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Calamus Root.

Apr 02, 2020

The Calamus Root oil is used in a number of blends, like the Good Night blend. Also, it is used in Leiann's new Mind Control blend. This name is misleading because it could imply, not the best of intentions. But this is far from the truth, it is to help you control your own mind. Also, this oil is part of the R & D Program at the present time.

The plant Calamus is known by many names. One of the most prominent ones is Sweet Flag. The Latin name is Acorus calamus. In this plant, we use the root and it is steam distilled. The plant is similar to a Cat Tail to the casual observer. It also grows in the same conditions as does Cat Tails. It does produce fruit, from the flower. Although this only happens when the plant is actually growing in water. The fruit or as it is better known as a Berry is filled with Mucus. The fruit then drops on the water, floats off. Some new plants do evolve from this part, the majority of Calamus is grown from the root as it is a rhizome and it grows outward from the parent plant, then a new plant emerges from the root. There are basically 3 different types of Calamus. The one is called a Diploid type. This type grows primarily in North America. Then we have the Tetraploid type and it grows primarily in Esat Asia. Then the final type is the Triploid type, and it is grown in Europe.

All three types are not the same. They all contain different properties and in in some cases, one will have an element that one or the other may have or not even have. But one of the elements is Asarone. When this one component is considered, it is highly frowned on by traditional medicine. So much so that this as a stand-alone chemical is banned in the US. So any time this oil is used, one must use it at a very diluted rate because of this one element. Usually, this oil is used at less than a 1 percent dilution rate. Although when this oil is used in a blend, the dilution rate is factored into the blend formulation. This is an oil that really shouldn't be used internally. Although it is indicated for internal use in clinical settings, it is one that should only be used as a last resort for internal use, even in that setting.

When I first looked at Calamus Root to consider using it in blending, I was really impressed with the connection to the brain and brain effects. Then when the "math" was done, I said this is an oil that needs to be used. It factored into the formulations very well. But what is even more impressive to me was the aroma and the effect on the brain. When looking at a potential oil, one needs to consider the conditions under which the plant is growing. Questions like, where does this plant fit into the whole scheme of life and life development. Calamus tends to fit into the early development phase of plant life and this in turns helps you to choose where to use the oil in a program of healing. Another factor and this is strictly my opinion, this oil is very close to Helichrysum. I feel like this oil can be used in the place of Helichrysum. Helichrysum has been expensive in recent times, but it has come down, and Calamus Root is somewhat pricey, Calamus Root is still considerably less in cost than Helichrysum, thus making it attractive oil to use in many of the places where Helichrysum is indicated. But overall, The Calamus Root is an excellent oil to use in a blend and for any brain issue. It tends to have a direct, yet soft effect on many of the individual parts of the brain.

To recap; Calamus Root= Brain Function. Also, Calamus Root= Helichrysum substitute oil. Also, an excellent, real deal Wildcrafted sourced oil.

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