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Covid Related- Radio Program Interview.

Sep 24, 2021
Today I was listening to the the radio, talk radio to be exact. On the Sean Hannity program, he was interviewing a Doctor. Dr. Robert Malone. From all appearances, this Dr. is credited with being a key player in the development of the mRNA vaccine technology.  So before I wanted to present the information that was presented in the interview, I checked out some references to his guy. He is not without his critics. However, some of those critics are questionable, at best.  So to say that he was or has been involved with the development of the mRNA vaccine technology is likely to be a true statement. He came across to me as being a rational man, seems to know his stuff and so on. I also tried to go and listen to the interview again, but since it was on today's program, I guess it wasn't posted yet, at least where I tried to access the interview from. When I was listening to the radio, I was at times in areas where the radio reception wasn't the greatest. Anyway, if you want to hear more of it and listen to it for yourself, it was today's program, Sept. 23. I want to just mention a few highlights, so here goes. If I want to comment I will add in and clearly make note of my comments.
He said that going into a pandemic you want to vaccinate. But once you are into a pandemic, vaccinating is the worst thing you can do. The idea is that going into the pandemic, you are helping to set up a defense against the intruder. Then once the exposure had taken place, the intruder is in side of the cell, so when the vaccination agent goes up against the pathogen, then the pathogen figures out a way to get around it. That is why you are seeing these variants. Once you are inside of the pandemic, you then have to treat the infection. I did hear him talk about the Small Pox virus being mentioned. This is an area that I wanted to get more information on as I was in a bad radio reception and there was a lot of static so I wasn't fully clear on that part. In some of my discussions I have made mention of a particular pathogen that it could be based on, although, the second most likely pathogen is this very smallpox virus pathogen. ***Either way the mode of action is almost duplicate, so all you really have to do is change the words in my discussion and the party still goes on.
In another part he said that the masks are of no use to the UN-vaccinated. They don't have the introduced disease of the vaccination. The ones with the vaccination are shedding and mutations are taking place all the while. He also said that once you are vaccinated, you have foreign DNA material in your cells. Basically the UN-vaccinated are going to get introduced to the pathogen and then their immune system will take over and fight the fight from the inside out and adjust for the variations. He did say that the studies seem to indicate that the over 65 year old crowd shows a positive response to the vaccines. So people over 65, with a weak immune system, obese and other related weaknesses should get the vaccines. ***But in my opinion, that would be a good way to knock off the older and sick crowd. He did say that this is a disease of the old and weak, over 65 year old crowd.
In regards to the vaccines, particularly this mRNA based technology one, they brought it up on line way too fast. It should have been tested for at least 5 years, even though 10 years is the more responsible route to follow. He said that we do not know enough about the untended consequences of the vaccine. He said that when tested in a lab, it always does much better than out in the field. In the lab you have a much better control over all inputs than you have out in the real world.
He said that all of these cocktails of solutions are all likely to be good and many have shown to produce positive outcomes. He said that in all of these cases of people coming down with a Covid infection are all pretty much deficient in their Vitamin D levels. So if you are afraid of getting sick, you really need to check your Vitamin D and if it is low, then take some supplements to bring that up to where it should be. The Vitamin D aspect is about the most important thing that a person can do to help in this deal.He also said that once people are into this pandemic thing, with the exposures, etc., they should be treated with Anti-Inflammatory drugs and Steroids. *** That should be a good indicator of where we should be looking for solutions.
In an unrelated Youtube Video that I watched about him, as he was doing an interview, he said that to develop a new vaccine or a new medicine costs about 1 Billion dollars and takes 10 years. But because we now have so much information about pharmacology and have done so much work in the area, we can seriously look into "Repurposing" many medicines. That way it would only cost about 50 Million dollars and take maybe 5 years. ***Basically this is why all of these Horse Medicines and Parasite type drugs are working so well against this pathogen.
So there you go with some juicy gossip from the Covid world. Take it for what it is worth.
End of Report. KK.

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