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Cinnamon EO and the Mineral Nickel

Oct 19, 2019
Is it possible for essential oils, primarily cinnamon, to contain nickel?
OK, here goes. Do you want the simple one first? Yes, it can.
    As with any plant if it is in the soil then it will likely be in the plant. Since Nickel is way under the 300 magic number of weight, then it would come over. You won't likely find the Nickel coming up in a GC/MS report. #1- they don't test for it and #2- the scan isn't sensitive to pick it up as a general rule, even if they were watching for it.
  Now the longer part;  There is a lot of research out there with respect to animal applications and very little with human applications. But some things are known, one is that the combination of the Nickel with Cinnamon tends to be absorbed in the large intestine. This is one of the very few EO's that can be utilized by oral administration effectively. Now don't go out there and drink Cinnamon EO, it doesn't quite work that way. I am purposely leaving out a key factor here, but as it is, it isn't necessary to answer the question and give perspective to it.
    However, this is a key factor as to why Cinnamon EO helps type 2 diabetics. Yes, Nickel in a solution of Cinnamon working in the large intestines as a helper in dealing with type 2. There is a strong belief that Nickel is prebiotic when coupled in Cinnamon. Studies with livestock in Europe have indicated that this is so. However, working outside of medical supervision in a self-help application, the topical application of Cinnamon will work effectively with the issue of type 2. The key here is to pick a high-quality Cinnamon as it will likely contain an effective amount, based on a ppm, to serve to this end. As I have shown in the series of E-Lectures on Minerals, it is not only highly likely but very likely that the oils will contain minerals. It all depends on the levels of the minerals in the donor plant. No, they will not contain enough to use it as a medical treatment model, but they will for other models of treatment. This is why we have Cinnamon Bark EO in the Sweet Soothe EO Blend.

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