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Copaiba Essential Oil. R & D Program Oil.

Dec 19, 2019
Copaiba, Copaifera langsdorffii. Desf., Copaifera officinalis L.
Copaiba essential oil is an oil that is quickly moving up the scale of becoming a very popular and widely used essential oil. The origination of this oil is from a resin obtained from the Copaiba tree. For the most part, this oil is sourced from the Amazon jungle. Although the tree is found outside of the jungle environment, it doesn't do well outside of that jungle setting. This is an oil that is truly an Organic, Wildcrafted oil. Although the trees have been experimentally grown in a farmed setting, those trees do not produce enough oil and what is produced is of low quality, that pretty much all of it comes from the Amazon.  The Latin name of this oil is at times listed as Copaifera langsdorffii. While at other times it is listed as Copaifera officinalis. So don't get confused, many times people just copy and paste from someone that doesn't really know, but thinks they do and then after it is repeated it becomes fact. But in any case, the main tree that the good Copaiba comes from is this tree. However, there are close to 100 different varieties of this tree. So we look at the GC/MS to make sure the numbers are where they need to be and are consistent with the historical use and application of this oil.
Within this R & D program, we offered this oil as a single as that is what the school graduates and those doing the school, yet doing their own development of products.  One of the main reasons for this is that Copaiba as a stand-alone oil is very bland and does not carry a remarkable, knock your wig off, aroma.  However, it does have a woody, slightly pepper spicey, yet pungent aroma. But yet a very weak aroma. Copaiba lends its self to enhance the aroma of a blend and bring out the subtle notes without separating the notes and allows for a nice blending from one aroma to the next.  This oil also works well in blending in cremes, salves and other synergistic blending applications. So it lends itself to being a well rounded all-purpose essential oil. So in this offering, it allows people to see the base oil and how well it works in a blend. In working with the Copaiba in developing the Copaiba Plus, as in figuring ratios, etc.,  I made up a few versions using the Pinion Pine oil. I called that one Western Copaiba. It is one that will knock you "wig" off for sure. Fantastic is a mild description of it. I also used Rabbit Brush in one version. My opinion on that one is even higher than the Western Copaiba. So if you want you can use some Pinion Pine with this or add a few drops, maybe between 5 and 10 drops to a bottle of Copaiba Plus, to give you an aroma that is beyond description, in a very good way.
So what makes this oil a fantastic oil? Several aspects to it. One of the primary components of this oil is a very safe pain suppressant. This one is known as Beta-Caryophyllene. This is the same pain component found in the Cannabis plants. Only with this one you don't run the risk of having any THC, which is a concern for people with professional licensing credentials where there is zero-tolerance for this element. Actually, the Cannabis oils will generally run in the 10% to 35% range for B-Caryophyllene.  Most of the good Copaiba oils will run between 50% to 70% of this same component. Plus you have a number of other minor components in there for support. Although the levels at this rate is a bit of overkill, none the less it allows for a small amount of Copaiba to be used in most blending applications. The flip side of this is that Copaiba is a lower-priced oil, so usually, a larger volume of this oil in a blend doesn't kill the sales of blends using this oil due to pricing concerns. Plus it allows for mistakes when first learning to blend oil without wiping you out financially.
Copaiba is used in many skincare products, mostly used in facial applications. For women, this is a big deal, facial skincare. For us men, it isn't a concern on the same level as for women. But one of the primary issues with facial skincare and for that matter, all skin issues are the nutritional deficiencies aspects and the effects that it produces. But along with that, comes a serious issue that no one wants to talk about and that is parasites. Some are naturally occurring types because of the breakdown of the nutritional aspect while others are just plainly opportunistic in their nature.  In either case, they will cause all sorts of issues. They will affect the muscle tone, affect coloring, lymphatic drainage and the list goes on and on. By using Copaiba either as a stand-alone oil or in a variety of skincare products, one will be able to knock the parasites down a peg or two. This is because Copaiba is a very effective Anti-Parasitic oil. It does a number on a wide range of those little buggers.
Another aspect of this as far as men are concerned is the pain killer perspective. This has an indirect effect here. with men, and it really does the same thing with women, but we are talking about major concerns here, OK? Men like the painkilling aspect of Copaiba because if you are in pain it directly affects inflammation. The inflammation is assisted in going down when there is a lowering of generalized pain. Circulation is increased and the individual's health improves in remarkable ways.
Copaiba is a very safe oil to use. Generally, there are no real contraindications to it other than the standard use with caution when considering the use on pregnant women, children, and pets. Overall, there is just no real downside to using Copaiba. Over the past few years, people have gotten all googly-eyed over the Cannabis oils. They rave about the painkilling aspects of it. I was saying years ago, why? We already have an excellent painkilling oil with the very same chemical as found in Cannabis. works just as well. Plus we can work with several fixed oils (carrier oils) and get to the same place as the Cannabis oil is coming in at, a lot less cost and there are no legal concerns.
So there you go. A little bit of a rundown of Copaiba.

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