivity. Note the words, ENHANCING SENSITIVITY. Type 2 is associated with ENHANCED RESISTANCE, right? Our natural occurring production of Adiponection is generally thought to decline with age related life. In my opinion this decline appears to have it's roots related to a Cobalt related situation. More on that later in this discussion.

When it comes to the treatment of Type 2, there are a class of drugs called Thiazolidinedione, these drugs will attempt to boost Adiponectin production. These researchers have found that these Thiazolidinedione class of drugs, (try saying that fast, several times), are effective in treating Covid-19 when the patient is presenting with hyperglycemia. They also make note that another problem with Covid is that many people are taking Immune Weakening drugs. It makes Covid much harder to work with. The study concludes with the statement of more studies need to be done before this information can become clinically actionable.

There are a lot of studies like these that have been conducted by some very good and sincere researchers and their conclusions are from common sense perspective, appear to be rational and with hope going forward.

So just from this material, what can be take away from this discussion? First it appears that Zinc plays an important role with immunity. The whole Type 2 thing is likely based on the Adiponectin Hormone. Treatment as a result of an observed Adiponectin issue appears from all indications to help with the Type 2 issue. From a Natural Solutions perspective, from what I have learned is that a lot of this Type 2 and even the Covid thing is centered around one single element, that is Cobalt. Yes, Zinc is involved at a lower level, but a vital part. However, Cobalt is the one nutrient that crosses the isle and brings the nonmetallic minerals and the metallic minerals together. These metallic minerals are for the most part super trace minerals. Meaning that we need them, but in very small amounts. We can get these nonmetallic minerals pretty easy, at least in comparison to metallic minerals and the nonmetallic ones are necessary to make the metallic ones work. Does that all make sense? I am thinking that it is about as clear as muddy water, right? When the water clears up, it makes more sense. The water clears as you learn more about this stuff.

Other stuff that we see coming from various reports and interviews is that to properly treat this Covid thing, one must treat it as an inflammatory issue and as a parasite issue. In older versions of Aromatherapy they used a mix of Coriander, Fennel and Dill to help people with Type 2 issues. Then we moved away from that protocol and started to use various other protocols. I am as guilty as anyone else in this area. But in reality it was only part of the solution. It touched pretty good in the key areas. The Fennel, which is a Calcium activator/support, then we have Dill, which is a Potassium activator/support and with Coriander we see a Sodium activator/promoter. The Calcium and Potassium works to put the hammer down on the parasites and promote the Immune system at the base level and the Sodium to clean out and remove the trash as a result of the Potassium and Calcium doing their tag team routine.

Essential Oil Connection;

When we look at the Coriander, Fennel and Dill oils, we see 2 of these oils being at a level one as to electrical charge. The Coriander and Dill are used in my Bio-Balance program as positively charged oils. But the Fennel is being used at the level two charge. This is good, but as to working directly with these two core issues of Covid and Type 2 we are working from a handicapped position. We are only working with one oil in the charge two level and that one is in a passive position, IE; nothing to drive it. But guess what, drum roll please... the dominate role is played by none other than ZINC. Zinc is in the charge two dominate position. We use Red Cedar to play the promoter/activator role for Zinc. Since we know Zinc plays such an important role, it becomes obvious of what is being played out here in other situations. The Covid thing as well as the Type 2 issues are negatively charged from all appearances. We also know this because of the Covid thing being a GMO type of Bacterium, it stands to reason that the Type 2 thing is also being driven by the same situation. The whole idea of "Gain of Function" as it relates to Covid should be a tip off for everyone for this aspect. The GMO/Gain of Function type of things have no natural respect for natural law, so they have to be handled with kid gloves, so to speak, for a positive response. I will have to do another discussion to specifically and correctly deal with this aspect.  So if you make a blend of Coriander, Fennel, Dill and Red Cedar, you will see some progress in dealing with this Covid issue and maybe even the Type 2 deal. In theory it should go a long way on the preventative side of the equation.  Maybe I will title the discussion something like Essential Oils, Covid and Type 2. But it will be forthcoming to discuss this aspect specifically. Moving on....

Going forward we will have some Natural Solutions, but in reality some of these pharma solutions might work for the short term for people in certain situations. But one thing for sure, the pharma research goes a long way of helping those of us working with Natural Solutions. Bottom line with Type 2 that we see coming up on the outside, half a length ahead, (trying to tie it into horse racing metaphor here for a visual effect), is that Type 2 is a Adiponectin Hormone issue. Fix that and likely the house of cards with the address of Type 2 will all come falling down. And we do have Covid to thank for the stimulation of this research.

Sources Consulted to verify key aspects of this discussion;

Knowledge Science Reports, Weill Cornell Medicine Study, A long list of Pub Med Articles. Just go to Pub Med, search the topics and see all of the articles there.

End of Report.


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