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Course of Action Part 1

Feb 21, 2017

Many times I set down and really try to answer a question with some thought being put into the process. You know what, I sometimes come up with a real good answer.  Then I throw it out there and it goes real good with the majority of people. Then you have a person ask a question that you thought was covered in the idea in your intelligent answer.  As you think about ti, you realize that, well, I can see how I wasn't real clear on that.  So back to the drawing board, so to speak.  So here we are with one of those deals, that deal being, what course of action do I follow?

One of the big questions that comes around all the time is the comparison aspect.  A new person to the oils or even to a given company, ie; coming from using one company's oils and then going to another company, wants to know, in all sincerity what oil in the new company is comparative to their old company's offering. This is not limited to the blends but to singles as well.

As a general rule a given company will have their own oils program that they are running. For example several companies run their oils program around replacing a person's doctor. While in some instances it might not be a bad idea to spend some time learning sometime over in that arena learning certain things, it may not be the best thing overall. Some docs are really good doctors and know their stuff.  Some doctors.. well... they are there for the money, that is obvious. Some areas we can do a lot for ourselves if we know some basic material. While sometimes you may want to steer clear of some people that only actually  knows a little bit, but think that they have it all figured out.

So some companies cater to various groups of people. So when a company has their oils program centered around "playing Doctor" they have to have oils, or in specific cases an oil that will perform within a certain criteria. When a company has their oils program centered around a lifestyle program, they will naturally have their oils performing within a certain criteria.  Usually, but not in all cases, the oils do not fall within the same category. Let me explain what I am trying to say.  I think most of you are very familiar with the strength levels of most Pharmaceutical drugs. Sometimes over the counter you can buy say a 10 mg. strength or a 20 mg. strength or even a 60 mg. strength drug of the same type of drug. The person doing the prescribing of that drug will for reasons, usually due to a combination of education, experience, recommendations, etc., will determine what strength of that drug to offer to that person. The whole deal here is that the drug is the same but the amount offered in strength is different. You trust that that person knows what is best for you so you follow their advice. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. Only time will tell and the amount of that drug might be changed or discontinued, based on the observed outcome.

When it comes to essential oils, much the same course of action is followed, if you are playing doctor.  But the difference is that the people who are suggesting the oils in the playing doctor game is not very well trained or educated in dealing with some issues. So many times they don't quite know what to watch for or know the observed signs that should or shouldn't be there. Many times they don't know what oils should or shouldn't be used on a given situation or for a given issue. Sometimes in these companies the main players that are telling everyone what to do to "cure" their issue have purchased their credentials though a diploma mill or fake online school for a few bucks. I wonder if they even graduated from high school or could even pass a GED test with the advice that they give out and teach about.  Some companies have credentialed individuals that have legitimate courses of study in some professional field, which is good, yet it is not really in the areas that they are "consulting" with people on with real life and death situations.  When you are dealing with people from a top down deal you may find that all of these ideas are all over the board. So when you deal with people and or companies like this you end up with the same situation as I mentioned in the above paragraph, Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. Only time will tell and the amount or type of essential oil might be changed or discontinued, based on the observed outcome.

In situations like I have discussed in the last 2 paragraphs the only real difference is 2 fold, the product being used. The amount, type and strength may vary but the outcome is pretty much the same. However, in one situation the chances of the person doing the consulting might, in theory, have some idea of what they are doing. That would be the second fold part of the deal. However, in the end it still falls to as to which poker game you want to play and it is you that will reap the reward, if you win or pay the price of loosing, if you come up short. That is the course of action for the Playing Doctor type of company.  The sad thing here is that in these deals you really are treating the symptoms or working with the problem after you have the issue plaguing you.

Now we have to face the big argument of;  What is the best way to deal with an issue?  Before you get it or after the fact?

We will deal with that in Part #2 of our discussion.


Written by Kent King.


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