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Course of Action: Part 1

Jan 13, 2017

So what is the best way to deal with an issue?  Before or after the fact?  I for one, am an advocate trying to deal with an issue  on a before the fact.  Many times I get labeled as being negative or pessimistic and all those words along those lines. But really is that being negative or all like words?  I really don't think so. Here is why. In nature I have observed that inaction on a subject will produce a given result. Just like an action.  Sometimes it may be a little bit all over the board, not always, usually the outcome being pretty predictable in either the action or inaction case.

My line of thinking is this, why deal with an unfavorable issue if you don't really have to?  I mean don't we have to face and put to rest enough unfavorable issues that just comes across our path all by themselves?  So why create more ?  So how do we work with this?  I say be proactive fix it, do some preventive maintenance and avoid a break down. Oh, we discovered a new word,  Breakdown. We don't want to breakdown do we?  So we take care of issues before they happen. I take that concept from an idea of the business world that says that it is easier to keep a customer than to create a new one. I see business people everyday not taking care of the current customers in the pursuit of adding new customers.  In the end those type of business models always fail.  So likewise if we don't take care of personal business, we breakdown and fail.

When it comes to the various oils companies that have their various oils programs we have established that it MAY not be the best course of action to go the way of fixing the issue on an after the fact basis.  It is best to do a preventative program.  So when you do a preventative oils program the oils offerings will be different in most cases. You really can't say that you have a "very same as" type of oils offerings on a comparative basis. You might say that we offer something "similar to" but/or "different than."

As a general rule, the playing doctor programs tend to go with the highest mg. dose type of oils. Or maybe they don't. Here is the rub on this.  All of these big name companies have good oils. But one might say: But I used their oils and they didn't work for me.  Or one might say, My oils are better for (blank) reason.  All of those statements might very well be true.  If you have a headache, what mg. dose of Aspirin might you take?  Depends on the type and severity of the headache, right?  Would you take a Percoset?  Maybe if you are suffering some serious pain deal, but then again if you have intense pain from say cancer, would you get relief from one aspirin? Likely not. I use the comparisons to pharma drugs as everyone knows about them, where as many people don't understand about essential oils.

When it comes to natural products, such as the essential oils, they are usually not a single isolated chemical containing product like most pharma drugs.  That can be both good and bad. All depends on the situation. When you do a preventative or a lifestyle essential oils program you tend to not use as many oils and in smaller quantities.  You tend to not use a wide variety of oils, so the cost of your essential oil portfolio is considerably lower than it would be other wise.  The big safety issues that some people loves to freak people out over is not an actual concern.

I have worked with essential oils for many, many years. I do not play doctor with myself with the oils, usually. When I do play doctor, it is when I have say the flu, maybe a serious respiratory issue that is associated with the flu. I use heavy amounts of oils that directly deals with respiratory issues. I have a weakness in this area as it is due to a chemical burn that I got one time. What happened is that I pulled into a milk processing plant, the doors were closed and when I got out of the truck, I was hit with a serious chemical inhalation of a combination of Chlorine and Acid.  Needless to say I made a fast run to the outside for fresh air. But the deed was done, I burned my lungs, so I have to be careful when I get hit with respiratory related virus and bacteria issues. But other than that, I pretty much do a lifestyle program. If I have a day when I am stressed, I will use an oil that helps me to de stress, usually I have several oils to pick from.  One time a flower oil might do the trick, or on another occasion I might pick a resin oil to do the job. When I burn myself on the stove I pick an oil that helps with a burn.  I will use that oil until I no longer need it. But if I do something stupid and eat something that gives me an upset stomach, like eat a hot dog or eat way too much, I pick an oil that will help with that issue. I might pick a blend or I might pick a single. But in either case, I pick one that helps with an upset stomach.  Even though the upset stomach might affect some hormones and throw things off balance, I won't pick an oil that is a "hormone" type oil.  Many times I end up with a stressful situation from external sources that causes it hard for me to fall asleep or stay asleep.  So I pick an oil or an oil blend that will help me to do that.  I might end up using it for a week or two, depending on need.  Then when the need is gone, I do something different. So when you do a lifestyle program you do need to educate yourself and take personal responsibility.  Doing this lifestyle use of essential oils, you will never be asking what you do for this or that serious medical type situation or issue.  The main reason being is that in part of your pursuit of an essential oil lifestyle type program, you know what you need to do on a day to day basis. Most importantly you will know your limitations and the limitations of your peers.  If you don't know then you will educate yourself from actual creditable sources and then make a decision on a more factual basis.

Living an essential oils lifestyle program, you will be proactive in more areas than just essential oils.  You will want to pay more attention to your nutritional program as well. You will understand how essential oils, at least certain ones, will help you with your nutritional program as well. It will help that program to work better for you.When you know and understand more about oils you will be able to use certain oils, such as Lavender, to help you in gaining cooperation from your peers.  Generally it will help them feel more at ease and take the edge from hostile situations in a business setting.  But the level of the aroma is critical to making things like this work in your favor.  We could go on and on with this lifestyle program aspect, but lets do that in another blog post. As you can see the use of essential oils and effective use of them encompasses much more than just playing doctor.  Hopefully if you use the essential oil lifestyle type programs properly it will negate the need for you to play doctor in a vast amount of the situations you are faced with.

Next time in part #3, we will work with the this whole concept a lot more and talk about how to go about learning what you need to know to implement this concept in your life. We will discuss more about the oils that different companies offers and how they do things to support their programs.  I appreciate your time and our visits. Have a good day. 


Written by Kent King.


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