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Cats and Essential Oils.

Jan 09, 2021
There is a lot of controversy about Cats and Essential Oils. So here is a perspective on that subject. This is strictly my opinion and I am not voicing the opinions of other people. I make these claims because I have used essential oils on cats for years and I might add had very successful results.
The one question that comes up is this; Can essential oils be used on cats? Almost without fail we hear a freak out and in the "gnashing" of teeth and everyone calling each other idiots, even when everyone is saying the same thing. So let us first ask the right questions.
First thing to remember is that we do not treat all people the same. You won't use the same oils on say a strong healthy person that is dealing with a very minor issue, lets say a stretched muscle weighing and they might weigh say, 250 pounds. Yet on a frail geriatric person with a serious health issue, such as an end of life sickness, that weighs 80 pounds. We likely would use different oils. 2nd. we would not use the same amount of oil on both people.
As a general rule, cats will sometimes have an issue dealing with CERTAIN oils, but not all oils. But then again, we don't use certain oils on a human either, even if they are healthy. This is based on the oil's chemical make up. The number one issue when people deals with cats is that they over dose them. Not only just over dose them, they mega over dose them. I have found that as a general rule, for the average sized person in average health, about 1 drop per 70 pounds of body weight works just about right. Treat them either 2 or 3 times per day, depending on issue and individual need. Now if you have that little furry ball of joy that weighs 5 pounds, and give him 2 or 3 drops per treatment, what does that picture look like? Looks like over dose to me. If I do my math right, the amount they should get is  0.0724 of a drop for that 5 pound cat. Hard to get that amount  So either dilute with a carrier oil to make a drop of it work out, or get the cat to gain a bunch of weight real fast, so your math will round out to a whole number. So by my figures if you dump 3 drops on that cat, that would be like giving a 210 person 15 drops, actually, 14.994 drops, lets be on the mark here. . Why a 210 pound person? Well, hey it is hard to get one drop, but then if 1 is good then 2 or 3 is better, right? Really, why a 210 pound person? Perhaps an average weight in today's world. But really the numbers work good for illustration purposes.
You basically have to treat a cat as you would a person with a sick, diseased, or generally weak liver. If you look at this issue in that light, then you will do well. So if you give a person 15 drops of an essential oil, at one setting, but no, lets be real, a sick person, remember a cat is like a human with low functioning liver, OK. So that could be like giving a healthy person 25 or 30 drops of an essential oil, at one setting. Do that for several days, several times per day. How long before the poor thing breaks down, either human or animal? The we hear, OH NO YOU CAN'T GIVE ESSENTIAL OILS TO CATS, IT WILL KILL THEM. Darn right it will... if you use that much oil.
So next question; What oils should I or could I use on my cat? Well think it through, what oils would you use or not use with a person with a weak or sick liver? Next thing is that you need to understand cats, their needs and how they function. Then you can develop a protocol to serve their needs. These animals depend on us to properly care for them. You can't properly care for them by asking a very generalized question to an unknown issue, that may not actually be the issue. If you don't know what is actually going on then be responsible and take the pet to a Vet. Or learn about them and work with them at the level you feel confidant at.
So the question, Can cats use essential oils? The answer is not yes or no. The correct question is due to the controversies out there about cats and oils, is there any oils that they can or cannot use? How do you treat them if you choose to use oils on them? 1st. step is to properly diagnosis the situation. If you can't do that, and be honest here with yourself then don't use oils on cats. 2nd. step is if you get a proper diagnosis, then the next question is, What protocol do I use? If you don't know, seek help.
So in the end,cats can use many of the essential oils safely. Some essential oils really shouldn't be used on cats, or humans or dogs or fish or lizards, (hopefully you get the picture) for a number of reasons. It is up to you to learn about your pet, in this case, a cat. Treat the cat properly and responsibly, that animal's life depends on you being responsible and rational.
Finally, the most important thing to remember about pets or for that matter any animal, work with them from their perspective, not from your perspective. Meet their needs based on their nature, not your needs and your nature.
I wish you well in working with your pets.
End of Discussion. KK

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