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Caffeine; It's effects in Humans and Animals.

Mar 04, 2023

I love to review articles that are related to our application of certain products. In this case it is about Caffeine. Recently in some of my discussions on elements of nutrition I have tried to explain some technical aspects of Caffeine and that Caffeine is simply Nitrogen. Yes, Caffeine is Nitrogen. This so-called “bad” element really is anything but bad in the strictest sense. For example, the air we breathe usually comes in at around 78% Nitrogen and 18% Oxygen and the remaining 4% is everything else contained in the air. 

As with most of these various elements, Caffeine has a bad rap and is generally considered to be addictive and is addictive in a negative addiction if you use any products containing Caffeine. Just keep in mind that this is somewhat of a confusing concept in that we need Nitrogen, read Caffeine, as nitrogen is a really important element in nutrition. However, the key here is, as with any element, to not overdo it or under do it. The key word here is to balance the need within the whole of nutritional intake. So in that light, let's move on to the discussion of the day here. 

In an article I read authored by a Maureen Hanson found in Dairy Herd Management, Feb 2023 edition it was talking about this very subject of Caffeine, in fact that was the part of the title; Caffeine Perks Up Calves, Too. When it comes to this subject the author makes note of the fact that on this subject we know more about this element as it applies to humans rather than with animals.Normally, it is the other way around. 

As we move through the article it mentions the “fact” that many farmers rely on that morning cup of Joe or a Mountain Dew to perk themselves up and be more alert. Which is a true observation, and I might add that farmers are not the only group to use this element for  the same purpose. Years ago I used to give my Dad a hard time about drinking so much coffee because of the caffeine aspect.  He would usually reply with, you dumb “arse” the only difference between my cup of coffee and your can of Pepsi or Mountain Dew, depending on which one I was holding and drinking from at the time, is the temperature. As time went on, I came to find out that as a general rule, he didn’t know how right he was, but the curve ball is that the coffee was likely much better, nutritional at the very least, than my source of caffeine, er ah, Nitrogen to be more accurate.

In the article it is noted that for many decades, medical Doctors have prescribed caffeine to treat a number of issues in newborns such as apnea of prematurity, which causes lapsed breathing and oxygen deprivation. When it comes to baby cows, known as calves, can and I might add, will, struggle with oxygen deprivation related issues just like human babies do when they have experienced difficult births, or become chilled or when recovering from issues like scours. In many of these struggles of life, we are no different than animals. Even though we see similar issues with animals and many times the time factor is different, there are some issues, such as this with difficult birth/breathing, oxygen deprivation, etc, issues

are really on the same time line and some solutions are just the very same as well. One of the ways this works is that a low oxygen level affects, negatively, the ability to absorb many of the nutrients of the colostrum. Low oxygen will affect the passive transfer of immunity which leads to lower blood protein concentrations. The author notes that there is little research done on calves as compared to humans, but what is known, without question in humans is that caffeine stimulates good activities in humans and especially with premature infants as it increases both the heart rate and respiratory volume. 

From that has been clinically observed is that Caffeine jump starts dull and lethargic animals, as well as humans, and it also blocks the effects of Adenosine, which is a chemical in the brain that causes generalized depression. Note here it is saying “Generalized Depression”.

It goes on to say that it is best to administer Caffeine under the tongue, which in most cases, works very effectively not only for Caffeine but for many other nutritional items as well as medical products. Some other items that it suggests are these 5 hour energy drinks, and Green Tea extracts, just to name a few. The thing I find interesting is that for example, the green tea extract, think Nitrogen here. Green plants usually provide for at least a decent source of Nitrogen. So green tea…Nitrogen… Well, we’ve got to keep it simple, right?  

Aside from a core health treatment of sorts, Caffeine is not a bad product to take. It really is a first go to self help solution. From the head shrinking aspect, with the generalized depression aspect, that is a good, solid self help solution. As a general rule, most people when they start to get close to the red line of too much, will back off because they will notice the jitters coming on. The Caffeine will metabolize quickly so all is well. Plus, many medicines, especially related to acute types for treating heart issues, etc., are Nitrogen based drugs. 

So in conclusion, Nitrogen is one of those, or yeah, I should say, Caffeine, same basic stuff, is one of those items of not enough is as bad as too much. A correct and rational balance is the key. We see the effects of Nitrogen, and in this case here, the Caffeine version of Nitrogen and it’s observed effects on both animals and humans. 

Thank you for our time together. Kent.


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