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Brain Balancing Program.

Mar 07, 2021

I would like to discuss a little bit about this Brain Balancing Program that I am spear heading. For those that got a box through the Essential Oils Unleashed deal, you will have a description posted in the FB group as well as a sheet in your package, if I understand correctly. You can also get some information from Leiann's web site in the Blog section as I have an Introduction and several chapters posted there as well as I will post more in the future as it relates to Brain Support and Maintenance. These chapters will give you a considerable amount of back grounding on this subject. Please keep in mind that everything out there on the subject is not in these. I try to break down the information into usable material for and to what it means for us average people out on the street. I hope I am doing this. One of the challenges out there is that a lot of people out in the real world likes to present an "incomplete" picture so as to confuse you and then attempt themselves to be shown as all knowing, just to sell a product or program to solve your confusion. Problem is that they themselves don't really know what that picture might be. I have come to a conclusion that this whole thing is a lot more simple than many have been lead to understand. The material that I present here is information, that can be verified, and most people actually knows most of the material anyway. For the most part I am simply reminding them of stuff that they already know. Simply put a lot of you out there are very well educated, experienced, and are fully capable of figuring things out. All am doing here is reminding some of you of this fact and some of the others that they can find this out all by themselves. All they need is some reference points to begin with. So with that qualifying perspective, let's move on.

So to brief some of the new people, in the Brain Blend #1- we are addressing the Sodium, Potassium Chloride and Iodine minerals. We are grouping them based on their Polarity and Electrical/Magnetic charge. This group is the 1 polarity with the first 2 listed as the positive state and the latter 2 as in the negative state. We use Coriander, Dill, Black Pepper and Orange oil to achieve that balance. These oils are characteristically high in the related mineral content that they are used to work with in their respective area.

Then as we look at the Polarity 2 group we are using Red Cedar, Fennel, Onion and Lemongrass to address the Zinc, Calcium,Sulfur and Selenium minerals. I have already sent a description of this grouping to Katherine and she will be posting them before long, if she hasn't already done so.

As you can see, there is a pattern here. Once i get done with what I do, the ball is passed on to someone else. That someone else is Leiann and she works with her people from that point on. Right now I have several other projects cooking. One is a pet nutritional product. Leiann said that formula should actually be used by people as well. I think it is going to be a hit. Of course I do! Another one is a Silica related thing, and the tooth powder will be getting an upgrade with the addition of a super absorbance Silica. Well, I will keep the present one, but upgrade a new one so there will be two. The one with Silica in it, is a lot finer and smoother. Another Silica related item is a dry form to be added to water, with some additions of support nutrients. Another group of nutrients is a liquid and in some cases a dry form of Crystalized inland sea sourced mineral package. This will be a theme in a number of the formulations, not all, but where they logically should be to enhance the formulation. You will notice that I didn't address the Magnesium point. Hint; the additional mineral support that I add, which at this time, is a propitiatory aspect, has Magnesium in it.

Just to give you a taste of the up coming #3 blend, it deals with the #3 level and it deal with Boron, Yttrium, Phosphorus and Nitrogen. As you can see the stakes are getting higher as we deal with some real heavy hitters. In this one we will be using Rosemary, Turmeric, Marjoram and Basil. Then in the level # 4 grouping we will be addressing Cobalt, Copper, Silica and Iron. I will leave it as a surprise as to which ones we will use here. I promise it will come later. All of these are balanced much like we balance a feed ration, meal, for livestock. Ratios of PPM and interrelating ratios and support the nutrient support complex/matrix for each one of these in their respective place. From this point on we will then come in with a cleansing blend. Then from there we will then introduce the vertical balancing section. Up to now we have been running this program on a horizontal plane. We are dealing with the physical side on a primary basis. On the vertical balance, we will run a balance on the nutrients up each flag pole, so to speak. In this one we will have a blend that covers Cobalt, Boron, Zinc and Sodium for the one leg, for example. This will cover the emotional side to a great deal as the primary function. Then at the end we will top it off with an oil blend covering recovery/rebuilding. I already have it figured out all the way, so as long as I don't get a surprise along the way, it is all planned out. This program, in theory, should take 10 months to complete.

One of the challenges in doing something like this. one has to always be on the look out for the possibilities of "what if that one oil, for example is no longer available"? I have calculated it to be able to compensate if that happens. In some places it is simple, in others it is nt "simple" but doable. But then again, that is always a concern in all essential oil blending. That is one reason why you will notice with my blending of essential oils, I try to work with lower cost oils that are widely available as a first go to. Then from there up the ladder to get what is needed to make a formulation work. Overall, though I try to use plants that follow the C-3 Carbon Pathway. But sometimes I do go over to the C-4 and CAM plants.

Interestingly, I have had several people come up to me in the real life setting and tell me that they were talking to so and so, which I was/am using a test subject, and tell me that they told them about this stuff that I have and it is helping them think clearer and stuff and they want a bottle of the stuff. That is weird as all get out for me, people wanting to buy something from me directly. Usually I have to beg people to use my stuff or pay them to try it. But one thing though, the stuff is working for a lot of people.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this program and for considering this program to fit your needs.

*** As a side note here. Due to Prop 65 related stuff in California, I honestly do not know if some of the stuff I made mention of can be sold and/or shipped into that state. I have been told of several opinions on this, some are conflicting. So I do not know if this is even a valid concern of not. Maybe down the road it will be clarified.  If it is a concern, then consider this a Prop 65 warning. Or what ever warning might apply.

End of Discussion. KK


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